Family History Reprints

Here is a list of several family histories that we have published that we can print copies for you on demand. This alphabetical list by surname will be helpful in finding the histories you are interested in buying. For the histories that we have a web page set up for ordering it, there is a link that follows the information about the book. If there isn’t a link, send us an email and we will let you know how to order it.

Adams: Carma Adams Mangum; Life Story of Viola Harrison Adams & George Thomas Adams; 182 pages

Adkins: Stan Smith; Our Fathers’ Children; 1977, 69 pages

Allred: J. Urban Allred; The Diaries of J. Urban Allred; 1938, 410 pages

Andersen: Carrie Andersen; A Letter From Mom; 1978, 169 pages

Anderson: Haken Anderson Family Organization; The Haken Anderson Families; 1962, 408 pages

Anderson: Sherrill Anderson; Homeward; 1995; 168 pages

Anderson: Marie Ross Butcher; Hakan Anderson and Mariane Marie Nielsen; 1972, 554 pages

Anderson: Rinda Robinson; Vera Juanita Pierce Anderson, 1993;

Anderson:  Christian Anderson, Christian J Anderson Family History, 2002

Andrus: Leone Andrus Taylor; Milo Andrus Jr., The Man and His Family; 1971, 384 pages

Andrus: Sarah A. Simmons; Milo and Jane Mun Day Andrus and their progeny; 1961, 107 pages

Arminian Association: Nephi K. Kezerian, 130 pages

Artillery: E.W. Crocker; 145th Field Artillery; 1968, 115 pages

Asay: Flossie W. Asay; Descendants of Joseph and Sarah Ann Asay; 1965, 488 pages

Aston: Leora L.; 1989

Atkin: Bill Atkin; 307 pages

Atkinson: Helen Atkinson Cowan; Descendants of Charles John Atkinson and Ann Smith; 1962, 773 pages

Backus Family: Judy Nelson; 173 pages

Bailey: Dorothy E. Bailey; A Family History of Oliver Ladbrook Bailey, Ancestors and Descendants; 1973, 209 pages

Ball: Bonnie S. Ball; The Balls of Fairfax and Stafford in Virginia; 1961, 418 pages

Ballard: Ballard McNeil Connection, Edna Cardon Taylor, 1987, 360pp

Bangerter: Blauer Lorenzo Bangerter 1923-1998; 145 pages

Barrett-Waterlyn: Norman W. Weidenheimer; Barrett Waterlyn Genealogy; 1977, 199 pages

Bartlett: Jim Bartlett; 132 pages

Bartlett: Thomas Edward Bartlett; The Bartletts, Ancestral, Genealogical, Biographical; 1973, 145 pages

Bean: Beth W. Porter; The George Bean Family Southeastern Idaho Pioneers; 1985, 186 pages

Beck: Susan Koyle; Col. Samuel Beck; 1997

Becker: Eva Brownfield Whitaker; Families of Becker-Dorflinger-Hartman; 1996; 631 pages

Bell: Floyd J. Bell; Autobiography of Floyd J. Bell; 1979, 62 pages

Benjamin: Benjamin Utah, Faces and Places of, 2nd edition, Mary Beckstrom Jensen, Dick Whisman, 554 pages

Bever: Vicki Doze; Melville Ward Bever Ancestors and Descendants, 1980, 319 pages

Bird: Lorna Booth Maycock and Virginia Booth Poulson; The Bird Family History; 1961, 214 pages

Black: Deona C. Black; 1984, 137 pages

Black: Patricia L. Stevens Banks; Tom & Callie Black, 1993

Blair: Izora Hatch Blair; Reminiscences; 1987; 64 pages

Blue Door: Josefina Febres and Harold E. Rosen; The Blue Door; 1979, 152 pages

Bodell: James H. & Maydene B. Bodell; 375 pages

Bonner: Almer, Hobson Organization; 1989, 85 pages

Booth: Relva Booth Ross & Wayne C. Booth; 229 pages

Booth: Wayne C. Booth; Booth Family History; 1971, 241 pages

Boyer: Raeann B. Collier; Edward and Vesta, Their Lives & Experiences; 1995; 271 pages

Bradt: Bradt: Annie Crane Madsen; History of Carl Madsen Bradt; 1998

Brandley: Marian Brandley; 82 pages

Brandley: Margaret Larsen; Johann Theodore Brandley; 1999, 179 pages

Briggs: David F. Briggs; History of Thomas Briggs; 1967, 177 pages

Brink: Laurel S. Powell; A Brink Book by Powell-Shanafelt Family; 1997; copyright

Brinton: Alice Brinton Jones & Nadine Brinton Bettilyon; Milton H. Brinton & Edna Howe Family History; 1984, 241 pages

Broadbent: Nedra W. Smith; Broadbent Treasures; A String of Pearls; 1992; 602 pages

Brockbank: Dr. Allen G. Brockbank; 163 pages

Brown: Bessie Brown Bangerter, S J Brown Family Origin; Histories of Samuel James Brown Family Descendants; 1985, 636 pages

Brown: Martha Whiting Brown & Maydene Brown Bodell; A History of Frank & Martha; 375 pages

Brown: Sytha Brown Roberts; The Family History of James Lehi Brown; 1967, 161 pages

Brownfield: Eva B. Whitaker; John Brownfield, 1791-1851 and Descendants, 1990, 850 pages

Browning: Jane Jolley P Browning; Autobiography of Jane Jolley Porter Browning; 1979, 443 pages

Buchanan: Hayle Buchanan; John Lorenzo and Julia Ann Zufelt Buchanan; 1977, 338 pages

Buchanan: Golden R. Buchanan; Archibald Weller Overton Buchanan; 1978, 244 pages

Bullock: Kenneth C. Bullock; A Genealogy of James Bullock and Mary Hill; 1964, 438 pages

Bunker: Josephine B. Walker; Bunker Family History; 1957, 306 pages

Burnett: Evelyn Bowers; 270 pages

Burroughs: Frances M. McMeen; Burroughs Family History; 1978, 239 pages

Burrup: Gayle Burrup Bales; The Life and Family of James Lee Burrup 1887-1947; 1985, 201 pages

Burrup: Joy Williams Critchfield, Life of James Lee Burrup & Mary Salverson; 1996; 439 pages

Burrup: Joy Williams Critchfield; History of William Burrup & Hannah Byington; 1998

Burrup: Jay G. Burrup; Documented History of James Burrup, Early Mormon Pioneer; 1980, 261 pages

Buttars: L. LaRue Godfrey; Damey, Ida.; John Spalding and Sarah Littley Tanner Buttars Family, 1987, 568 pages

Butterfield: S. Heber Butterfield; Ancestors and Descendants of Thomas Butterfield; 1964, 581 pages

Callison: Ethel L. Briggs; Genealogy of Gilmore Callison and Descendants; 1962, 264 pages

Card: Marie Card Burnham; Histories of Joseph Young Card; 1976, 287 pages

Cardons: Johnson & Taylor; Cardons! Desc. Of Philippe Cardon and Marthe Marie Tourn; 1987; 486 pages

Carling: Elda P. Mortensen; Isaac V. Carling Family History, Vol. I; 1966, 637 pages

Carling: Elda P. Mortensen; Isaac V. Carling Family History, Vol. 2; 1969, 521 pages

Carter: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; Carter Pioneers of Utah; 1966, 536 pages

Carter: Jean C. Summers; Now and Then; Reuben & Emma J. Kay Carter Family; 1995; 210 pages

Cassia County: Norma Curtis; Daughters of UT Pioneers: A Pause for Reflection; 1978, 904 pages

Cazier: Descendants of William Cazier and Pleasant Drake 1794-1988; 1988; 795 pages

Cazier: Martha Cazier Eagar; The Life History of William Cazier; 1965, 58 pages

Chase: Reed H.; Think On These Things; 486 pages

Chase: Reed H. Life History of Reed H. Chase; 1995; 247 pages

Chatwin-Carter: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; Chatwin-Carter Families of Santaquin, UT; 1970, 540 pages

Cheney: Don R. Hillquist, David Cheney and Lodema Hutchings, 1992;

Cherokee: Biographical History of Cherokee County, Iowa; 2000; 418 pages

Christensen: J. Newell Christensen.; 225 pages

Christensen: Nola Bjerregaard & Doris Christensen; 1983, 40 pages

Christensen: Virginia C. Keeler; Some Christensens Who Came From Thy; 1969, 1074 pages

Christensen: Soren Peter Christensen Family Histories; 1985, 452 pages ; Florence Valgardson,

Christenson: A.H. Christenson; The Hard Rich Soil; 1966, 459 pages

Churchill and Brewer: Geneva C. Pace. Churchill and Brewer Lines; 1967, 56 pages

Clark: Walter E. Clark; Walter Edward Clark Biography; 1975, 137 pages

Clawson: Thomas Clawson Lloyd; 377 pages

Clawson: Angeline Clawson Hancock; Clawson Family History; 1990; 376 pages

Clayson: Zina Clayson Brockbank; History of Eli James Clayson, Descendants & Ancestors; 1969, 267 pages

Clayton: Paul E. Dahl; William Clayton – Missionary, Pioneer and Public Servant; 1959, 308 pages

Clement: Patsy Clement, Journal of Darius Salem Clement, 2001, 596 pages

Cloward: Wells & Myrle Cloward;) Through the Years; 1993, 633 pages

Cobia: Hildred Cobia; 301 pages

Cobia: Ron W. Cobia, Richard S. Cobia, 1999, 127 pages

Coburn: Loran Coburn; Genealogy of the Coburn Family; 1997;

Cole: Evelyn Smith Baer; Genealogy & Descendants of Otis Skinner Cole, 1815-1896; 1972, 84 pages

Coleman: Arthur D. Coleman; Coleman Pioneers of Utah; 1962, 511 pages

Collier: DeFonda Collier & DeLoy Simper; Kay Nebeker; Joab & Theodocia Keeler Collier; 1983, 255 pages

Collins: Ruby Collins Markland; The Jonathan Collins Family of Pa, Va, Ky, Tenn, Mo; 1969, 257 pages

Conzatti: Patricia Louise Edwards Brown;  Conzatti Family History; 1994;  232 pages

Cook: Robert E., 1982, 314 pages  Patricia has copies

Cooke: Robert E. Cook, 480 pages  –Patricia has copies

Corak: Alice Knight; 370 pages  –original missing

Cottam: Charles Walter Cottam; Autobiography of Charles Walter Cottam; 1968, 203 pages

Cowan: Jessie C. Masterson;;Book of Memories, Cowan, Jones Patterson, Stuart; 1973, 155 pages

Cowdery: Stanley R. Gunn; Oliver Cowdery Second Elder and Scribe; 1962, 281 pages

Cragun: Eva L. Cragun Heiner; Patrick Cragun Descendants; 1969, 386 pages

Crane: Alice J. Bodell; James Crane Family; 1965, 220 pages

Cranney: Harriet Hinckley Eliason; William Duane Cranney Sr.; 1957, 113 pages

Critchfield: George A. Critchfield; p 280, 1991

Crockett: Donna Hopkins Scott; The Crockett Family; 1968, 461 pages

Croft: A. Russell and Irene H. Croft; Out of Our Past; 19,73, 307 pages ;

Culpepper: Culpepper’s of England and America, Warren H. Culpepper (Dick), 448 pages

Cyclopedia:  E. Kay Kirkham; deceased; A Cyclopedia for American Researchers; 1994, 158 pages

Danish: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Danish Genealogical Research Parish Registers, Vol 1; 1965, 231 pages

Danish: Joseph Grant Stevenson. Danish Genealogical Research Census Records, Vol 2; 1965, 65 pages

Danish: Joseph Grant Stevenson;Danish Genealogical Research Probate Indexes for Jylland, Fyn, Langeland, and Aero, Vol. 3; 1965, 277 pages

Danish: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Danish Genealogical Research Military Records, Vol 4; 1965, 280 pages

Davis: Florence D. Valgardson; James Jordan Davis Family History; 1970, 399 pages

Day: LaVerle M. Day; 359 pages

Desert: Floy L. Turner; deceased; While the Desert Blossomed; 1962, 306 pages

Deuel: Evelyn Palmer Bentley; Silas S. Deuel 1755-1837; 1999; 188 pages

Dowdle: Harold Dowdle; 296 pages ; Robert Dowdle, Sr. & His Descendants

Dredge: Ellen Dredge Castleton; The Life of Jesse H. Dredge; 1962, 80 pages

Edgemont: Eva Giles Gillespie; Edgemont Through the Years; 1965, 79 pages

Ellsworth: Ruth Ellsworth Blunck; George Franklin Ellsworth, Jr.; His Descendents to 1982; 1983, 72 pages

Elwell: Albert R. Elwell; The Genealogy and Descendants of Joel Elwell of N.J.; 1973, 95 pages

Emery Ward: Ruby Minchey; Memoirs from Members of Emery Ward Relief Society; 1962, 62 pages

Enders:  Carolyn P. Mock; History of Johann Jacob Enders; 1993

England: Samuel Lewis; deceased; Topographical Dictionary of England; 1831 edition, 2362 pages

England & Wales: Frank Smith & David Gardner; Genealogical Atlas of England & Wales; 1974, 119 pages

Esplin: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; Esplin Pioneers of UT; 1968, 301 pages

Evans: Dixie Davis; Memories by Claude & Ilo Evans; 1995; 400 pages

Evans: Homer W. Evans; Our Evans Family; 1976, 53 pages

Evans: Bishop David Evans Family Association; Bishop David Evans and His Family; 1972, 649 pages

Evans: William R. Evans; 175 pages

Evans: William R. Evans; Homesteads and Indian Leases on the Lake Front; 1983, 151 pages

Fairchild: Vanda; 1988, 295 pages

Fairview: Lucile M. Hansen; History of Fairview,

Farnsworth: William Dewey Farnsworth; First Seventy Years, 1992, 362pp

Finlinson:  Judy Finlinson Lyman; Dwain J. Finlinson; 1995; 308 pages

Finlinson: Judy Lyman; In Memory of Harriet Wells Finlinson, 2000, 325 pages

Firmage:  Edwin B Firmage; Conversations with our Grandparents, Edwin D & Miriam R. Firmage; 1974, 132 pages

Fish: Seymour P. and Vera P. Fish; Family of Joseph Fish, 1840-1926; 1970, 721 pages

Fitch: Dora Price Fitch; A Foretaste of Heaven; 1999

Floyd: Mary Fay Campbell Schertz; Descendants of John and Nancy Floyd; 1973, 660 pages

Fontana: Ray H. Banks; Fontana CA Stake of Zion; 1994; 302 pages

Foote: Autobiography of Warren Foote, Vol. 1; 233 pages

Foote: Autobiography of Warren Foote, Vol. 2

Foote: Autobiography of Warren Foote, Vol. 3

Forbes: Amy Dickerson Dean Forbes; History of Parts of My Life; 1977, 109 pages

Ford – Chandler: John Ford Parrish; deceased; Ford – Chandler Family History; 1954, 315 pages

Frischknecht: Audry F. Bonnell; Frischknecht Family History; 1978, 183 pages

Galusha: Lynette Galusha Komarek; Ancestors & Desc of Simeon H. & Harriet Galusha; 2000; 220 pages

Garr: Glen Garr; The Descendants and Ancestors of Benjamin Franklin Garr; 1985, 272 pages

Glasgow: Lula Glasgow Barns Brandenburg; Mostly Glasgow; 1974, 114 pages

Godfrey: Helen A. Cowan; John Godfrey of Worcestershire England, Ancestry & Posterity; 1980, 723 pages

Grantsville: Alma P. Gardiner; Founding and Development of Grantsville, UT, 1850-1950; 1959, 513 pages

Greenwood: Quentin Edward Greenwood; History of Quentin Edward Greenwood; 1979, 59 pages

Grover: Joel P. Grover; The Ancestry and Genealogy of Thomas Grover, 1807-1886; 1959, 371 pages

Hair: Hannah Laurie Hair Perry; The Hair Family History; 1961, 238 pages

Hale: Nathan Hale Gardner; Alma Helaman Hale, History and Genealogy; 1961, 258 pages

Hansen: Milo V. Hansen; Autobiography of Andrew Janus Hansen; 1852-1932, 1969, 310 pages

Hanson: Mabel H. Redd; The Story of Erick Hanson and Jonena Goodman; 1969, 83 pages

Harris: Ardath Tolson Stedman; A Harris Family with Related Lines; 1967, 379 pages

Hauptmann: William Henry Hauptman, Jr.; The Hauptmann Family; 1975, 126 pages

Heal: T.H. (Harry) Heal; deceased; Autobiography of Thomas Henry (Harry) Heal; 1961, 262 pages

Healey: Betha S. Ingram; RFD #1, The James and John Healey Family; 1963, 689 pages

Heninger: Arlene Palmer Smith, John Taylor Heninger Jr.; 1997; 447 pages

Henrie: Marie D. Henrie; 1988, 214 pages

Hershberger:  Nita Caffrey, Ancestry of Samuel L. Hershberger, 2001

Hill: Armin J. Autobiography of Armin J. Hill; pages 184;

Hill: Mark R. Hill; A Biographical History of George Hill, 1673-1975; 1975, 332 pages

Hinckley: Edwin Smith Hinckley, 174 pages

Hobson: Almer Bonner; 85 pages

Hogge: Verna Hogge; Life of George John Hogge, 1991;

Holbrook: Lafayette Hinckley Holbrook Families; 1961; 176 pages

Honegger: Nadine W. Larson, Hans Jacob Honegger from Switzerland to America; 1987

Hopi Navajo: Charles H. Stephens, The Origin and History of the Hopi Navajo Boundary Dispute in Northern Arizona; 1961, 342 pages

Howe: Gilman B. Howe. John Howe of Mass., Ancestry; 1929, 564 pages

Hunt: Condace Jeanette Hunt; Drama of the Ages; 1973, 81 pages

Huntsman: Lamond Welcome Huntsman; Huntsman Annals; 1971, 132 pages

Indians: Charles H. Stephens. The Origin and History of the Hopi Navajo Boundary Dispute in Northern Arizona; 1961, 342 pages

Indians:  E. Kay Kirkham; deceased; Our Native Americans, Vol. 3; 1994, 247 pages

Iowa Marriages: Liahona Research Inc. Iowa Marriages, early to 1950; 1990; 380 pages

Ireland: David Gardner and Frank Smith; Atlas of Ireland; 1972, 111 pages

Ivins:  Tim Ivins, The Making of a Family by Tim & Cathy Ivins; 2001

Jenner: Dorothy Evelyn Bailey; Family History of Solomon Chessell Harvey & Eliza Jane Jenner; 1983, 463 pages

Jensen: Mary R. Olsen; History of Christian Jensen and Barbara Christensen;  118 pages

Jensen: Willis Aaron Jensen; The Lives and Ancestors of William Andrus Jensen and Pauline Bangerter; 182 pages

Job: Bliss J. Brimley; 1988, 378 pages

Johansen: A Legacy of Love; History of Grant LaMar and Louise Bagley Johansen; 149 pages

Johnson: Cora Lee Johnson; Autobiography of Aaron Johnson Jr; 1975, 163 pages

Johnson: Loaz Whitfield Johnson; Greatness Without Fame; 1967, 591 pages

Johnson: Marilyn W. Clayton; Family Record of Abner Huntsman Johnson; 1979, 247 pages

Johnson: Joyce Seely and Max R. Johnson; James Johnson and Harriett E. Lamb; 1967, 190 pages

Johnson: Alan P. Johnson; Inherited Blessings; 1998; 114 pages

Jolley: Corrine Applegate, Masiel and Mary Jolley; 1995; 144 pages

Jolley: Vera; 1985, 198 pages

Jones: Dix M. Jones; The Family of Edward Jones & Mary Ellen Evans; 1985, 367 pages

Jones: Mrs. Rheim Jones; 241 pages

Jones: Norma Brady, The Jones Book, 1999,

Jordans: Octavia Jordan Perry; These Jordans Were Here; 1969, 398 pages

Kartchner: Sarah P. Collinwood; The Kartchner Family; 1974, 849 pages

Kawler: James H. Kawler; Socio-Mathematics

Kay Pendleton Neel: George H. Rose; Kay Pendleton Neel Families; 1969, 346 pages

Kearl: Alley V. Johnson Taylor; Kearl Family History; 1966, 527 pages

Kearl: Vera Lee Kearl Marshall;  ; Proud to Remember; 1964, 148 pages

Kelsick: George H. Rose; Sutton Families; 1971, 468 pages

Kempton: Margarite Kimpton Stevens & Jan Stevens Lockard; Kempton/Kimpton Families Life & Lineage of Jerome B.; 1985, 383 pages; Astar Enterprise; copyright

Kesler: Val J. Kesler and James M. Black; The Kesler Family of UT; 1961, 196 pages

Kidd: Kathy Hunter, Carson Gilbert Kidd & Nellie Florence; 1996; 430 pages

Killpack: Garth H. Killpack; 1984, 681 pages

Kimball: Olive K. Mitchell; Gordon… A biography; 1987; 380 pages

Kingston: Marilynn Kingston Stevenson; Richard James Kingston, 1891-1971; 1976, 64 pages

Kirkham: E. Kay Kirkham; George (Wm.) Kirkham Family History; 1973, 285 pages

Klingman: Ida Z. and Frederick E. Klingman ; The Klingman Family History; 1966, 527 pages

Knowlton: Ezra C. Knowlton;; Autobiography of Ezra Clark Knowlton, Part I; 1967, 209 pages

Knowlton: Ezra C. Knowlton; Autobiography of Ezra Clark Knowlton, Part 2; 1968, 434 pages

Krieger-Kirk: Judy Krieger; 235 pages

Kunz: John Kunz Jr.; Journal of My Mission (4 vols.) Swiss Italian German Mission; 1976, 123 pages

Lakeview Ward: Christian Jeppesen Jr.; History of Lakeview Ward, 1855-1951; 1969, 194 pages

Lambrights: Mary Fay Campbell Schertz The Lambrights; 1977, 535 pages

Lamoureux: Christopher Mark Lamoureux; Ancestors & Desc. of Stanislaus Lamoureux; 1995; 379 pages

Land Records: E. Kay Kirkham, Land Records, Census and Military Records; 1972, 280 pages

Larson: Helen C. Larson, “The Little Black Bag” History of Rudolph Vernon Larsen M.D.; 1983, 145 pages

Larson: Nadine Larson.; 258 pages

LaVerkin: Victor Hall; A History of LaVerkin City; 2000, 220 pages

LaVerkin: LaVerkin City, LaVerkin History; 2001,

Lawson: Larry Lawson; 202 pages

Leavitts: Jane Jennings Eldredge; deceased; The Leavitts of America; 1924, 270 pages

Lee: Samuel Lee Family Organization; (Norma C. Bentley) 1989, 203 pages

Lester: Norman W. Weidenheimer; Lester Genealogy; 1977, 341 pages

Lichfield: Walter Lichfield; by them; 1999,

Lindsey: Fayrene Bonebrake; Rt 4,); Lindsey Vol. 2 by James Lindsey Family; 1995; 680 pages

Little Lost: Anna Kyle Sermon; Little Lost River Valley; 2000; 520 pages

Lomax:  Scott H. Partridge; History of David H. & Marjorie Lomax; 1994

Lovell: Burton F. Lovell; King of the Herd; 1991; 288 pages

Luke: Emma Lou Luke Rogers; The William Haydock Luke Family History; 1967, 404 pages (not available for reprint)

Lyman: Albert R. Lyman; deceased; Amasa Mason Lyman – Trailblazer and Pioneer; 1957, 357 pages

Lyman: Albert R. Lyman; deceased; Biography – Francis Marion Lyman – Apostle; 1958, 231 pages

Madsen: Hattie M. Knight; deceased; James Ephriam and Birgithe Jensen Madsen children; 1976, 159 pages

Mangum: Donna, 1989

Marrott: Kenneth C. Bullock; A Genealogy of William Marrott and Louisa Fowlke; 1965, 284 pages

Marsden: Lucius N. Marsden Family Org.; William and Lucius N. Marsden; 1991; 736 pages

Martell: Maureen Cheever,; Morris Jenkins Martell; 1992;

Matthew McCune Family: McCune Family Association; 427 pages

Mattice: Rex G. Mattice; deceased; Mattice Family History, 1709-1961; 1962, 1130 pages

McArthur: Chloe, Her Life and Memories; 230 pages

McCain: Grant H. Iverson; Peter McCain History & Allied Families; 1979, 405 pages

McDonald: Leona McDonald Smith; William McDonald (1822-1910) & Christina Wallace; 1967, 462 pages

McFarland: Ruth M. Lindley; Luella Kingston McFarland; 1978, 179 pages

McKee: Raymond W. McKee; deceased; The Book of McKee; 1959, 658 pages

McMeen: Frances M. McMeen; Francis McMeen, Ancestral Patriots; 1976, 107 pages

Memmott: Clif N. Memmott; Life Story of Clifton Newel Memmott; 1983, 433 pages

Memmott: H. Kirk Memmott;; Thomas Memmott Journals; 1975, 259 pages

Memmott: H. Kirk Memmott; Thomas Memmott Vol. II; 480 pages

Miles: Claudette M. Scott, Miels and Miles; 1992; 203 pages

Miller: Myrtle Snyder Miller; The Memoirs of Myrtle Snyder Miller, D.O.; 1964, 64 pages

Minchey: Arminta Hewitt; 210 pages

Mock: Carolyn Pratt Mock; The Martin Mock Story; 1991; 261 pages

Monroe, UT:  Willard Murdock, 2002

Monson: Beth Olsen, Call of Zion; 2001,

Moore/Levi/Flake Family: Elizabeth Lynn Scharnhorst; 1989, 318 pages

Mortensen: Jane M. Mortensen; The Robert & Jane McDonald Mortensen Family History; 1986, 207 pages

Motley: Lola Bernice Frakes; The Motleys of Virginia; 1963, 209 pages

Motley: Lola Bernice Frakes; The Families of Williams, Kenoyer, New, Motley; 1969, 674 pages

Murphy: Emanuel Masters Murphy: Life, Children, 1980, 210 pages

Murphy: Lola Frances M. McMeen; Daniel Washington Murphy Family; 1977, 442 pages

Musser: Gertrude M. Richards, Life of Amos Milton Musser; 1980, 140 pages

Myrtle: Harold Ethington, Myrtle, Journal of Myrtle Anita Molyneux Clark; 1984, 250 pages

Nauvoo Bell: Minnie I. Hodapp; Nauvoo Bell; 1963, 52 pages

Nauvoo Temple: Don F. Colvin; History of Nauvoo Temple; 1962, 236 pages

Navajo-Hopi: Charles H. Stephens; The Origin and History of The Hopi-Navajo Boundary Dispute in Northern Arizona; 1961, 342 pages

Neff: Barbara Neff English; The Collected Poems of Dorothy Neff; 1977, 76 pages

Nelson: Mansel H. Nelson; Edmond Nelson–Jane Taylor  Family History; 1970, 306 pages

Nelson: ElRoy Nelson; ElRoy Nelson Family History; 1981, 246 pages

Neves: LaVerle Neves Makin Day; Their Roots Were Long and Deep–A History of the Wilford Neves Family; 1990, 358 pages

Newton:  Irene & Eva Newton; Newtons and Their Kin; 1994

Night Winds: Glen H. Turner; Night Winds and Other Poems; 1990; 79 pages

Noakes: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; Noakes Pioneers of UT; 1965, 305 pages

Nurse: Helen J. Lamb; American Nurse With British Troops in France 1916-1919; 1981, 107 pages

Oak City: De Ann D. Steele, Shadows of the Past; 2001,

Oblad: William H. Oblad; John Fredrick Oblad’s Missionary Journal; 1975, 153 pages

Olsen: Andrew “C” Iverson; Diary of John August Olsen; 1978, 359 pages

O’Neil: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; The John and Nannie O’Neil Family; 1963, 278 pages

Ord: Roberta Ord Anderson, Lewis and Violet; 1999, 147 pages

Orderville: Noreen Porter; Orderville Ward Relief Society; 1961, 117 pages

Pack: Florence G. Munson and Lois C. Wilson Descendants of Samuel Benjamin Pack and Maria Holton; 1969, 301 pages

Pack: Wehrli D. Pack; A Bit of Pack History; 1969, 300 pages

Packard: Alan Johnson, Packard Biographies; 2000, 225 pages

Pahranagat Valley: Louise B. Stewart; The History of Pahranagat Valley; 1978, 178 pages

Palmer: Sarah P. Collinwood; The Descendants of George Palmer and Phebe Draper; 1962, 1307 pages

Pardoe: Kathryn B. Pardoe; Family History of T. Earl and Kathryn B. Pardoe; 1977, 45 pages

Parley’s Pages: Maude Stevens; 200 pages

Paskett: Parley J. Paskett; The Paskett Family; 1975, 524 pages

Paskett: Parley J. Paskett; Round the Campfire; 1972, 282 pages

Peart: Amelia Peart MacDonald Marx & Joseph Grant Stevenson; Peart Family History, Vol 1; 1968, 241 pages

Penrod: Harold R. Penrod;  Penrod Family History; 1970, 273 pages

Pen Women: Caroline E. Miner; UT State National League of Pen Women; 1972, 162 pages

Perkins: Melvin Wakefield, Reuben J. & Jane Perkins; 1999, 590 pages

Perry: Charles Wesley Perry; A History of the John Wesley Perry Jr. Family; 1967, 137 pages

Perry: Ivan D. Perry; Perry Family History; 1966, 642 pages

Perry: Donna Perry Vincent; Marion Perry Descendants and Progenitors; 1988; 536 pages

Peterson: Jennive Clark Dransfield; The Anders Peterson Families, 1862-1960; 1964, 399 pages

Peterson: Edith P. Christiansen; Canute Peterson, Norway to America; 1976, 164 pages

Peterson: Wanda S.;

Peterson: Peterson Family Org.; Andreas Peterson; 1992;

Pettit: William Alfred Pettit, Sr.; Pettit Peregrinations; 1963, 252 pages

Pioneers:  Floy L. Turner; deceased; Pioneers of the Outposts; 1962, 40 pages

Pitts:  Doyle Pitts; Memoirs of Doyle Pitts; 1994

Place-Names:  E. Kay Kirkham; deceased; Small Place-Names of Western United States; 1994, 52 pages

Poetry:  Peter Myer, I Turn My Heart by Ila Marie Myer, 2001,

Pollard: Alan Johnson, Pollard and Bills Biographies; 1999,

Porter: Mae Browning & Verla Porter; Byron Porter Family Descendants; 381 pages

Porter: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Porter Family History, Vol. 1; 1957, 345 pages

Porter: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Porter Family History, Vol. 2; 1991, 357 pages

Porter: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Porter Family History, Vol. 3; 1998, 269 pages

Porter: Kenneth Winder Porter; Kenny; 1993

Poulton: Karlene Hardy, William Hyrumm Poulton & LuLu; 2001, 162 pages

Pratt: Arthur D. Coleman; deceased; Pratt Pioneers of UT; 1967; 699 pages

Pratt: Carolyn Pratt Mock; The History of Benjamin Marden Pratt and Lilly Cecelia Shirk; 1994; 178 pages

Prescott:  Max W. Prescott; Prescott Elvin Page Book of Remembrance; 1992; 174 pages

Prescott: David W. Warner, John Prescott; 1992;

Prince: Beth Perry Prince; Autobiography of Beth Perry Prince; 1998

Probst: Elizabeth Beck Probst : Meditation; 1965, 93 pages

Proctor: Elizabeth Proctor Kidle; Family of Auer Winchester Proctor, Vol. 3 Ericksen; 1984, 701 pages

Proctor: Marian Proctor Brandley: The Family of Auer Winchester Proctor; 1973, 334 pages

Prows: Lena Prows Steele Three Thomas Prows Descendants 1726-1980; 1981, 473 pages

Purdy: Clarence Henry Purdy; deceased; Some Ancestors and Descendants of Isham Purdy; 1965, 187 pages

Rasmussen: Mary R. Olsen; History of Hans Rasmussen and Maren Stephensen; 1961, 40 pages

Reid: Sarah Lucy Bronson Bodin and Nina Beth Goe Cunningham; Reid Family History; 1972, 431 pages

Rhees: LeGrand B. Ward; Reuben George Rhees, 1905-1974; 1977, 71 pages

Richards: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Richards Family History, Vol. 1; 1977, 366 pages

Richards: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Richards Family History, Vol. 2; 1981, 307 pages

Richards: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Richards Family History, Vol. 3; 1991, 379 pages

Richards: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Richards Family History, Vol. 4; 1998, 260 pages

Richards: Joseph Grant Stevenson; Richards Family History, Vol. 5

Richards: Minerva Richards Tate Robinson; The Life of George F. Richards — Apostle; 1965, 169 pages

Richards: Arthur S. Richards; Ianthus Parker Richards, Ancestors and Descendants; 1977, 280 pages

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