Whether it’s to fit your large copy project into a three ring binder or to put a ring through flashcards, we have a drilling solution to fit your needs. With the ability to typically drill through up to 300 regular weight sheets in seconds, we can drastically reduce your project time for a small fee.

Depending on the size of your project, drilling is usually available while you wait!

  • Three Hole Drilling
    • first 5 drills                   $1.25/drill
    • 6+ drills                       85¢/drill
  • Three Hole Drilling
    • up to 300 sheets                   $1/drill

We also have a specialty drill that allow you to place your copies or originals into our binders that we carry in our store. Genealogy drills are not available for sale to the general public, so we offer a quick and easy service to prepare your originals or copies for placement into archival binders.

  • Genealogy Drilling
    • 2 Holes to fit either the lock and screw binder or smaller holes for newer style binders                     $2.00/drill
    • 4 Holes to fit all styles of genealogy binders that we currently carry – 2 large and 2 small holes             $3.00/drill

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Supplies limited to stock on hand. Prices do not include labor charges unless otherwise noted. Please call today for specific and current pricing.