Email Orders

Please email your order to us at Please provide clear instructions so that we may complete your project in a timely and efficient manner. Remember to note:

  • Your name
  • Your email and phone number
  • Black & White or Color Copies
  • Number of Copies Desired
  • Paper Weight (regular, cardstock, etc.) or Paper Color
  • Single or Double Sided
  • Additional instructions (cutting, stapling, etc.)
  • Date/Time Needed

If your file is larger than 4 megabytes, it may not go through the email system. If that is the case then use a service like Dropbox when you can send us a link to the file in the cloud. Thanks.

One thought on “Email Orders

  1. I have ordered the free copy of the front and back of the Family Group Record from Stevenson Genealogy & Copy Center. My order is #6951 and should be e-mailed to Will the requested forms be sent to my email address for me to download and then print off? (The last time I ordered these forms was 02/01/2016 and this download has expired. ) And how soon can I expect these forms to be sent to my email address? Thank you for your assistance.

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