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  1. I have ordered the free copy of the front and back of the Family Group Record from Stevenson Genealogy & Copy Center. My order is #6951 and should be e-mailed to Will the requested forms be sent to my email address for me to download and then print off? (The last time I ordered these forms was 02/01/2016 and this download has expired. ) And how soon can I expect these forms to be sent to my email address? Thank you for your assistance.

  2. I have call every one of your phone number options and no one answers? I sent you an email and all the directives. I need to talk to someone as to how to pay for it and figure the amount I though we could pay online. Desperate and in a hurry. what to do?

    1. Hi Nora,
      I’m sorry you have had trouble getting us on the phone. Our phone number is 801-374-9600. I’m hoping that you were able to get the answers you needed while I was out of the office. If not, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

  3. I am hoping to get answers. First of all I was devastated to find out you had closed. (I do understand) I live in Syracuse so only made it there once in a while. Is there some other place I can get the Family History binders and divider sheets? Enjoy your Retirement!! Thank You

    1. No, we weren’t able to find a buyer, so all the inventory is gone. Sorry.

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