We can cut large copy projects in record time for a small fee. Typically available while you wait, our associates and our large guillotine cutter work together to save you time and frustration by providing precise and even cuts.

In addition to cutting paper into halves or fourths, we can also cut the bindings off manuals and books so they can be drilled or bound using many of our other services. Books are not standard priced as paper and thickness varies. Ask a sales associate for a price quote before cutting.

  • Regular Weight Paper
    • up to 500 sheets                 $1.25/cut
  • Cardstock or Heavier Paper
    • up to 250 sheets                 $1.25¢/cut

We cannot cut items with staples, spirals, or any kind of metal/heavy plastic that cannot be removed from your original.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Supplies limited to stock on hand. Prices do not include labor charges unless otherwise noted. Please call today for specific and current pricing.