A Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales

compiled from original maps by David E. Gardner, Derik Harland, and Frank Smith. Published by Stevenson’s Genealogy Center. These web pages are provided free for your personal use, but are not to be copied for sale or distribution. You may freely link to this page for reference. The most valuable part of these maps is the index of over 11,000 towns and cities. Use the index to find the city and the map coordinates then link back to the map to find it faster. These are high resolution PDF maps so the detail is clear at high magnification (some maps are almost 2 megabytes) so be patient for them to open in your browser. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download. If you find mistakes or have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Terms of use and Copyright

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The index it split into four different pages because it is so large. This part of the index contains cities beginning with S, T, U, V, W, Y, and Z. Click on the links to go to A-C | D-K | L-R. Tip: To find a specific name, you can use the find feature of your browser (click on [edit] and then [find]).


Anglesey, Wales Angl.
Bedford, Eng. Beds.
Berkshire, Eng. Berks.
Brecon, Wales Brecon
Buckingham, Eng. Bucks.
Caernarvon, Wales Caerns.
Cambridge, Eng. Cambs.
Cardigan, Wales Cards.
Carmarthen, Wales Carms.
Cheshire, Eng. Ches.
Cornwall, Eng. Corn.
Cumberland, Eng. Cumb.
Denbigh, Wales Denb.
Derbyshire, Eng. Derby.
Devonshire, Eng. Devon.
Dorsetshire, Eng. Dorset.
Durham, Eng. Durham
Essex, Eng. Essex
Flint, Wales Flint
Glamorgan, Wales Glams.
Gloucester, Eng. Gloucs.
Hampshire, Eng. Hamps.
Hereford, Eng. Herefs.
Hertford, Eng. Herts.
Huntingdon, Eng. Hunts.
Isle of Man, Eng. I. Man
Isle of Wight, Eng. I.O.W.
Kent, Eng. Kent
Lancashire, Eng. Lancs.
Leicester, Eng. Leics.
Lincoln, Eng. Lincs.
London, Eng. Lond.
Merioneth, Wales Merion.
Middlesex, Eng. Middx.
Monmouth, Eng. Monms.
Montgomery, Wales Montg.
Norfolk, Eng. Norf.
Northampton, Eng. Nhant.
Northumberland, Nhumb.
Nottingham, Eng. Notts.
Oxford, Eng. Oxon.
Pembroke, Wales Pembs.
Radnor, Wales Radnor
Rutland, Eng. Rutlds.
Shropshire, Eng. Shrops.
Somerset, Eng. Som.
Stafford, Eng. Staffs.
Suffolk, Eng. Suff.
Surrey, Eng. Surr.
Sussex, Eng. Suss.
Warwick, Eng. Warws.
Westmorland, Eng. Westmd.
Wiltshire, Eng. Wilts.
Worcester, Eng. Worcs.
Yorkshire, Eng. Yorks.


Sacombe; Herts. 53C5
Sadberge; Durham 12E3
Saddington; Leics. 38H4
Saddleworth; Yorks. 17A6
Saffron-Walden; Essex 54E3
Saham-Toney; Norf. 41D3
Saintbury; Gloucs. 50F3
Salcombe-Regis; Devon. 73D4
Salcott Virley; Essex 55A5
Saleby; Lincs. 29D3
Salehurst; Suss. 80G2
Salesbury; Lancs. 16F4
Salford; Lancs. 16G3
Salford; Beds. 52G3
Salford; Oxon. 50F2
Salford-Priors; Warws. 50F2
Salford, St. Stephen; Lancs. 25C1
Salhouse; Norf. 42H2
Saling, Great; Essex 54F4
Salisbury; Wilts. 76G1
Salkeld, Great; Cumb. 5A6
Sall; Norf. 42F1
Salmonby; Lincs. 29C3
Salperton; Gloucs. 50F4
Saltash; Corn. 85A2
Saltby; Leics. 39B1
Saltersford; Ches. 25D3
Saltfleetby, All Saints; Lincs. 29D2
Saltfleetby, St. Clement; Lincs. 29D2
Saltfleetby, St. Peter; Lincs. 29C2
Saltford; Som. 62F3
Salthouse; Norf. 31B5
Salton; Yorks. 12G5
Saltwood; Kent 81C1
Salwarpe; Worcs. 49C1
Samlesbury; Lancs. 15D4
Sampford-Arundel; Som. 73C2
Sampford-Brett; Som. 60G6
Sampford-Courtenay; Devon. 72G3
Sampford, Great; Essex 54F3
Sampford, Little; Essex 54F3
Sampford-Peverell; Devon. 73C2
Sampford-Spiney; Devon. 85B1
Sampson, St.; Corn. 84F2
Sancreed; Corn. 82F4
Sancton; Yorks. 19B3
Sandal, Magna; Yorks. 18E5
Sandal Parva (or Kirk Sandal); Yorks. 17D6
Sandbach; Ches. 25B4
Sanderstead; Surr. 66G4
Sandford; Devon. 73A3
Sandford; Oxon. 51B4
Sandford-on-Thames; Oxon. 51B4
Sandford-Orcas; Dorset. 75A2
Sandhurst; Berks. 65B4
Sandhurst; Gloucs. 49C4
Sandhurst; Kent 80G2
Sand Hutton; Yorks. 12E5
Sandiacre; Derby. 27B6
Sandon; Essex 54G6
Sandon; Herts. 53C3
Sandon; Staffs. 36H1
Sandridge; Herts. 53A5
Sandringham; Norf. 41B1
Sandwich; Kent 68H4
Sandy; Beds. 53A2
Sankey, Great; Lancs. 25A1
Santon; Norf. 41C4
Sapcote; Leics. 38F4
Sapey-Pritchard (or Lower Sapey); Worcs. 49B1
Sapey, Upper; Herefs. 49B1
Sapiston; Suff. 42E5
Sapperton; Gloucs. 49D6
Sarnesfield; Herefs. 48F2
Sarratt; Herts. 52G6
Sarsden; Oxon. 50H4
Satley; Durham 6F5
Satterleigh; Devon. 72G1
Satterthwaite; Lancs. 9B4
Saul; Gloucs. 49B5
Saundby; Notts. 28E2
Saunderton; Bucks. 52E6
Sausthorpe; Lincs. 29C3
Sawbridgeworth; Herts. 53D5
Sawley; Derby. 38F1
Sawley; Yorks. 16G3
Sawston; Cambs. 53D2
Sawtry, All Saints; Hunts. 40E5
Sawtry, St. Andrew; Hunts. 40E5, 39B2
Saxby; Leics. 28G2
Saxby, St. Helen; Leics. 28G2
Saxby, All Saints; Lincs. 28G2, 38H2
Saxelby; Leics. 38H2
Saxham, Great; Suff. 54G1
Saxham, Little; Suff. 54G1
Saxilby; Lincs. 28F3
Saxlingham; Norf. 31B6
Saxlingham-Nethergate; Norf. 42G4
Saxmundham; Suff. 56F1
Saxsted; Suff. 55D1
Saxthorpe; Norf. 42G1
Saxton; Yorks. 18F3
Scalby; Yorks. 13C4
Scaldwell; Nhant. 39A6
Scaleby; Cumb. 4G4
Scalford; Leics. 39A2
Scamblesby; Lincs. 29B3
Scammonden; Yorks. 17A5
Scampston; Yorks. 13B5
Scampton; Lincs. 28G3
Scarborough; Yorks. 13D5
Scarcliff; Derby. 27B3
Scarle, North; Lincs. 28F4
Scarle, South; Notts. 28F4
Scarning; Norf. 42E2
Scarrington; Notts. 28E6
Scartho; Lincs. 20F6
Scawby; Lincs. 19C6
Scawton; Yorks. 12G5
Scole; Norf. 42G5
Scopwick; Lincs. 28H4
Scorborough; Yorks. 19C3
Scothorne; Lincs. 28G3
Scotter; Lincs. 28F1
Scotton; Lincs. 28F1
Scottow; Norf. 42H1
Scoulton; Norf. 42E3
Scraptoft; Leics. 38G3
Scratby; Norf. 43B2
Scrayfield; Lincs. 29B3
Scrayingham; Yorks. 19A1
Scredington; Lincs. 28H6
Scremby; Lincs. 29C3
Screveton; Notts. 28E5
Scrivelsby; Lincs. 29B4
Scrooby; Notts. 27D2
Scropton; Derby. 37C1
Scruton; Yorks. 11D4
Sculcoates; Yorks. 19D4
Sculthorpe; Norf. 30H6
Seaborough; Som. 74G3
Seaford; Suss. 79D4
Seaforth; Lancs. 24F1
Seagrave; Leics. 38G2
Seagry; Wilts. 63A2
Seaham; Durham 7B5
Seal; Kent 67A4
Seale; Surr. 65B5
Seale, Nether and Over; Derby. 37D3
Seamer; Yorks. 12F3
Seamer-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12F3
Searby; Lincs. 19D6
Seasalter; Kent 68F4
Seasoncote; Gloucs. 50G4
Seathwaite; Lancs. 9A4
Seaton; Devon. 74E4
Seaton Rutland; Rutlds. 39B4
Seaton Ross; Yorks. 19A3
Seavington, St. Mary; Som. 74G2
Seavington, St. Michael; Som. 74G2
Sebergham; Cumb. 4F6
Seckington; Warws. 37C3
Sedbergh; Yorks. 10F4
Sedgeberrow; Worcs. 50F3
Sedgebrook; Lincs. 28F6
Sedgefield; Durham 12E1
Sedgeford; Norf. 30F6
Sedgehill; Wilts. 75C1
Sedgeley; Staffs. 36H4
Sedlescomb; Suss. 80G2
Seend; Wilts. 62H4
Seething; Norf. 42H4
Sefton; Lancs. 24F1
Seighford; Staffs. 36G1
Selattyn; Shrops. 24F6
Selborne; Hamps. 65A6
Selby; Yorks. 18G4
Selham; Suss. 78G2
Sellack; Herefs. 48H4
Selling; Kent 68F4
Sellinge; Kent 68F6
Selmeston; Suss. 79D3
Selsey; Suss. 78F2
Selside; Westmd. 9D4
Selston; Notts. 27B5
Selworthy; Som. 60F5
Semer; Suff. 55B2
Semington; Wilts. 62H4
Semperingham; Lincs. 40E1
Send; Surr. 65C4
Sennen; Corn. 82F4
Sessay; Yorks. 12F6
Setchey; Norf. 41B2
Setmurthy; Cumb. 8H1
Settrington; Yorks. 13B6
Sevenhampton; Gloucs. 50F4
Sevenhampton; Wilts. 63C2
Sevenoaks; Kent 67A5
Sevington; Kent 81B1
Shabbington; Bucks. 57D6
Shackerstone; Leics. 38E3
Shadingfield; Suff. 43B5
Shadoxhurst; Kent 81A1
Shaftesbury, Holy Trinity; Dorset. 75C2
Shalbourn; Berks. 63D4
Shalden; Hamps. 64H5
Shalfleet (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B5
Shalford; Essex 54G4
Shalford; Surr. 65C5
Shalstone; Bucks. 51C3
Shangton; Leics. 38H4
Shanklin (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77C5
Shap; Westmd. 10E3
Shapwick; Dorset. 75D3
Shapwick; Som. 61C6
Shareshill; Staffs. 36H3
Sharnbrook; Beds. 52G1
Sharnford; Leics. 38F4
Sharrington; Norf. 31B6
Shaugh-Prior; Devon. 85A1
Shaw (or Crompton); Lancs. 17A6
Shaw; Berks. 64F3
Shawbury; Shrops. 35D2
Shawell; Leics. 38G5
Shearsby; Leics. 38G4
Shebbear; Devon. 72E3
Sheen; Staffs. 26F4
Sheepshed; Leics. 38F2
Sheepstor; Devon. 85B1
Sheepwash; Devon. 72F3
Sheepy, Great; Leics. 38E3
Sheering; Essex 54E5
Sheerness-on-Sea; Kent 67D3
Sheffield; Yorks. 27A2
Shefford, East; Berks. 64E3
Shefford, Great; Berks. 64E3
Sheinton; Shrops. 36E3
Sheldon; Derby. 26G3
Sheldon; Devon. 73D3
Sheldon; Warws. 37C5
Sheldwich; Kent 68F4
Shelfanger; Norf. 42F5
Shelford; Notts. 27D6
Shelford, Great; Cambs. 53D2
Shelford, Little; Cambs. 53D2
Shelland; Suff. 55B1
Shelley; Essex 55B3
Shelley; Suff. 55B3
Shellingford; Berks. 63D1
Shellow-Bowels; Essex 54F6
Shelsley-Beauchamp; Worcs. 49B1
Shelswell; Oxon. 51C4
Shelton; Beds. 39C6
Shelton; Norf. 42G4
Shelton; Notts. 28E5
Shelve; Shrops. 35B4
Shenfield; Essex 67B1
Shenington; Oxon. 51A3
Shenley; Bucks. 52F3
Shenley; Herts. 53A6
Shenstone; Staffs. 37B3
Shenton; Leics. 38E3
Shephall; Herts. 53B4
Shepperton; Middx. 65C3
Shepreth; Cambs. 53C2
Shepton-Beauchamp; Som. 74F2
Shepton-Mallett; Som. 62E5
Shepton-Montague; Som. 75B1
Sherborne; Dorset. 75A2
Sherborne; Gloucs. 50G5
Sherborne, St. John; Hamps. 64G4
Sherborne, Monk; Hamps. 64G4
Sherborne; Warws. 50G1
Sherburn; Yorks. 13C5
Sherburn-in-Elmet; Yorks. 18F4
Shere; Surr. 65D5
Shereford; Norf. 41D1
Sherfield-English; Hamps. 77A2
Sherfield-on-Loddon; Hamps. 64H4
Sherford; Devon. 85D3
Sheriff-Hales; Shrops. 36F2
Sheriff-Hutton; Yorks. 18H1
Sheringham; Norf. 31C6
Sherington; Bucks. 52F2
Shermanbury; Suss. 79B2
Shernbourne; Norf. 30F6
Sherrington; Wilts. 63A6
Sherston Magna; Wilts. 62G2
Sherwell; Devon. 59B6
Sheviock; Corn. 85A2
Shields, South; Durham 7A4
Shifnall; Shrops. 36F3
Shilbottle; Nhumb. 2G6
Shillingford; Devon. 73B4
Shillingstone; Dorset. 75C3
Shillington; Beds. 52H3
Shilton, Earl; Leics. 38F4
Shilton-Rood; Oxon. 50H5
Shilton; Warws. 38E5
Shimpling; Norf. 42G5
Shimplingthorne; Suff. 54H2
Shinfield; Berks. 65A3
Shingay; Cambs. 53B2
Shingham; Norf. 41C3
Shipbourne; Kent 67A5
Shipdham; Norf. 42E3
Shipham; Som. 61C4
Shiplake; Oxon. 65A2
Shipley; Suss. 17B3
Shipmeadow; Suff. 43A4
Shipston-on-Stour; Worcs. 50G3
Shipton; Shrops. 35D4
Shipton; Yorks. 19B3
Shipton-Bellinger; Hamp. 63C5
Shipton-George; Dorset. 74G4
Shipton Moyne; Gloucs. 62G1
Shipton-Oliffe; Gloucs. 50F5
Shipton-on-Cherwell; Oxon. 51B5
Shipton-under-Wych-wood; Oxon. 50H5
Shirburn; Oxon. 64H1
Shire-Newton; Monms. 61C1
Shireshead; Lancs. 15C2
Shirland; Derby. 27A4
Shirley; Derby. 26G6
Shobdon; Herefs. 48G1
Shobrooke; Devon. 73A3
Shocklach; Ches. 24G5
Shoebury, North; Essex 67D2
Shoebury, South; Essex 68E2
Shopland; Essex 67D2
Shoreham; Kent 67A4
Shoreham, New; Suss. 79A4
Shoreham, Old; Suss. 79B3
Shorncott; Wilts. 63B1
Shorne; Kent 67B3
Shorthampton; Oxon. 50H4
Shorwell (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B5
Shotesham; Norf. 42G3
Shotley; Nhumb. 6F4
Shotley; Suff. 55C3
Shottesbrook; Berks. 65B3
Shotteswell; Warws. 51B2
Shottisham; Suff. 55D3
Shotwick; Ches. 24F3
Shoulden; Kent 69B5
Shouldham; Norf. 41B3
Shouldham-Thorpe; Norf. 41B3
Shrawardine; Shrops. 35C2
Shrawley; Worcs. 49C1
Shrewsbury; Shrops. 35C2
Shrewton; Wilts. 63B5
Shrivenham; Berks. 63C2
Shropham; Norf. 42E4
Shuckburgh, Lower; Warws. 51B1
Shuckburgh, Upper; Warws. 51B1
Shudy-Camps; Cambs. 54F3
Shurdington; Gloucs. 49D5
Shustoke; Warws. 37C4
Shute; Devon. 74E4
Shutford; Oxon. 51A3
Shuttington; Warws. 37C3
Sibbertoft; Nhant. 38H5
Sibdon-Carwood; Shrops. 35C5
Sibertswold; Kent 68H5
Sibford; Oxon. 51A3
Sibsey; Lincs. 29C5
Sibson (or Sibstone); Leics. 38E3
Sibthorpe; Notts. 28E5
Sibton; Suff. 43A6
Sidbury; Devon. 73D4
Sidbury; Shrops. 36F5
Siddington; Ches. 25C3
Siddington; Gloucs. 63B1
Sidestrand; Norf. 31D6
Sidlesham; Suss. 78F4
Sidmouth; Devon. 73D4
Sigglesthorne; Yorks. 20E2
Sigston, Kirby; Yorks. 12E4
Silchester; Hamps. 64G4
Sileby; Leics. 38G2
Silian; Cards. 46F2
Silkstone; Yorks. 17D6
Silsden; Yorks. 17B3
Silton; Dorset. 75C1
Silton, Over; Yorks. 12F4
Silverdale; Lancs. 9C6
Silverstone; Nhant. 51C3
Silverton; Devon. 73B3
Silvington; Shrops. 36E5
Simonburn; Nhumb. 5C3
Simpson; Bucks. 52F3
Singleton; Suss. 78F3
Singleton, Great; Lancs. 15B3
Sinnington; Yorks. 13A5
Siston; Gloucs. 62F3
Sithney, St.; Corn. 83A4
Sittingbourne; Kent 67D4
Sixhills; Lincs. 29A2
Sizeland; Norf. 43A4
Skeckling; Yorks. 20E3
Skeffington; Leics. 38H3
Skeffling; Yorks. 20G5
Skegby; Notts. 27B4
Skegness; Lincs. 30E4
Skelbrooke; Yorks. 18F5
Skellingthorpe; Lincs. 28F3
Skelton; Cumb. 9C1
Skelton-by-York; Yorks. 18G2
Skelton-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12H2
Skendleby; Lincs. 29C3
Skenfrith; Monms. 48G4
Skerne; Yorks. 19D2
Skeyton; Norf. 42H1
Skidbrooke; Lincs. 29C1
Skidby; Yorks. 19C3
Skilgate; Som. 73B1
Skillington; Lincs. 39B1
Skinnand; Lincs. 28G4
Skipsea; Yorks. 20E2
Skipton; Yorks. 17A2
Skipwith; Yorks. 18G3
Skirbeck; Lincs. 29C5
Skirlaugh; Yorks. 20E3
Skirpenbeck; Yorks. 19A2
Slaidburn; Yorks. 16F2
Slaithwaite; Yorks. 17B5
Slaley; Nhumb. 6E4
Slapton; Bucks. 51C2
Slapton; Devon. 86E3
Slapton; Nhant. 51C2
Slaugham; Suss. 79B2
Slaughter, Lower; Gloucs. 50G4
Slaughter, Upper; Gloucs. 50G4
Slaughterford; Wilts. 62G3
Slawston; Leics. 39A4
Sleaford, New; Lincs. 28H5
Sleafbrd, Old; Lincs. 28H5
Slebech; Pembs. 45A5
Sledmere; Yorks. 19C1
Slimbridge; Gloucs. 49B6
Slindon; Suss. 78G3
Slinfold; Suss. 79A1
Slingsby; Yorks. 12H6
Slipton; Nhant. 39C5
Sloley; Norf. 42H1
Smallburgh; Norf. 43A2
Smarden; Kent 67D6
Smeaton, Great; Yorks. 12E2
Smeaton, Kirk; Yorks. 18F5
Smeeth; Kent 68F6
Smethcote; Shrops. 35C4
Smethwick; Staffs. 37A5
Smisby; Derby. 38E2
Snailwell; Cambs. 41C6
Snaith; Yorks. 18G5
Snape; Suff. 56F1
Snareston; Leics. 38E3
Snarford; Lincs. 28G2
Snargate; Kent 81B2
Snave; Kent 81B2
Snead; Montg. 35B4
Sneaton; Yorks. 13B3
Sneinton; Notts. 27C6
Snelland; Lincs. 28H2
Snelston; Derby. 26G5
Snetterton; Norf. 42E4
Snettisham; Norf. 30F6
Snitterby; Lincs. 28G1
Snitterfield; Warws. 50G1
Snodland; Kent 67B4
Snoring, Great; Norf. 31A6
Snoring, Little; Norf. 31A6
Snowshill; Gloucs. 50F3
Soberton; Hamps. 77C2
Sockburn; Durham 11D3
Sodbury, Chipping; Gloucs. 62F2
Sodbury; Little; Gloucs. 62F2
Sodbury, Old; Gloucs. 62F2
Soham; Cambs. 41A6
Soham, Earl; Suff. 55C1
Soham, Monk; Suff. 55C1
Solihull; Warws. 37C5
Soller’s Hope; Herefs. 49A3
Somborne, King’s; Hamps. 77A1
Somerby; Leics. 39C1
Somerby (near Brigg); Lincs. 39A3
Somerby (near Grant-ham; Lincs. 28G6
Somercoates, North; Lincs. 29C1
Somercoates, South; Lincs. 29C1
Somerford, Great (or Broad Somerford); Wilts. 63A2
Somerford-Keynes; Wilts. 63A1
Somerford, Little; Wilts. 63A2
Somerleyton; Suff. 43B4
Somersal-Herbert; Derby. 26F6
Somersby; Lincs. 29C3
Somersham; Hunts. 40G5
Somersham; Suff. 55B2
Somerton; Oxon. 51B4
Somerton; Som. 74G1
Somerton; Suff. 54G2
Somerton, East; Norf. 43B2
Somerton, West; Norf. 43B2
Sompting; Suss. 79A4
Sonning; Berks. 65A3
Sopley; Hamps. 76G4
Sopworth; Wilts. 62G2
Sotby; Lincs. 29B3
Sotherton; Suff. 43A5
Sotterley; Suff. 43B5
Sotwell; Berks. 64G1
Soulbury; Bucks. 52F4
Soulderne; Oxon. 51B4
Souldrop; Beds. 52G1
Sourton; Devon. 72F4
Southacre; Norf. 41C2
Southam; Warws. 51B1
Southampton; Hamps. 77B3
Southbroom; Wilts. 63B4
Southchurch; Essex 68E2
Southease; Suss. 79C4
Southery; Norf. 41B4
Southfleet; Kent 67B3
Southgate; Middx. 66F1
South-hill; Corn. 84H1
Southill; Beds. 52H3
Southminster; Essex 55A6
Southoe; Hunts. 40E6
Southolt; Suff. 42G6
Southover; Suss. 79C3
Southport; Lancs. 15B5
Southrop; Gloucs. 50G6
Southtown; Suff. 43B3
Southwark; Surr. 66G2
Southwell; Notts. 27D5
Southwick; Hamps. 77C3
Southwick; Nhant. 39C4
Southwick; Suss. 79B4
Southwold; Suff. 43B6
Southwood; Norf. 43A3
Sowe; Warws. 38E5
Sowerby (near Halifax); Yorks. 17B4
Sowerby (near Thirsk); Yorks. 12F5
Sowerby-Bridge; Yorks. 17B4
Sowerby, Castle; Cumb. 4F6
Sowerby, Temple; Westmd. 10E2
Sowton; Devon. 73B4
Spalding; Lincs. 40F1
Spaldwick; Hunts. 40E5
Spanby; Lincs. 28H6
Sparham; Norf. 42F2
Sparkford; Som. 75A2
Sparsholt; Berks. 64E2
Sparsholt; Hamps. 77B1
Spaxton; Som. 61A6
Speen; Berks. 64F3
Speeton; Yorks. 14E6
Speldhurst; Kent 67A6
Spelsbury; Oxon. 51A4
Spennithorne; Yorks. 11B4
Spernall; Warws. 50F1
Spetchley; Worcs. 49D2
Spetisbury; Dorset. 75D3
Spexhall; Suff. 43A5
Spilsby; Lincs. 29C4
Spittal; Pembs. 44H4
Spixworth; Norf. 42G2
Spofforth; Yorks. 18E2
Spondon; Derby. 27A6
Sporle; Norf. 41D2
Spratton; Nhant. 38H6
Spreyton; Devon. 72G3
Spridlington; Lincs. 28G2
Springfield; Essex 54G5
Springthorpe; Lincs. 28F2
Sproatley; Yorks. 20F4
Sprotborough; Yorks. 27C1
Sproughton; Suff. 55C3
Sprowston; Norf. 42H2
Sproxton; Leics. 39B2
Stackpole-Elidor; Pembs. 57D1
Stadhampton; Oxon. 51C6
Stafford; Staffs. 36H2
Stafford, West; Dorset. 75B4
Stagsden; Beds. 52G2
Stainburn; Yorks. 17C2
Stainby; Lincs. 39B2
Staindrop; Durham 11B2
Staines; Middx. 65C3
Stainfield; Lincs. 28H3
Stainland; Yorks. 17B5
Stainley, South; Yorks. 17D1
Stainmore; Westmd. 10G3
Stainton (near Conis-borough); Yorks. 27C1
Stainton (near Thorna-by-on-Tees); Yorks. 12F3
Stainton-by-Lang-worth; Lincs. 28H3
Stainton, Great; Durham 11D2
Stainton-le-Vale; Lincs. 29A1
Stainton, Market, St. Michael; Lincs. 29B3
Stalbridge; Dorset. 75B2
Stalham; Norf. 43A2
Stalisfield; Kent 68E5
Stallingborough; Lincs. 20E5
Stalling-Busk; Yorks. 10H5
Stalmine; Lancs. 15B3
Stalybridge; Ches. 26E1
Stambourne; Essex 54F3
Stambridge, Great; Essex 67D1
Stambridge, Little; Essex 67D1
Stamford; All Saints; Lincs. 39C3
Stamford-Baron; Nhant. 39C3
Stamfordham; Nhumb. 6F3
Stanbridge; Beds. 52G4
Standerwick; Som. 62G5
Standish; Gloucs. 49C6
Standish; Lancs. 15D6
Standlake; Oxon. 51A6
Standon; Herts. 53C4
Standon; Staffs. 25C6
Stanfield; Norf. 42E2
Stanford; Kent 68G6
Stanford; Norf. 41D4
Stanford-Bishop; Herefs. 49B2
Stanford-Dingley; Berks. 64G3
Stanford-in-the-Vale; Berks. 64E1
Stanford-le-Hope; Essex 67B2
Stanford-on-Avon; Leics. 38G5
Stanford-on-Soar; Notts. 38G2
Stanford-on-Teme; Worcs. 49B1
Stanford-Rivers; Essex 53D6
Stangate; Essex 54H6
Stanground; Hunts. 40F4
Stanhoe; Norf. 30G6
Stanhope; Durham 6E6
Stanion; Nhant. 39B2
Stanley; Derby. 27B6
Stanley, King’s; Gloucs. 49C6
Stanley, Leonard-Gloucs. 49C6
Stanmer; Suss. 79C3
Stanmore, Great; Middx. 66E1
Stanmore, Little; Middx. 66E1
Stanningfield; Suff. 54A1
Stannington; Nhumb. 6G3
Stansfield; Suff. 54G2
Stanstead; Kent 67B4
Stanstead; Suff. 54G2
Stanstead-Abbots; Herts. 53C5
Stansted-Montfichet; Essex 53D4
Stanton; Gloucs. 48F1
Stanton, All Saints; Suff. 42E6
Stanton, St. John the Baptist; Suff. 42E6
Stantonbury; Bucks. 52F3
Stanton-by-Bridge; Derby. 38E1
Stanton-by-Dale; Abbey; Derby. 27B6
Stanton-Drew; Som. 62E4
Stanton-Fitzwarren; Wilts. 63C1
Stanton-Harcourt; Oxon. 51B6
Stanton-Lacy; Shrops. 35C5
Stanton, Long, All Saints; Cambs. 40G6
Stanton, Long, St. Michael; Cambs. 40G6
Stanton-on-Hine-Heath; Shrops. 35D2
Stanton-on-the-Wolds; Notts. 38G1
Stanton-Prior; Som. 62F4
Stanton, St. Bernard; Wilts. 63B4
Stanton.St. John’s; Oxon. 51C5
Stanton, St. Quintin; Wilts. 62H2
Stanton, Stoney; Leics. 38F4
Stanton-under-Bardon; Leics. 38F3
Stanway; Essex 55A4
Stanway; Gloucs. 50F3
Stanwell; Middx. 65D3
Stanwick; Nhant. 39C6
Stanwick; Yorks. 11C3
Stanwix; Cumb. 4G4
Stapenhill; Derby. 37C2
Staple; Kent 68H4
Staple-Fitzpaine; Som. 74F2
Stapleford; Cambs. 53D2
Stapleford; Herts. 53B5
Stapleford; Leics. 39A2
Stapleford; Lincs. 28F4
Stapleford; Notts. 27B6
Stapleford; Wilts. 63B6
Stapleford-Abbots; Essex 66H1
Stapleford-Tawney; Essex 66H1
Staplegrove; Som. 74E1
Staplehurst; Kent 67C5
Stapleton; Cumb. 4H3
Stapleton; Gloucs. 62E3
Stapleton; Leics. 38F4
Stapleton; Shrops. 35C3
Starston; Norf. 42G5
Startforth; Yorks. 11B2
Stathern; Leics. 39A1
Staughton, Great; Hunts. 52H1
Staughton, Little; Beds. 52H1
Staunton; Gloucs. 48H5
Staunton; Notts. 28E5
Staunton; Worcs. 49B4
Staunton Chapel; Notts. 28F6
Staunton, Long; Shrops. 36E4
Staunton-on-Arrow; Herefs. 48F1
Staunton-on-Wye; Herefs. 48F2
Staunton, White; Som. 74F2
Staveley; Derby. 27B3
Staveley; Yorks. 18E1
Staveley; Westmd. 9C4
Staveley-in-Cartmel; Lancs. 9B5
Staverton; Devon. 85D1
Staverton; Gloucs. 49C4
Staverton; Nhant. 51C1
Staverton; Wilts. 62G4
Stawell; Som. 61B6
Stawley; Som. 73C1
Stean; Nhant. 51C3
Stebbing; Essex 54F4
Stedham; Suss. 78F2
Steep; Hamps. 78E2
Steeping, Great; Lincs. 29C4
Steeping, Little; Lincs. 29C4
Steeple; Dorset. 75D5
Steeple; Essex 55A6
Steepleton-Iwerne; Dorset. 75C3
Stelling; Kent 68G5
Stenigot; Lincs. 29B2
Stephens, St., by Launceston; Corn. 71D4
Stephens, St.; Herts. 52H6
Stephesn, St, by Saltash; Corn. 85A2
Stephens, Et., in Brannel; Corn. 83D2
Stepney; Middx. 66G2
Steppingley; Beds. 52G3
Sterndale, Earl; Derby. 26F3
Sternfield; Suff. 56F1
Stert; Wilts. 63B4
Stetchworth; Cambs. 54F1
Stevenage; Herts. 53B4
Steventon; Berks. 64F1
Steventon; Hamps. 64G5
Stevington; Beds. 52G2
Stewkley; Bucks. 52F4
Stewton; Lincs. 29C2
Steyning; Suss. 79A3
Steynton; Pembs. 44G5
Stibbard; Norf. 52E1
Stibbington; Hunts. 39D4
Stickford; Lincs. 29C4
Stickney; Lincs. 29C4
Stiffkey; Norf. 31A5
Stifford; Essex 67B2
Stillingfleet; Yorks. 18G3
Stillington; Yorks. 12F6
Stilton; Hunts. 40E4
Stinchcombe; Gloucs. 49B6
Stinsford; Dorset. 75B4
Stirchley; Shrops. 36F3
Stisted; Essex 54G4
Stithian, St.; Corn. 83B4
Stivichall; Warws. 37D6
Stixwold; Lincs. 29A4
Stoak; Ches. 25A5
Stock; Worcs. 50E1
Stock-Harward; Essex 67B1
Stock-Gaylard; Dorset. 75B3
Stockbridge; Hamps. 77A1
Stockbury; Kent 67C4
Stockerston; Leics. 39B4
Stockland; Dorset. 74E3
Stockland-Bristol; Som. 61A5
Stockleigh-English; Devon. 73A3
Stockleigh-Pomeroy; Devon. 73A3
Stocklinch-Magdalene; Som. 74F2
Stocklinch-Ottersey; Som. 74F2
Stockport; Ches. 25D2
Stockton; Norf. 43A4
Stockton; Shrops. 36F4
Stockton; Warws. 36F6
Stockton; Wilts. 63A6
Stockton-on-Tees; Durham 12F2
Stockton-on-Teme; Worcs. 36F6
Stockton-on-the-Forest; Yorks. 18H2
Stodmarsh; Kent 68G4
Stody; Norf. 31B6
Stogumber; Som. 60G6
Stogursey; Som. 61A5
Stoke; Warws. 38E5
Stoke; Kent 67C3
Stoke; Norf. 42G3
Stoke; Som. 62F3
Stoke; Shrops. 24G3
Stoke-Abbot; Dorset. 74G3
Stoke-Albany; Nhant. 39A4
Stoke-Ash; Suff. 42F6
Stoke-Bliss; Worcs. 49A1
Stoke-Bruerne; Nhant. 51E2
Stoke-by-Clare; Suff. 54G3
Stoke-by-Nayland; Suff. 55A3
Stoke-Canon; Devon. 73B4
Stoke-Charity; Hamps. £4F6
Stoke-Climsland; Corn. 71D4
Stoke d’Abernon; Surr. 66E4
Stoke-Damerel; Devon. 85A2
Stoke-Doyle; Nhant. 39C5
Stoke-Dry; Leics. 39B4
Stoke, East; Dorset. 75C5
Stoke, East; Notts. 28E5
Stoke-Edith; Herefs. 49A3
Stoke-Erie; Wilts. 63A4
Stoke-Ferry; Norf. 41B3
Stoke-Fleming; Devon. 86E3
Stoke-Gabriel; Devon. 86E2
Stoke-Gifford; Gloucs. 62E2
Stoke-GoIding; Leics. 35E4
Stoke-Goldington; Bucks. 52F2
Stoke-Hammond; Bucks. 52F4
Stoke-Lacy; Herefs. 49A2
Stoke-Layne; Som. 62F5
Stoke-Lyne; Oxon. 51C4
Stoke-Mandeville; Bucks.’. 52F5
Stoke-next-Guildford; Surr. 65C5
Stoke, North; Oxon. 64G2
Stoke, North; Som. 62F3
Stoke, North; Suss. 78G3
Stoke-Pero; Som. 60F5
Stoke-Poges; Bucks. 65C2
Stoke-Prior; Herefs. 48H2
Stoke-Prior; Worcs. 37A6
Stoke-Rivers; Devon. 59C6
Stoke-Rodney; Som. 61C5
Stoke-Severn; Worcs. 49C3
Stoke, South; Lincs. 39B1
Stoke, South; Oxon. 64G2
Stoke, South; Som. 62F4
Stoke, South; Suss. 78H3
Stoke-Talmage; Oxon. 64H1
Stoke-Trister; Som. 75B1
Stoke-in-Teignhead; Devon. 73B6
Stoke-under-Hamdon; Som. 74G2
Stoke-upon-Terne; Shrops. 36F1
Stoke-upon-Trent; Staffs. 25C5
Stoke-Wake; Dorset. 75B3
Stoke, West; Suss. 78F3
Stokeham; Notts. 28E3
Stokenchurch; Oxon. 65A1
Stokenham; Devon. 86E3
Stokesay; Shrops. 35C5
Stokesby; Norf. 43B3
Stokesley; Yorks. 12F3
Stondon-Massey; Essex 54E6
Stondon, Upper; Beds. 53A3
Stone; Bucks. 52E5
Stone; Gloucs. 62F1
Stone (near Rye); Kent 81A2
Stone; Staffs. 25D6
Stone; Worcs. 36G6
Stone-Easton; Som. 62E4
Stone (near Dartford); Kent 67A3
Stonegrave; Yorks. 12G6
Stoneham, North; Hamps. 77B2
Stoneham, South; Hamps. 77B3
Stonehouse; Gloucs. 49C6
Stonehouse, East; Devon. 85B2
Stoneleigh; Warws. 38E6, 37D6
Stonesby; Leics. 39B2
Stonesfield; Oxon. 51A5
Stonham-Aspal; Suff. 55C1
Stonham-Earl; Suff. 55B1
Stonham-Parva; Suff. 55B1
Stonton-Wyville; Leics. 38H4
Stoodleigh; Devon. 73B2
Stopham; Suss. 78G2
Storrington; Suss. 78H3
Stotfold; Beds. 53B3
Stottesdon; Shrops. 36F5
Stoughton; Suss. 78E3
Stoughton; Leics. 38G3
Stoulton; Worcs. 49D2
Stourmouth; Kent 68H4
Stourpaine; Dorset. 75C3
Stourton; Wilts. 62H6
Stoven; Suff. 43B5
Stow; Lincs. 28F2
Stow; Cambs. 53D1
Stow-Bardolph; Norf. 41B3
Stow-Bedon; Norf. 42E4
Stowlangtoft; Suff. 42E6
Stow-Long; Cambs. 53B2
Stow, Longa; Hunts. 40E6
Stow-Maries; Essex 67C1
Stowmarket; Suff. 55B1
Stow-on-the-Wold; Gloucs. 50G4
Stow-Upland; Suff. 55B1
Stow, West; Suff. 41C6
Stowe; Shrops. 35B6
Stowe; Bucks. 52E3
Stowe; Lincs. 40E2
Stowe; Staffs. 37A1
Stowe-Nine-Churches; Nhant. 51C1
Stowell; Gloucs. 50F5
Stowell; Som. 75B2
Stower, East; Dorset. 75C2
Stower-Provost; Dorset. 75C2
Stower, West; Dorset. 75C2
Stowey; Som. 62E4
Stowey; Nether; Som. 68G5
Stowey; Over; Som. 61A6
Stowford; Devon. 72E4
Stowting; Kent 68G5
Stradbroke; Suff. 42G6
Stradishall; Suff. 54G2
Stradsett; Norf. 41B3
Stragglesthorpe; Lincs. 28F5
Stranton; Durham 12F1
Strata-Florida; Cards. 33D6
Stratfield-Mortimer; Berks. 64G4
Stratfieldsaye; Hamps. 64H4
Stratfield-Turgiss; Hamps. 64H4
Stratford, Fenny; Bucks. 52F3
Stratford; Suff. 56E1
Stratford-on-Avon; Warws. 50G2
Stratford, Stony; Bucks. 52E3
Stratford-sub-Castle; Wilts. 76F1
Stratford, Tony; Wilts. 76F1
Stratford Water; Bucks. 51C3
Stratton; Corn. 71C2
Stratton; Dorset. 75A4
Stratton; Gloucs. 50E6
Stratton; Norf. 42G4
Stratton; Wilts. 62F5
Stratton-Audley; Oxon. 51C4
Stratton, East; Hamps. 64G5
Stratton, Long; Norf. 42G4
Stratton-on-the-Fosse; Som. 62F5
Stratton-Strawless; Norf. 42G2
Streatham; Surr. 66F3
Streatley; Beds. 52H4
Streatley; Berks. 64G2
Street; Som. 61C6
Street; Suss. 79C3
Strelley; Notts. 27B6
Strensall; Yorks. 18G1
Strensham; Worcs. 49D3
Stretford; Herefs. 48G2
Stretford; Lancs. 25C1
Strethall; Essex 53D3
Stretham; Cambs. 40H6
Stretton; Rutlds. 39C2
Stretton; Staffs. 36G3
Stretton Church; Shrops. 35C4
Stretton-en-le-Field; Derby. 37D3
Stretton-Grandison; Herefs. 49A3
Stretton, Little; Leics. 38H4
Stretton-Magna; Leics. 38G3
Stretton-on-Dunsmore; Warws. 38F6
Stretton-on-the-Foss; Warws. 50G3
Stretton-Sugwas; Herefs. 48G3
Stringston; Som. 61A5
Strixton; Nhant. 52F1
Strood; Kent 67C3
Stroud; Gloucs. 49C6
Stroxton; Lincs. 39B1
Strubby; Lincs. 29C2
Strumpshaw; Norf. 43A3
Stubton; Lincs. 28F5
Stuchbury; Nhant. 51C3
Studham, Beds & Herts. 52H5
Studland; Dorset. 76F5
Studley; Warws. 50F1
Studley-Hall; Yorks. 11D6
Stukeley, Great; Hunts. 40F5
Stukeley, Little; Hunts. 40F5
Stuntney; Cambs. 41A5
Sturmer; Essex 54F3
Sturminster-Marshall; Dorset. 75D4
Sturminster-Newton; Dorset. 75C2
Sturry; Kent 68G4
Sturston; Norf. 41D4
Sturton; Notts. 28E2
Sturton, Great; Lincs. 29B3
Stuston; Suff. 42G5
Stutton; Suff. 55C3
Suckley; Worcs. 49B2
Sudborne; Suff. 56F2
Sudborough; Nhant. 39C5
Sudbrooke; Lincs. 28G3
Sudbury; Derby. 37C1
Sudbury; Suff. 54H3
Sudeley-Manor; Gloucs. 50F4
Suffield; Norf. 42G1
Sulgrave; Nhant. 51C2
Sulham; Berks. 64G3
Sulhampstead-Abbots; Berks. 64G3
Sulhampstead-Banister Berks. 64G3
Sullington; Suss. 78H3
Sully; Glams. 60H3
Sunbury; Middx. 65D3
Sunderland; Durham 7B4
Sundon; Beds. 52G4
Sundridge; Kent 66H4
Sunninghill; Berks. 65C3
Sunningwell; Berks. 51B6
Surfleet; Lincs. 40F1
Surlingham; Norf. 42H3
Sustead; Norf. 31C6
Sutcombe; Devon. 71D2
Sutterby; Lincs. 29C3
Sutterton; Lincs. 29B6
Sutton; Beds. 53B2
Sutton; Cambs. 40G1
Sutton; Derby. 27B4
Sutton; Essex 67D2
Sutton; Norf. 30E2
Sutton; Nhant. 39D4
Sutton; Shrops. 35C3
Sutton; Suff. 55C2
Sutton; Surr. 66F4
Sutton; Suss. 78G3
Sutton-at-Hone; Kent 67A3
Sutton-Bassett; Nhant. 39A4
Sutton-Benger; Wilts. 63A2
Sutton-Bingham; Som. 74H2
Sutton-Bonnington; Notts. 38F1
Sutton-by-Dover; Kent 69A5
Sutton-Cheney; Leics. 38F3
Sutton-Coldfield; Warws. 37B4
Sutton-Courtney; Berks. 64F1
Sutton, East; Kent 67C5
Sutton-Guilden; Ches. 24G3
Sutton-in-Ashfield; Notts. 27B4
Sutton-in-Holderness; Yorks. 18G5
Sutton-in-the-Marsh; Lincs. 29D2
Sutton, King’s; Nhant. 51B3
Sutton, Long; Hamps. 65A5
Sutton, Long; Lincs. 40G2
Sutton, Long; Som. 74G1
Sutton-Maddock; Shrops. 36F3
Sutton-Mallet; Som. 61B6
Sutton-Mandeville; Wilts. 76E1
Sutton-Montis; Som. 75A2
Sutton-on-Lound; Notts. 27D2
Sutton-on-the-Forest; Yorks. 18G1
Sutton-on-the-Hill; Derby. 26G6
Sutton-on-Trent; Notts. 28E4
Sutton, St. Michael; Herefs. 48H2
Sutton, St. Nicholas; Herefs. 48H2
Sutton-under-Brails; Gloucs. 10H3
Sutton-upon-Derwent; Yorks. 19A2
Sutton-Valence; Kent 67C5
Sutton-Veney; Wilts. 62H5
Sutton-Waldron; Dorset. 75C2
Swaby; Lincs. 29C3
Swaffham; Norf. 41C3
Swaffham-Bulbeck; Cambs. 54E1
Swaffham-Prior; Cambs. 54E1
Swafield; Norf. 42H1
Swainsthorpe; Norf. 42G3
Swainswick; Som. 62F3
Swalcliffe; Oxon. 51A3
Swalecliffe; Kent 68G3
Swallow; Lincs. 20E6
Swallowcliffe; Wilts. 76E1
Swallowfield; Berks. 65A4
Swanage; Dorset. 76F5
Swanbourne; Bucks. 52E4
Swannington; Norf. 42G2
Swanscombe; Kent 67B3
Swansea; Glams. 59C1
Swanton-Abbot; Norf. 42H1
Swanton-Morley; Norf. 42F2
Swanton-Novers; Norf. 31B6
Swarby; Lincs. 28G6
Swardeston; Norf. 42G3
Swarkeston; Derby. 38E1
Swarraton; Hamps. 64G6
Swaton; Lincs. 29A6
Swavesey; Cambs. 40G6
Swayfield; Lincs. 39C2
Sweffling; Suff. 56E1
Swell; Som. 74F1
Swell, Nether; Gloucs. 50G4
Swell, Upper; Gloucs. 50G4
Swepston; Leics. 38F3
Swerford; Oxon. 51A4
Swettenham; Ches. 25C4
Swilland; Suff. 55C2
Swillington; Yorks. 18E4
Swimbridge; Devon. 59C6
Swinbrook; Oxon. 10H5
Swinderby; Lincs. 28F4
Swindon; Gloucs. 49D4
Swindon; Wilts. 63C2
Swine; Yorks. 19A5
Swineshead; Lincs. 39D6
Swinfleet; Yorks. 19B4
Swinford; Leics. 38E5
Swinford, Old; Worcs. 36H5
Swingfield; Kent 68G5
Swinhope; Lincs. 29B1
Swinnerton; Staffs. 25C6
Swinstead; Lincs. 29B6
Swinton; Lancs. 27B1
Swithland; Leics. 38G2
Swyncombe; Oxon. 64H1
Swynched; Beds. 39C6
Swyre; Dorset. 74H4
Syde; Gloucs. 49D5
Sydenham; Oxon. 52E6
Sydenham-Damersel; Devon. 72E5
Syderstone; Norf. 30G6
Sydling; Dorset. 75C4
Syerston; Notts. 28E5
Sykehouse; Yorks. 18G5
Syleham; Suff. 42G5
Symondsbury; Dorset. 74G4
Syresham; Nhant. 51C3
Syston; Leics. 38G2
Syston; Lincs. 28F6
Sywell; Nhant. 52F1


Tackley; Oxon. 51B5
Tacolneston; Norf. 42G4
Tadcaster; Yorks. 18F3
Taddington; Derby. 26F3
Tadley; Hamps. 64G4
Tadlow; Cambs. 53B2
Tadmarton; Oxon. 51A3
Taf-Fechan; Brecon 47
Takeley; Essex 54E4
Talachddu; Brecon 47
Talaton; Devon. 73C3
Talbenny; Pembs. 44G5
Talgarth; Brecon 47D3
Talk-o’-th’-Hill; Staffs. 25C5
Talliaris; Carms. 46
Talland; Corn. 84G2
Talley; Carms. 46G3
Tallington; Lincs. 39D3
Talyllyn; Merion. 33C3
Tamerton-Foliot; Devon. 85B2
Tamerton, North; Corn. 71C3
Tamworth; Staffs. 37C3
Tandridge; Surr. 66G5
Tanfield; Durham 6G5
Tanfield, West; Yorks. 11D5
Tangley; Hamps. 64E4
Tangmere; Suss. 78F3
Tankersley; Yorks. 27A1
Tannington; Suff. 42G6
Tansor; Nhant. 39C4
Tanworth; Warws. 37B6
Taplow; Bucks. 65C2
Tardebigge; Worcs. 36H6
Tarleton; Lancs. 15C5
Tarporley; Ches. 24H4
Tarrant-Crawford; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Gunville; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Hinton; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Keynston; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Monckton; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Rawston; Dorset. 75D3
Tarrant-Rushton; Dorset. 75D3
Tarring-Neville; Suss. 79D4
Tarring, West; Suss. 79A4
Tarrington; Herefs. 49A3
Tarvin; Ches. 24G4
Tasburgh; Norf. 42G4
Tasley; Shrops. 36F4
Tatenhill; Staffs. 37C2
Tatham; Lancs. 10E6
Tatham-Fell; Lancs. 16F1
Tathwell; Lincs. 29B2
Tatsfield; Surr. 66G4
Tattenhall; Ches. 24G4
Tattenhoe; Bucks. 52E3
Tatterford; Norf. 41D1
Tatterset; Norf. 41D1
Tattershall; Lincs. 29A4
Tattingstone; Suff. 55C3
Taunton; Som. 74E1
Taverham; Norf. 42G2
Tavistock; Devon. 72E5
Tavy, St. Mary; Devon. 72F5
Tavy, St. Peter; Devon. 72F5
Tawstock; Devon. 59B6
Tawton, North; Devon. 72G3
Tawton, South; Devon. 72G4
Taxall; Ches. 26E2
Taynton; Gloucs. 49B4
Taynton; Oxon. 50G5
Tealby; Lincs. 29A2
Teath, St.; Corn. 71A4
Tedburn; Devon. 73A4
Teddington; Middx. 66E3
Teddington; Worcs. 50F3
Tedstone-de-la-Mere; Herefs. 49B1
Tedstone-Wafer; Herefs. 49B1
Tedstone-Wafer; Herefs. 49B1
Teffont-Ewyas; Wilts. 76E1
Teffont-Magna; Wilts. 76E1
Teigh; Rutlds. 39B2
Teignmouth, East; Devon. 73B6
Teignmouth, West; Devon. 73B6
Teignton, King’s; Devon. 86E2
Teigngrace; Devon. 73A6
Tellisford; Som. 62G4
Telscombe; Suss. 79C4
Templeton; Devon. 73B2
Tempsford; Beds. 52H2
Tenbury; Worcs. 35D6
Tenby; Pembs. 45B6
Tendring; Essex 55C4
Tenterden; Kent 67D6
Terling; Essex 54G5
Terrington; Yorks. 12H6
Terrington, St. Clement; Norf. 41A2
Terrington, St. John; Norf. 40H2
Terwick; Suss. 78E2
Teston; Kent 67B5
Tetbury; Gloucs. 62G1
Tetcott; Devon. 71D3
Tetford; Lincs. 29C3
Tetney; Lincs. 20F6
Tetsworth; Oxon. 51D6
Tettenhall-Regis; Staffs. 36G3
Tetworth; Hunts. 53B2
Teversail; Notts. 27B4
Teversham; Cambs. 53D1
Tew, Great; Oxon. 51A4
Tewin; Herts. 53B5
Tewkesbury; Gloucs. 49D4
Tey, Great; Essex 54H4
Tey, Little; Essex 54H4
Tey, Marks; Essex 54H4
Teynham; Kent 68E4
Thakeham; Suss. 78H2
Thame; Oxon. 51D6
Thanet, Isle of; Kent 69A4
Thanington; Kent 68G4
Tharston; Norf. 42G4
Thatcham; Berks. 64F3
Thaxted; Essex 54F4
Theberton; Suff. 56F1
Theddingworth; Leics. 38G5
Theddlethorpe, All Saints; Lincs. 29D2
Theddlethorpe, St.Helen; Lincs. 29D2
Thelbridge; Devon. 72H2
Thelnetham; Suff. 42F5
Thelveton; Norf. 42G5
Thelwall; Ches. 25B2
Themelthorpe; Norf. 42F1
Thenford; Nhant. 51B3
Therfield; Herts. 53B3
Thetford; Cambs. 41A5
Thetford; Norf. 41D5
Theydon-Bois; Essex 53D6
Theydon-Garnon; Essex 53D6
Theydon-Mount; Essex 53D6
Thimbleby; Lincs. 29B3
Thirkleby; Yorks. 12F6
Thirne; Norf. 43A2
Thirsk; Yorks. 12F5
Thistleton; Rutlds. 39B2
Thockrington; Nhumb. 5D3
Thomas, St., the Apostle; Corn. 73B4
Thompson; Norf. 42E4
Thompson Winter-Bourne; Dorset. 75C4
Thoresby, North; Lincs. 29B1
Thoresby, South; Lincs. 29C3
Thoresway; Lincs. 29A1
Thorganby; Lincs. 29B1
Thorganby; Yorks. 18H3
Thorington; Suff. 43B6
Thorington; Essex 55B5
Thorley (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77A5
Thorley; Herts. 53C6
Thormanby; Yorks. 12F6
Thornage; Norf. 31B6
Thornborough; Bucks. 52E3
Thornbury; Devon. 72E3
Thornbury; Gloucs. 62E1
Thornbury; Herefs. 49A1
Thornby; Nhant. 38H5
Thorncombe; Dorset. 74F3
Thorndon; Suff. 42G6
Thorne; Yorks. 18H5
Thorne-Coffin; Som. 74H2
Thorne-Falcon; Som. 74F1
Thorne, St. Margaret; Som. 73C2
Thorner; Yorks. 18E3
Thorney-Abbey; Cambs. 40F3
Thorney; Notts. 28F3
Thorney, West; Suss. 78E4
Thornford; Dorset. 75A3
Thornham; Kent 67C4
Thornham; Norf. 30G5
Thornham-Magna; Suff. 42F6
Thornham Little; Suff. 42F6
Thornhaugh; Nhant. 39D3
Thornhill; Yorks. 17C5
Thornthwaite; Cumb. 9A1
Thornthwaite; Yorks. 17C2
Thornton; Bucks. 52E3
Thornton; Leics. 38F3
Thornton; Lincs. 29B3
Thornton; Yorks. 19A3
Thornton-in-Craven; Yorks. 16H2
Thornton-Curtis; Lincs. 19D5
Thornton-Dale; Yorks. 10F6
Thornton-in-Lonsdale; Yorks. 10F6
Thornton-in-the-Moors; Ches. 24G3
Thornton-le-Moor; Lincs. 28G1
Thornton-le-Street; Yorks. 12E5
Thornton-Steward; Yorks. 11C5
Thornton-Watlass; Yorks. 11C5
Thoroton; Notts. 28E6
Thorp-Acre; Leics. 38F2
Thorp-Arch; Yorks. 18F3
Thorpe-Yorks. 27D5
Thorpe; Derby. 26G5
Thorpe; Norf. 43B4
Thorpe; Surr. 65C3
Thorpe, Abbots; Norf. 42G5
Thorpe, Achurch; Nhant. 39C5
Thorpe-Arnold; Leics. 39A2
Thorpe-Bassett; Yorks. 13B6
Thorpe-by-Ixworth; Suff. 42E6
Thorpe-by-Newark; Notts. 28E5
Thorpe-Canstantine; Staff. 37C3
Thorpe-le-Soken; Essex 55C4
Thorpe, Little; Norf. 42G5
Thorpe-Malsor; Nhant. 39B5
Thorpe-Mandeville; Nhant. 51B2
Thorpe-Market; Norf. 31C6
Thorpe-Morieux; Suff. 55A2
Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe; Norf. 43B4
Thorpe-on-Hill; Lincs. 28F4
Thorpe, St. Peter; Lincs. 29D4
Thorpe-Salvin; Yorks. 27B3
Thorverton; Devon. 73B3
Thrandeston; Suff. 42F5
Thrapston; Nhant. 39C5
Threckingham; Lincs. 28H6
Threlkeld; Cumb. 9B2
Threxton; Norf. 41D3
Thribergh; Yorks. 27B1
Thrigby; Norf. 43B3
Thrimby; Westmd. 9D2
Thriplow; Cambs. 53D2
Throcking; Herts. 53B4
Throckmorton; Worcs. 50F2
Throwleigh; Devon. 72G4
Throwley; Kent 68E4
Thrumpton; Notts. 38F1
Thrushelton; Devon. 72E4
Thrussington; Leics. 38G2
Thruxton; Hamps. 63D5
Thruxton; Herefs. 48G3
Thunderley; Essex 54E3
Thundersley; Essex 67C2
Thundridge; Herts. 53C5
Thurcaston; Leics. 38G3
Thurgarton; Norf. 31C6
Thurgarton; Notts. 28E5
Thurlaston; Leics. 38F4
Thurlbear; Som. 74F2
Thurlby, near Newark; Lincs. 28F4
Thurlby, near Bourne; Lincs. 40E2
Thurleigh; Beds. 52H1
Thurlestone; Devon. 85C3
Thurlow, Great; Suff. 54F2
Thurlow, Little; Suff. 54F2
Thurloxton; Som. 74F1
Thurlton; Norf. 43B4
Thurlton; Suff. 55C2
Thurmaston, South; Leics. 38G3
Thurnby; Leics. 38G3
Thurning; Hunts. and Nhant. 40E5
Thurning; Norf. 42F1
Thurnscoe; Yorks. 18F6
Thurrock, Grays; Essex 67A3
Thurrock, Little; Essex 67B3
Thurrock, West; Essex 67A3
Thursby; Cumb. 4F5
Thursford; Norf. 31A6
Thursley; Surr. 65B6
Thurstaston; Ches. 24E2
Thurston; Suff. 55A1
Thurtqn; Norf. 43A4
Thuxton; Norf. 42F3
Thwaite, All Saints; Norf. 42F6
Thwaite, St. Mary; Norf. 42G1
Thwaite, St. George; Suff. 42F6
Thwaites; Cumb. 8H5
Thwing; Yorks. 13C6
Tibbenham; Norf. 42G4
Tibberton; Gloucs. 49D2, 49B4
Tibberton; Worcs. 49D2
Tibberton; Shrops. 36F2
Tiberton; Herefs. 48F3
Tibshelf; Derby. 27B4
Ticehurst; Suss. 80F1
Tichbourne; Hamps. 77C1
Tickencote; Rutlds. 39C3
Tickenhall; Derby. 38E1
Tickenham; Som. 61C3
Tickhill; Yorks. 27C2
Tidcombe; Wilts. 64E4
Tidenham; Gloucs. 61D1
Tideswell; Derby. 26F3
Tidmarsh; Berks. 64G3
Tidmington; Worcs. 50G3
Tidworth, North; Wilts. 63C5
Tidworth, South; Hamps. 63C5
Tiffield; Nhant. 52E2
Tilbrook; Beds. 39C6
Tilbury, East; Essex 67B3
Tilbury-juxta-Clare; Essex 54G3
Tilbury, West; Essex 67B3
Tilehurst; Berks. 64H3
Tillingham; Essex 55A6
Tillington; Suss. 78G2
Tilmanstone; Kent 68H5
Tilney, All Saints; Norf. 41A2
Tilney, St. Lawrence; Norf. 41A2
Tilshead; Wilts. 63B5
Tilstock; Shrops. 24H6
Tilston; Ches. 24G5
Tilsworth; Beds. 52G4
Tilton-on-the-Hill; Leics. 38H3
Tilty; Essex 54E4
Timberland; Lincs. 28H4
Timberscombe; Som. 60F5
Timsbury; Hamps. 62F4
Timsbury; Som. 62F4
Timworth; Suff. 41D6
Tincleton; Dorset. 75B4
Tingewick; Bucks. 51D3
Tingrith; Beds. 52G3
Tinsley; Yorks. 27A2
Tintagel; Corn. 71A4
Tintern, Parva; Monms. 48H6
Tintinhull; Som. 74G4
Tinwell; Rutlds. 39C3
Tipton; Staffs. 37A4
Tirley; Gloucs. 49C4
Tisbury; Wilts. 75D1
Tissington; Derby. 26G5
Tisted, East; Hamps. 64H6
Tisted, West; Hamps. 77C1
Titchfield; Hamps. 77C3
Titchmarsh; Nhant. 39C5
Titchwell; Norf. 30G5
Titley; Herefs. 48F1
Titsey; Surr. 66G4
Tittleshall; Norf. 41D2
Tiverton; Devon. 73B2
Tivetshall, St. Mary; Norf. 42G5
Tivetshall, St. Margaret; Norf. 42G4
Tixall; Staffs. 37A2
Tixover; Rutlds. 39C4
Tockenham; Wilts. 63B2
Todbere; Dorset. 75C2
Toddington; Beds. 52G4
Toddington; Gloucs. 10F3
Todenham; Gloucs. 50G3
Todmorden; Lancs. 16H4
Todwick; Yorks. 27B2
Toft; Cambs. 53C2
Toft, Monk’s; Norf. 43B4
Toft-next-Newton; Lincs. 28G2
Toftrees; Norf. 41D1
Tofts, West; Norf. 41C4
Tolland; Som. 60E6
Tollard-Royal; Wilts. 75D2
Toller-Fratrum; Dorset. 75A4
Toller-Porcorum; Dorset. 74H3
Tollerton; Notts. 27C6
Tollesbury; Essex 55A6
Tolleshunt-d’Arcy; Essex 55A5
Tolleshunt-Knights; Essex 55A6
Tolleshunt-Major; Essex 54H5
Tolpuddle; Dorset. 75C4
Tonbridge; Kent 67A5
Tong; Shrops. 36G3
Tong; Yorks. 16F6
Tonge; Kent 68E4
Tooting-Graveney; Surr. 66F3
Topcliffe; Yorks. 12E6
Topcroft; Norf. 42H4
Toppesfield; Essex 54G3
Topsham; Devon. 73B4
Torbrian; Devon. 85D1
Torksey; Lincs. 28F3
Tormarton; Gloucs. 62G2
Tormohun; Devon. 73B6
Torpenhow; Cumb. 3D6
Torrington, Black; Devon. 72E3
Torrington, East; Lincs. 29A2
Torrington, Great; Devon. 72F2
Torrington, Little; Devon. 72F2
Torrington, West; Lincs. 29A2
Tortington; Suss. 78G3
Tortworth; Gloucs. 62F1
Torver; Lancs. 9B4
Toseland; Hunts. 53B1
Tossett (or Tosside); Yorks. 16G2
Tostock; Suff. 55A1
Totham, Great; Essex 54H5
Totham, Little; Essex 54H5
Tothill; Lincs. 29C2
Totnes; Devon. 85D2
Tottenham; Middx. 66G1
Tottenhill; Norf. 41B2
Totteridge; Herts. 66F1
Totternhoe; Beds. 52G4
Tottington; Norf. 41D4
Tottington; Lancs. 16F5
Towcester; Nhant. 51D2
Towednack; Corn. 82G3
Towersey; Bucks. 52E6
Townstall; Devon. 86F2
Towyn; Merion. 33B3
Toxteth Park; Lancs. 24F2
Toynton, All Saints; Lincs. 29C4
Toynton, St. Peter; Lincs. 29C4
Toynton, High; Lincs. 29B3
Toynton, Low; Lincs. 29B3
Trallong; Brecon 47B4
Trawsfynydd; Merion. 22G6
Tredington; Gloucs. 49D4
Tredington; Worcs. 50G3
Tredunnock; Monms. 61B1
Treeton; Yorks. 27B2
Tref-draeth; Angl. 22E3
Tref-Eglwys; Montg. 34F4
Trefgarn, Great; Pembs. 44H4
Trefilan; Cards. 46F1
Trefllys; Caerns. 22F6
Trefriw; Caerns. 23A4
Tregaion; Angl. 22E2
Tregare; Monms. 48G5
Tregaron; Cards. 46G1
Tregony; Corn. 83D3
Tregynon; Montg. 34G4
Trelech-ar-Bettws; Carms. 45C4
Trelleck; Monms. 48G6
Trelleck-Grange; Monms. 48G6
Tremaen; Cards. 45C2
Tremaine; Corn. 71C4
Tremeirchion; Flint 23C3
Treneglos; Corn. 71C4
Trent; Som. 75A2
Trentham; Staffs. 25C6
Trentishoe; Devon. 59C5
Tresmere; Corn. 71C4
Treswell; Notts. 28E3
Tretire; Herefs. 48G4
Trevalga; Corn. 71B4
Trevethin; Monms. 48F6
Trewalchmai; Angl. 22E3
Trewen; Corn. 71C4
Treyford; Suss. 78F2
Trimdon; Durham 12E1
Trimingham; Norf. 31D6
Trimley, St. Martin; Suff. 55D3
Trimley, St. Mary; Suff. 55D3
Tring; Herts. 52G5
Troedyraur; Cards. 45D3
Troston; Suff. 41D6
Trostrey; Monms. 48F6
Trottiscliffe; Kent 67B4
Trotton; Suss. 78F2
Troutbeck; Westmd. 9C3
Trowbridge; Wilts. 62G4
Trowell; Notts. 27B6
Trowse; Norf. 42G3
Trull; Som. 74E1
Trumpington; Cambs. 53D2
Trunch; Norf. 31D6
Truro; Corn. 83C3
Trusham; Devon. 73A5
Trusley; Derby. 26G6
Trusthorpe; Lincs. 29D2
Tryddin; Flint 24E4
Trysull; Staffs. 36G4
Tuddenham, St. Martin; Suff. 55C2
Tuddenham, St. Mary; Suff. 63C4
Tuddenham, East; Norf. 42F2
Tuddenham, North; Norf. 42F2
Tudeley; Kent 67B5
Tudy, St.; Corn. 71A4
Tufton; Hamps. 64F5
Tugby; Leics. 38H3
Tugford; Shrops. 35D5
Tunstall; Kent 67D4
Tunstall; Lancs. 25C5
Tunstall; Norf. 43B3
Tunstall; Suff. 56E2
Tunstall-in-Holderness; Yorks. 20F4
Tunstead; Norf. 42H2
Tunworth; Hamps. 64H5
Tupholme; Lincs. 28H2
Turkdean; Gloucs. 50F5
Turnastone; Herefs. 48F3
Turnditch; Derby. 27A5
Turnerspuddle; Dorset. 75C4
Turnworth; Dorset. 75C3
Turvey; Beds. 52G2
Turville; Bucks. 65A1
Turweston; Bucks. 51C3
Tutbury; Staffs. 37C1
Tuttington; Norf. 42G1
Tuxford; Notts. 28E3
Tweedmouth; Nhumb. 2E2
Twerton-on-Avon; Som. 62F3
Twickenham; Middx. 66E3
Twineham; Suss. 79B2
Twining; Gloucs. 49C3
Twinnel, St., Pembs. 57D1
Twinstead; Essex 54H3
Twitchen; Devon. 72H1
Twycross; Leics. 38E3
Twyford; Bucks. 51C4
Twyford; Derby. 38E1
Twyford; Leics. 38H3
Twyford; Norf. 42F1
Twyford; Hamps. 77B2
Twyford Abbey; Middx. 66E2
Twywell; Nhant. 39C5
Tydd, St. Giles; Cambs. 40G2
Tydd, St. Mary; Lincs. 40G2
Tydweiliog; Caerns. 21C6
Tyneham; Dorset. 75C5
Tynemouth; Nhumb. 7A3
Tyringham; Bucks. 52F2
Tysoe; Warws. 51A2
Tythby; Notts. 27D6
Tythegston; Glams. 60E2
Tytherington; Gloucs. 62F2
Tytherley, East; Hamps. 76Hl
Tytherley, West; Hamps. 76Hl
Tytherton; Wilts. 63A3
Tywardreath; Corn. 84F2


Ubbeston; Suff. 43A6
Ubley; Som. 62E4
Uckfield; Suss. 79D2
Udimore; Suss. 80H2
Uffculme; Devon. 73C2
Uffington; Berks. 63D2
Uffington; Lincs. 39D3
Uffington; Shrops. 35D2
Ufford; Nhant. 39D3
Ufford; Suff. 55D2
Ufton; Warws. 51A1
Ufton-Nervett; Berks. 64G3
Ugborough; Devon. 85C2
Uggeshall; Suff. 43A5
Ugglebarnby; Yorks. 13B3
Ugley (or Oakley); Essex 54E4
Ulceby (Alford); Lincs. 29C3
Ulceby; Lincs. 20E5
Ulcombe; Kent 67D5
Uldale; Cumb. 4E6
Uley; Gloucs. 49C6
Ulgham; Nhumb. 6G1
Ullingswick; Herefs. 48H2
Ulpha; Cumb. 9A4
Ulrome; Yorks. 20E2
Ulting; Essex 54G5
Ulverstone; Lancs. 9B5
Underbarrow; Westmd. 9C4
Undy; Monms. 61C2
Unsworth; Lancs. 16C6
Upavon; Wilts. 63B4
Upchurch; Kent 67C3
Upham; Hamps. 77C2
Uphill; Som. 61B4
Upholland; Lancs. 15D6
Upleadon; Gloucs. 49B4
Upleatham; Yorks. 12G2
Uplowman; Devon. 73C2
Uplyme; Devon. 74F4
Upminster; Essex 67A2
Uppingham; Rutlds. 39B4
Uppington; Shrops. 36E3
Upton; Berks. 64F2
Upton; Bucks. 52E1
Upton (or Overchurch); Ches. 24E2
Upton; Hunts. 40E5
Upton; Lincs. 28F2
Upton; Norf. 43A3
Upton; Nhant. 40E5
Upton; Notts. 28E5
Upton; Som. 73A3
Upton; Pembs. 45A6
Upton-Bishop; Herefs. 49B4
Upton-Cressett; Shrops. 36F4
Upton-Grey; Hamps. 64H5
Upton-Helions; Devon. 73A3
Upton-Lovel; Wilts. 63A6
Upton-Magna; Shrops. 35D3
Upton-Noble; Som. 62F6
Upton-Pyne; Devon. 73B4
Upton, St. Leonard; Gloucs. 49C5
Upton-Scudamore; Wilts. 62G5
Upton-Snodsbury; Worcs. 49D2
Upton-upon-Severn; Worcs. 49C3
Upton-Warren; Worcs. 36H6
Upton-Waters; Shrops. 36E2
Upwell; Cambs. and Norf. 40H3
Upwey; Dorset. 75B5
Upwood; Hunts. 40F5
Urchfont; Wilts. 63B4
Urswick; Lancs. 9A6
Usk; Monms. 48F6
Usselby; Lincs. 28H1
Utterby; Lincs. 29B1
Uttoxeter; Staffs. 37B1
Uxbridge; Middx. 65D2
Uzmaston; Pembs. 44H5


Vange; Essex 67B2
Vaynor; Brecon 47C5
Veep.St.; Corn. 84F2
Vernham; Hamps. 64E4
Veryan; Corn. 83C3
Virginstow; Devon. 71D3
Vowchurch; Herefs. 48F3


Waberthwaite; Cumb. 8G4
Wacton; Herefs. 49A2
Wacton-Magna; Norf. 42G4
Waddesdon; Bucks. 52E5
Waddington; Lincs. 28G4
Waddington; Yorks. 16F3
Waddingworth; Lincs. 29A3
Wadenhoe; Nhant. 39C5
Wadhurst; Suss. 80F1
Wadingham; Lincs. 28G1
Wadworth; Yorks. 27C1
Waghen; Yorks. 19D3
Wainfleet; Lincs. 29D4
Waithe; Lincs. 20F6
Wakefield; Yorks. 17D5
St. John; Yorks. 17D5
Wakering, Great; Essex 68E2
Wakering, Little; Essex 68E2
Wakerley; Nhant. 39C4
Walberswick; Suff. 43B6
Walberton; Suss. 78G3
Walcot; Lincs. 28H6
Walcot; Som. 62F3
Walcott; Norf. 43A1
Walden, King’s; Herts. 52H4
Walden; Herts. 53A4
Waldershare; Kent 69A5
Waldingfield, Great; Suff. 54H3
Waldingfield; Little; Suff. 55A3
Walditch; Dorset. 74G4
Waldringfield; Suff. 55A3
Waldron; Suss. 80E2
Wales; Yorks. 27B2
Walesby; Lincs. 29A2
Walesby; Notts. 28E3
Walford; Herefs. 48H4
Walgrave; Nhant. 39A6
Walkeringham; Notts. 27D2
Walkern; Herts. 53B4
Walkhampton; Devon. 85B1
Walkington; Yorks. 19C3
Wallasey; Ches. 24F1
Wallingford; Berks. 64G1
Wallington; Herts. 53B3
Wallington; Norf. 41B3
Wallop-Nether; Hamps. 64E6
Wallop-Over; Hamps. 63D6
Wallsend; Nhumb. 7A4
Walmer; Kent 69B5
Walmsgate; Lincs. 29C3
Walpole, St. Andrew; Norf. 41A2
Walpole, St. Peter; Norf. 41A2
Walpole; Suff. 43A6
Walsall; Staffs. 37A4
Walsgrave-on-Sowe; Warws. 38E5
Walsham-le-Willows; Suff. 42F6
Walsham, North; Norf. 42H1
Walsham, South; Norf. 43A2
Walsingham, Great; Norf. 31A6
Walsingham, Little; Norf. 31A6
Walsoken; Norf. 40H2
Walterstone; Herefs. 48F4
Waltham; Kent 68G5
Waltham; Lincs. 39A2
Waltham Abbey; Essex 66G1
Waltham, Bishops; Hamps. 77C2
Waltham, Bright; Berks. 64F2
Waltham, Cold; Suss. 78G2
Waltham, Great; Essex 54F5
Waltham; Berks. 65A3
Waltham, Little; Essex 54F5
Waltham, North; Hamps. 64G5
Waltham-on-the-Wolds-Leics. 39A2
Waltham-Up; Suss. 78G3
Waltham, White; Berks. 65B3
Walthamstow; Essex 66G1
Walton; Bucks. 52F3
Walton; Cumb. 4H4

Walton; Som. 61C6
Walton; Suff. 55D3
Walton; Yorks. 19C2
Walton-Cardiff; Gloucs. 49D4
Walton, East; Norf. 41C2
Walton, East; Pembs. 45A4
Walton-in-Gordano; Som. 61C3
Walton-le-Dale; Lancs. 15D4
Walton-le-Soken; Essex 55D5
Walton-on-the-Hill; Lancs. 24F1
Walton-on-the-Hill; Surr. 66F4
Walton-on-the-Wolds; Leics. 38G2
Walton-on-Thames; Surr. 65D4
Walton-on-Trent; Derby. 37C2
Walton, West; Norf. 40H2
Walton, West; Pembs. 40H2
Walton Wood; Hunts. 40F5
Walwyn’s Castle; Pembs. 44G5
Wambrook; Dorset. 74F3
Wanborough; Wilts. 63C2
Wanborough; Surr. 65C5
Wandsworth; Surr. 66F3
Wangford (near Brandon); Suff. 41C5
Wangford; Suff. 43B5
Wanlip; Leics. 38G3
Wansford; Nhant. 39D4
Wanstead; Essex 66G2
Wanstrow; Som. 62F5
Wantage; Berks. 64E2
Wantisden; Suff. 56E2
Wapley; Gloucs. 62F2
Wappenbury; Warws. 38E6
Wappenahm; Nhant. 51C2
Wapping; Middx. 66G2
Warbleton; Suss. 80F2
Warblington; Hamps. 77D3
Warborough; Oxon. 64G1
Warboys; Hunts. 40F5
Warbstow; Corn. 71C3
Warburton; Ches. 25B2
Warcop; Westmd. 10F3
Warden; Kent 68F3
Warden; Nhumb. 5D4
Warden, Chipping; Nhant. 51B2
Warden, Old; Beds. 53A3
Wardington; Oxon. 51B2
Wardley; Rutlds. 39B4
Ware; Herts. 53C5
Wareham; Dorset. 75D5
Warehorne; Kent 81B1
Waresley; Hunts. 53B2
Warfield; Berks. 65B3
Wargrave; Berks. 65A3
Warham, All Saints; Norf. 31A5
Warham; Norf. 31A5
Warkleigh; Devon. 72G1
Warkton; Nhant. 39B5
Warkworth; Nhant. 51B3
Warkworth; Nhumb. 2G6
Warleggan; Corn. 84F1
Warley, Great; Essex 67B2
Warley, Little; Essex 67B2
Warlingham; Surr. 66G4
Warmfield; Yorks. 18E5
Warmingham; Ches. 25B4
Warminghurst; Suss. 78H2
Warmington; Nhant. 39D4
Warmington; Warws. 51B2
Warminster; Wilts. 62G5
Warmsworth; Yorks. 27C1
Warmwell; Dorset. 75B5
Warmborough, South; Hamps. 64H5
Warndon; Worcs. 49C2
Warnford; Hamps. 77C2
Warnham; Suss. 66E6
Warpsgrove; Oxon. 51D6
Warren; Pembs. 44G6
Warrington; Lancs. 24H2
Warslow; Staffs. 26G4
Warsop; Notts. 27C4
Warter; Yorks. 19B2
Warthill; Yorks. 18H2
Wartling; Suss. 80F3
Wartnaby; Leics. 38H2
Warton (near Lytham); Lancs. 15C4
Warton; Lancs. 15C4
Warwick; Cumb. 4G5
Warwick, St. Mary; Warws. 50G1
Warwick, St. Nicholas; Warws. 50G1
Wasdale, Nether; Cumb. 8H3
Wasdale-Head; Cumb. 8H3
Washbourn, Great; Gloucs. 50E3
Washbrook; Suff. 55B3
Washfield; Devon. 73B2
Washford-Pyne; Devon. 73A2
Washingborough; Lincs. 28G3
Washington; Durham 6H4
Washington; Suss. 78H3
Wasing; Berks. 64G3
Wasperton; Warws. 50H1
Waterbeach; Cambs. 40H6
Waterden; Norf. 30H6
Waterfall; Staffs. 26F5
Wateringbury; Kent 67B5
Watermillock; Cumb. 9C2
Waterperry; Oxon. 51C6
Waterstock; Oxon. 51C6
Watford; Herts. 66E1
Watford; Nhant. 38G6
Wath; Yorks. 17C1
Wath-on-Dearne; Yorks. 27B1
Watlington; Norf. 41B3
Watlington; Oxon. 64H1
Wattisfield; Suff. 42F5
Wattisham; Suff. 55B2
Watton; Herts. 53B5
Watton; Norf. 42E3
Watton; Yorks. 19C2
Wavendon; Bucks. 52F3
Waverton; Ches. 24G4
Wavertree; Lancs. 24F2
Waxham; Norf. 43B1
Wayford; Som. 74G3
Weald, North; Essex 53D6
Weald, South; Essex 67A1
Weardale, St. John; Durham 5C6
Weare; Som. 61C5
Wear-Gifford; Devon. 72E1
Wearmouth, Bishop; Durham 7A4
Wearmouth, Monk; Durham 7A4
Weasenham, All Saints, St. Peter; Norf. 41D2
Weaverham; Ches. 25A3
Weaverthorpe; Yorks. 13C6
Weddington; Warws. 38E4
Wedmore; Som. 61C5
Wednesbury; Staffs. 37A4
Wednesfield; Staffs. 36H3
Weedon-Bee; Nhant. 51C1
Weedon Loisl Nhant. 51C2
Weeford; Staffs. 37B3
Week; Devon. 77B1
Week St. Mary; Corn. 71C3
Weeke; Hamps. 65A6
Weekley; Nhant. 39B5
Weeley; Essex 55C4
Weethley; Warws. 50F2
Weeting; Norf. 41C4
Weighton, Market; Yorks. 19B3
Welborne; Norf. 42F3
Welbourn; Lincs. 28G4
Welbury; Yorks. 12E4
Welby; Lincs. 28G6
Welcombe; Devon. 71C2
Weldon, Great; Nhant. 39C4
Welford; Berks. 64F3
Welford; Nhant. 38G5
Welford; Gloucs. 50F2
Welham; Leics. 39A4
Well; Lincs. 29C3
Well; Yorks. 15D5
Welland; Worcs. 49C3
Wellesbourne; Warws. 50G2
Wellingborough; Nhant. 39B6
Wellingham; Norf. 41D2
Wellingore; Lincs. 28G4
Wellington; Herefs. 48G2
Wellington; Shrops. 36F2
Wellington; Som. 73D2
Wellow; Hamps. 76H2
Wellow; Notts. 27D4
Wellow; Som. 62F4
Wells; Norf. 31A5
Wells; Som. 61D5
Wells Cathedral; Som. 61D5
Welney; Norf. 40H4
Welshampton; Shrops. 24G6
Welshpool; Montg. 35A3
Welton; Lincs. 29D3
Welton; Nhant. 38G6
Welton; Yorks. 19C4
Welton-in-the-Marsh; Lincs. 28G2
Welton-le-Wold; Lincs. 29B2
Welwick; Yorks. 20G5
Welwyn; Herts. 53B5
Wem; Shrops. 35D1
Wembdon; Som. 61B6
Wembury; Devon. 85B3
Wembworthy; Devon. 72F2
Wendlebury; Oxon. 51C5
Wendling; Norf. 42E2
Wendens-Ambo; Essex 53D3
Wenden-Lofts; Essex 53D3
Wendover; Bucks. 52F5
Wendron; Corn. 83B4
Wendy; Cambs. 53C2
Wenham, Great; Suff. 55B3
Wenham, Little; Suff. 55B3
Wenhaston; Suff. 43B6
Wenlock, Little; Shrops. 36F3
Wenlock, Much; Shrops. 36E3
Wenn, St.; Corn. 70H6
Wennington; Essex 67A2
Wensley; Yorks. 11B4
Wentloog; Monms. 61B2
Wentnor; Shrops. 35B4
Wentworth; Cambs. 40H5
Wentworth; Yorks. 27A1
Wenvoe; Glams. 60G3
Weobley; Herefs. 48G2
Weonard’s, St.; Herefs. 48G4
Wereham; Norf. 41B3
Werrington; Devon. 71D4
Westacre; Norf. 41C2
Westbere; Kent 68G4
Westborough; Lincs. 28F5
Westbourne; Suss. 78E3
Westbury; Bucks. 51C3
Westbury; Shrops. 35B3
Westbury; Som. 61C5
Westbury; Wilts. 62G5
Wesbury-on-Severn; Gloucs. 49B5
Westbury-on-Trym; Gloucs. 61D3
Westcote; Gloucs. 50G4
Westerdale; Yorks. 12H3
Westerfield; Suff. 55C2
Westerham; Kent 66H4
Westerleigh; Gloucs. 62F2
Westfield; Norf. 42E2
Westfield; Suss. 80G3
Westhall; Suff. 43A5
Westham; Suss. 80F3
Westhampnet; Suss. 78F3
Westhide; Herefs. 48H2
Westhorpe; Suff. 42F6
Westhoughton; Lancs. 16E6
Westleton; Suff. 43B6
Westley; Suff. 54F1
Westley-Waterless; Cambs. 54F1
Westmeston; Suss. 79C3
Westmill; Herts. 53B4
Weston; Herts. 49A4
Weston; Lincs. 40F1
Weston; Norf. 42F2
Weston; Notts. 28E3
Weston; Som. 61B4
Weston; Suff. 43B5
Weston; Yorks. 17C3
Weston-Bampfylde; Som. 75A2
Weston-Beggard; Herefs. 48H3
Weston-Birt; Gloucs. 62G1
Weston-by-Welland; Nhant. 38A4
Weston, Cold; Shrops. 35D5
Weston-Colville; Cambs. 54F2
Weston-Coney; Suff. 42E5
Weston-Favell; Nhant. 52E1
Weston-in-Gordano; Som. 61C3
Weston-Market; Suff. 42E5
Weston, Old; Hunts. 40E6
Weston-on-Avon; Gloucs. and Warws. 10G2
Weston-on-the-Green; Oxon. 51C5
Weston-on-Trent; Derby. 38F1
Weston-on-Trent; Staffs. 36Hl
Weston-Patrick; Hamps. 64H5
Weston, South; Oxon. 64H1
Weston-sub-Edge; Gloucs. 50F3
Weston-super-Mare; Som. 61C4
Weston-Turville; Bucks. 52F5
Weston-under-Lyziard; Staffs. 36G3
Weston-under-Penyard; Herefs. 49A4
Weston-under-Weatherley; Warws. 38E6
Weston-Underwood; Bucks. 52F2
Weston-Zoyland; Som. 61B6
Westoning; Beds. 52G3
Westow; Yorks. 18H1
Westport; Wilts. 62H1
Westward; Cumb. 4E5
Westwell; Kent 68E5
Westwell; Oxon. 50G5
Westwick; Norf. 42H1
Westwood; Wilts. 62G4
Wetherall; Cumb. 4G5
Wetherby; Yorks. 18F2
Wetherden; Suff. 55B1
Wetheringsett; Suff. 42G6
Wethersfield; Essex 54F4
Wetton; Staffs. 26F4
Wetwang; Yorks. 19C1
Wexham; Bucks. 65C2
Weybourne; Norf. 31B5
Weybread; Suff. 42G5
Weybridge; Surr. 65D4
Weyhill; Hamps. 63D5
Whaddon; Bucks. 52E3
Whaddon; Cambs. 53C2
Whaddon; Gloucs. 49C5
Whaddon; Wilts. 62G4
Whalley; Lancs. 16F3
Whalton; Nhumb. 6F2
Whaplode; Lincs. 40G1
Whaplode-Drove; Lincs. 40F2
Wharram-le-Street; Yorks. 19B1
Wharram-Percy; Yorks. 19B1
Whatcote; Warws. 50H2
Whatfield; Suff. 55B2
Whatley; Som. 62F5
Whatlington; Suss. 80G2
Whatton-in-the-Vale; Notts. 27D6
Whatton, Long; Leics. 38F2
Wheatacre; Norf. 43B4
Wheatacre-Burgh; Norf. 43B4
Wheatenhurst or Whitminster; Gloucs. 49B5
Wheatfield; Oxon. 51D6
Wheathampstead; Herts. 53A5
Wheathill; Shrops. 36E5
Wheatley, North; Notts. 28E2
Wheatley, South; Notts. 28E2
Wheldrake; Yorks. 18H3
Whelnetham, Great; Suff. 54H1
Whelnetham, Little; Suff. 54H1
Whelpington, Kirk; Nhumb. 6E2
Whenby; Yorks. 12F6
Whepstead; Suff. 54G1
Wherstead; Suff. 55C3
Wherwell; Hamps. 64E5
Whetstone; Leics. 38G4
Whicham; Cumb. 8H5
Whichford; Warws. 50H3
Whickham; Durham 6G4
Whilton; Nhant. 38G6
Whimple; Devon. 73C4
Whinbergh; Norf. 42F3
Whippingham; Hamps. 77B4
Whipsnade; Beds. 52G5
Whissendine; Rutlds. 39B2
Whissonsett; Norf. 42E1
Whiston; Nhant. 52F1
Whiston; Yorks. 27B2
Whitacre-Nether; Warws. 37C4
Whitacre-Over; Warws. 37C4
Whitbeck; Cumb. 8H5
Whitbourne; Herefs. 49B2
Whitburn; Durham 7A4
Whitby; Yorks. 13B3
Whitchurch; Bucks. 52E4
Whitchurch; Devon. 85B1
Whitchurch; Hamps. 64F5
Whitchurch; Herefs. 48H5
Whitchurch; Oxon. 64G2
Whitchurch; Shrops. 24H6
Whitchurch; Som. 60H2
Whitchurch; Pembs. 44F4
Whitchurch; Warws. 50G2
Whitcombe; Dorset. 75B5
Whitechurch-Canonicorum; Dorset. 74G4
Whitechapel; Lancs. 15D3
Whitechurch; Pembs. 45B3
Whitegate; Ches. 25A1
Whitehaven; Cumb. 8F2
Whiteparish; Wilts. 76G2
Whitfield; Kent 69A5
Whitfield; Nhant. 51C3
Whitfield; Nhumb. 5C4
Whitford; Flint 23D3
Whitgift; Yorks. 19B5
Whitkirk; Yorks. 18E4
Whitley; Nhumb. 6H3
Whitley, Lower; Ches. 25A3
Whitlingham; Norf. 42H3
Whitmore; Staffs. 36E6
Whitnash; Warws. 50G1
Whitney; Herefs. 48E2
Whitsbury; Hamps.and Wilts. 77B3
Whitstable; Kent 68G3
Whitstone; Corn. 73A4
Whitstone; Devon. 71C3
Whittering; Nhant. 39D3
Whittingham; Nhumb. 2F5
Whittington; Worcs. 10E6
Whittington; Derby. 27A3
Whittington; Gloucs. 50E4
Whittington; Lancs. 9E6
Whittington; Shrops. 35B1
Whittington; Staffs. 37C3
Whittlebury; Nhant. 52E2
Whittlesey; Cambs. 40F4
Whittlesford; Cambs. 53D2
Whitton; Lincs. 19B4
Whitton; Suff. 55C2
Whitton; Radnor 35B6
Whittonstall; Nhumb. 6F4
Whitwell; Derby. 27B3
Whitwell; Norf. 42F2
Whitwell; Rutlds. 39B3
Whitwell (Isle of Wight); Hamps. 77B6
Whitwick; Leics. 38F2
Whitworth; Durham 11C1
Whitworth; Lancs. 16G5
Whixall; Shrops. 35D1
Whixley; Yorks. 20F4
Whixoe (or Wixoe); Suff. 54F3
Whorlton; Durham 11B2
Whorlton-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12F4
Wibsey; Yorks. 17B4
Wichenford; Worcs. 49C1
Wichnor; Staffs. 37B2
Wick; Som. 61C4
Wick; Glams. 60F3
Wick; Gloucs. 50F2
Wick-near-Pershore; Worcs. 50E2
Wicken; Cambs. 41A6
Wicken; Nhant. 52E3
Wicken-Bonhunt; Essex 53D3
Wickenby; Lincs. 28H2
Wickersley; Yorks. 27B2
Wickford; Essex 67C1
Wickham; Essex 55D2
Wickham; Hamps. 77C3
Wickham, Child’s; Gloucs. 50F3
Wickham, East; Kent 66H2
Wickham, Market; Suff. 55D2
Wickham-Skeith; Suff. 42F6
Wickham, West; Cambs. 54F2
Wickham, West; Kent 66G4
Wickhambreaux; Kent 68G4
Wickhambrook; Suff. 54G2
Wickhamford; Worcs. 50F3
Wickhampton; Norf. 43B3
Wicklewood; Norf. 42F3
Wickmere; Norf. 42G1
Wickwar; Gloucs. 62F2
Widcombe; Som. 62F4
Widdecombe-in-the-Moor; Devon. 72G5
Widdington; Essex 54E4
Widdrington; Nhumb. 6G1
Widford; Essex 54F6
Widford; Gloucs. 50H5
Widford; Herts. 53C5
Widley; Hamps. 77C3
Widmerpool; Notts. 38G1
Widworthy; Devon. 74E3
Wield; Hamps. 64G6
Wigan; Lancs. 15D6
Wigborough, Great; Essex 55A5
Wigborough, Little; Essex 55A5
Wiggenhall, St.; Norf. 41B2
Wigginton; Oxon. 51A3
Wigginton; Yorks. 18E1
Wiggonholt; Suss. 78H2
Wighill; Yorks. 18F2
Wighton; Norf. 31A6
Wigmore; Herefs. 35C6
Wigston-Magna; Leics. 38G4
Wigtoft; Lincs. 29B6
Wigton; Cumb. 4E5
Wilbarston; Nhant. 39B5
Wilberfoss; Yorks. 19A2
Wilbraham, Great; Cambs. 54E1
Wilbraham, Little; Cambs. 54E1
Wilburton; Cambs. 40H5
Wilby; Norf. 42F4
Wilby; Nhant. 52F1
Wilby; Suff. 42G6
Wilcot; Wilts. 63C4
Wilcote; Oxon. 51A5
Wilerick; Monms. 61C2
Wilden; Beds. 52H2
Wilford; Notts. 27C4
Wilksby; Lincs. 29B4
Willand; Devon. 73C3
Willen; Bucks. 52F3
Willenhall; Staffs. 36H4
Willerby; Yorks. 13C5
Willersey; Gloucs. 50F3
Willesborough; Kent 68F5
Willesden; Middx. 66E2
Willesford; Wilts. 63C6
Willesley; Derby. 38E2
Willey; Shrops. 36F4
Willey; Warws. 38F5
Willian; Herts. 49B1
Willingale-Spain; Essex 54E6
Willingale-Doe; Essex 54E6
Willingdon; Suss. 80E4
Willingham; Cambs. 40G6
Willingham by Stowe; Lincs. 28F2
Willingham; Suff. 43B4
Willingham; Cambs. 40G6
Willingham-Cherry; Lancs. 28G3
Willingham, North; Lincs. 29A2
Willingham, South; Lincs. 29F2
Willington; Beds. 52H2
Willington; Derby. 37D1
Willisham; Suff. 55B2
Williton; Som. 60G5
Willoughby; Lincs. 29D3
Willoughby; Warws. 38F6
Willoughby-in-the-Wolds; Notts. 38G1
Willoughby, Silk; Lincs. 28H5
Willoughby-Waterless; Leics. 38G4
Willoughton; Lincs. 28F1
Wilmington; Kent 67A3
Wilmington; Suss. 80E4
Wilmslow; Ches. 25C3
Wilne; Derby. 27B6
Wilsford; Lincs. 28G5
Wilsford; Wilts. 63B4
Wilshampstead; Beds. 52H2
Wilsthorpe; Lincs. 39D2
Wilton; Norf. 41C4
Wilton; Som. 74E1
Wilton; Wilts. 76F1
Wilton; Yorks. 12G2
Wimbish; Essex 54E3
Wimbledon; Surr. 66F3
Wimborne, St. Giles; Dorset. 76F3
Wimborne-Minster; Dorset. 76F3
Wimbotsham; Norf. 41B3
Wimpole; Cambs. 53B1
Wincanton; Som. 75B1
Winceby; Lincs. 29B3
Winch, East; Norf. 41B2
Winch, West; Norf. 41B2
Winchcombe; Gloucs. 50E4
Winchelsea; Suss. 80H2
Winchendon, Nether; Bucks. 52E5
Winchendon, Over; Bucks. 52E5
Winchester; Hamps. 77B1
Winchfield; Hamps. 65A5
Wincle; Ches. 25D4
Windermere; Westmd. 9C4
Windlesham; Surr. 65B4
Windrush; Gloucs. 50G5
Windsor, New; Berks. 65C3
Windsor, Old; Berks. 65C3
Winestead; Yorks. 20F4
Winfarthing; Norf. 42F5
Winford; Som. 62E4
Winford-Eagle; Dorset. 74H4
Winforton; Herefs. 48F2
Winfrith-Newburgh; Dorset. 75C5
Wing; Bucks. 52F4
Wing; Rutlds. 39B3
Wingerworth; Derby. 27A4
Wingfield; Suff. 42G5
Wingfield, North; Derby. 27A4
Wingfield, South; Derby. 27A4
Wingham; Kent 68H4
Wingrave; Bucks. 52F5
Winkbourne; Notts. 28E4
Winkfield; Berks. 65B3
Winkfield; Wilts. 62G4
Winkleigh; Devon. 72G3
Winksley; Yorks. 11C6
Winnall; Hamps. 77B1
Winnow, St; Corn. 84F4
Winscombe; Som. 61C4
Winsford; Som. 60F6
Winsham; Som. 74F3
Winslade; Hamps. 64G5
Winsley; Wilts. 62G4
Winslow; Bucks. 52E4
Winster; Derby. 26G4
Winster; Westmd. 9C4
Winston; Durham 11C2
Winston; Suff. 55C1
Winstone; Gloucs. 50E5
Winterbourne; Gloucs. 62E2
Winterbourne, St. Martin; Dorset. 75A5
Winterbourne-Abbas; Dorset. 75A4
Winterbourne-Bassett; Wilts. 63B3
Winterbourne-Came; Dorset. 75B5
Winterbourne-Clenstone; Dorset. 75C3
Winterbourne-Dantsey; Wilts. 63C6
Winterbourne-Earls; Wilts. 63C6
Winterbourne-Gunner; Wilts. 63C6
Winterbourne-Hough; Dorset. 75C3
Winterbourne-Kingston; Dorset. 75C4
Winterbourne-Monkton; Dorset. 63B3
Winterbourne-Steepleton; Dorset. 75A4
Winterbourne-Stoke; Wilts. 63B6
Winterbourne-Stickland; Dorset. 75C3
Winterbourne-Whitchurch; Dorset. 75C4
Winterbourne-Zelstone; Dorset. 75C4
Winteringham; Lincs. 19C4
Winterslow; Wilts. 63C6
Winterton; Lincs. 19C5
Winterton; Norf. 43B2
Winthorpe; Lincs. 28F4
Winthorpe; Notts. 28E4
Wintringham; Yorks. 13B6
Winwick; Hunts. 39D5
Winwick; Lancs. 24H1
Winwick; Nhant. 38G6
Wirksworth; Derby. 26G5
Wisbech; Cambs. 40H2
Wisborough-Green; Suss. 78G2
Wishaw; Warws. 37C4
Wishford; Great; Wilts. 63B6
Wisley; Surr. 65C4
Wispington; Lincs. 29B3
Wissett; Suff. 43A5
Wistanstow; Shrops. 35C5
Wistaston; Ches. 25B5
Wiston; Suff. 55A4
Wiston; Suss. 45A5
Wiston; Pembs. 45A5
Wistow; Hunts. 40F5
Wistow; Leics. 38G4
Wistow; Yorks. 18G3
Witcham; Cambs. 40H5
Witchampton; Dorset. 76E3
Witchford; Cambs. 40H5
Witchingham, Great; Norf. 42F2
Witchingham; Little; Norf. 42F2
Witchling; Kent 68E4
Witcombe, Great; Gloucs. 50E5
Witham; Essex 54G5
Witham-Friary; Som. 62F5
Witham, North; Lincs. 39B2
Witham-on-the-Hill; Lincs. 39C2
Witham, South; Lincs. 39B2
Withcall; Lincs. 29B2
Withcote; Leics. 39A3
Witheridge; Devon. 73A2
Witherley; Leics. 38E4
Withern; Lincs. 29C2
Withernsea; Yorks. 20G4
Withernwick; Yorks. 20F3
Withersdale; Suff. 42H5
Withersfield; Suff. 54F2
Witherslack; Westmd. 9C5
Withiel; Corn. 71A5
Withiel-Florey; Som. 73B1
Withington; Gloucs. 50F5
Withington; Herefs. 48H3
Withington; Shrops. 35D2
Withybrook; Warws. 38F5
Withycombe; Som. 73C5
Withycombe-Rawleigh; Devon. 73C5
Withyham; Suss. 66H6
Withypool; Som. 60E6
Witley; Surr. 65C6
Witley, Great; Worcs. 49B1
Witley, Little; Worcs. 49C1
Witnesham; Suff. 55C2
Witney; Oxon. 51A5
Witston; Monms. 61B2
Wittenham, Little; Berks. 64G1
Wittenham, Long; Berks. 64G1
Wittering, East; Som. 78E3
Wittering, West; Suss. 78E4
Wittersham; Kent 80H2
Witton; Ches. 25B3
Witton; Hunts. 40F6
Witton (near Norwich); Norf. 43A3
Witton; Norf. 43A1
Witton, East; Yorks. 11B5
Witton-Gilbert; Durham 6G5
Witton-le-Wear; Durham 11C1
Witton-Nether; Nhumb. 6F2
Witton, West; Yorks. 11B5
Wiveliscombe; Som. 73C1
Wivesfield; Suss. 79C2
Wivenhoe; Essex 55B4
Wiveton; Norf. 31B5
Wix; Essex 55C4
Wixford; Warws. 50F2
Woburn; Beds. 52G3
Woking; Surr. 65C4
Wokingham; Berks. 65A3
Wolborough; Devon. 73A6
Woldingham; Surr. 66G4
Wolferlow; Herefs. 49B1
Wolferton; Norf. 41B1
Wolfhamcote; Warws. 51B1
Wolford; Warws. 50G3
Wollaton; Notts. 27B6
Woollaston; Nhant. 52F1
Woollaston; Shrops. 35B3
Wolsingham; Durham 6F6
Wolstanton; Staffs. 25C5
Wolston; Warws. 38F5
Wolterton; Norf. 42G1
Wolverhampton; Staffs. 36H4
Wolverley; Worcs. 36G5
Wolverton; Warws. 50G1
Wolverton; Hamps. 52E3
Wolves-Newton; Monms. 48G6
Wolvey; Warws. 38F4
Wolviston; Durham 12F2
Wombourne; Staffs. 36G4

Wombridge; Shrops. 36F3
Womenswold; Kent 68G5
Womersley; Yorks. 18F5
Wonastow; Monms. 48G5
Wonersh; Surr. 65C5
Wonston; Hamps. 64F6
Wooburn; Bucks. 65B2
Wood-Dalling; Norf. 42F1
Wood-Eaton; Oxon. 51B5
Wood-Norton; Norf. 42F1
Wood-Rising; Norf. 42E3
Woodbastwick; Norf. 43A2
Woodborough; Notts. 27C5
Woodborough; Wilts. 63B4
Woodbridge; Suff. 55D2
Woodbury; Devon. 73C4
Woodchester; Gloucs. 49C6
Woodchurch; Ches. 24F2
Woodchurch; Kent 81A1
Woodcott; Hamps. 64F4
Woodford-Halse; Nhant. 51C2
Woodford; Nhant. 39C5
Woodford; Wilts. 63B6
Woodford; Essex 66G1
Woodhall; Lincs. 29B4
Woodham-Ferrers; Essex 67C1
Woodham-Mortimer; Essex 54G6
Woodham-Walter; Essex 54G6
Woodhay, East; Hamps. 64E4
Woodhay, West; Berks. 64E4
Woodhead; Ches. 26F1
Woodhorn; Nhumb. 7A1
Woodhouse; Leics. 38G2
Woodhurst; Hunts. 40F5
Woodkirk, or West Ardsley; Yorks. 17D4
Woodland; Devon. 73A6
Woodland; Lancs. 9A5
Woodleigh; Devon. 85D3
Woodmancote; Hamps. 64G5
Woodmancote; Suss. 79B3
Woodmansterne; Surr. 66F4
Woodnesborough; Kent 69A4
Woodplumpton; Lancs. 15C3
Woodsford; Dorset. 75B4
Woodstone; Hunts. 40E4
Woodstock; Oxon. 51B5

Woodton; Norf. 42H4
Wookey; Som. 61D5
Wool; Dorset. 75C5
Woolastone; Gloucs. 48H6
Woolavington; Som. 61B5
Woolbeding; Suss. 78F2
Wooler; Nhumb. 2E4
Woolfardisowrthy West; Devon. 73A3
Woolfardisworthy (near Crediton); Devon. 73A3
Woolhampton; Berks. 64G3
Woolhope; Herefs. 49A3
Wolland; Dorset. 75C3
Woollavington; Suss. 78G2
Woolley; Hunts. 40E5
Woolley; Yorks. 17D5
Woolley; Som. 62F3
Woolpit; Suff. 55A1
Woolstaston; Shrops. 35C4
Woolsthorpe; Lincs. 28F6
Woolston; Berks. 64E2
Woolston, Great; Bucks. 52F3
Woolston, Little; Bucks. 52F3
Woolstone; Gloucs. 50E4
Woolvercott; Oxon. 51B5
Woolverstone; Suff. 55C3
Woolverston; Bucks. 52E3
Woolverton; Som. 62G4
Woolwich; Kent 66H2
Wotton (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77C4
Wootton; Beds. 52G2
Wootton; Berks. 51B6
Wootton; Hamps. 77C4
Wootton; Kent 68G5
Wootton; Lincs. 19D5
Wootton; Nhant. 52E1
Wootton; Oxon. 51B5
Wootton-Bassett; Wilts. 63B2
Wootton-Courtney; Som. 60F5
Wootton-Fitzpaine; Dorset. 74E4
Wootton-Glanville; Dorset. 75B3
Wootton-Leek; Warws. 37D6
Wootton, North; Dorset. 75B2
Wootton, North; Norf. 41B1
Wootton, North; Som. 61D5
Wootton Rivers; Wilts. 63C4
Wootton, South; Norf. 41B2
Wootton-Underwood; Bucks. 52E5
Wootton-Wawen; Warws. 50G1
Worcester; Worcs. 49C2
Wordwell; Suff. 41C6
Worfield; Shrops. 36F4
Workington; Cumbs. 8F1
Worksop; Notts. 27C3
Worlaby; Lincs. 19C5
Worldham, East; Hamps. 65A6
Worldham, West; Hamps. 65A6
Worle; Som. 61B4
Worlingham; Suff. 43B4
Worlington; Suff. 42G6
Worlington, East; Devon. 72H2
Worlington, West; Devon. 72H2
Worlingworth; Suff. 42G6
Wormbridge; Herefs. 48G4
Wormegay; Norf. 41B2
Wormhill; Derby. 26F3
Wormingford; Essex 55A4
Worminghall; Bucks. 51C6
Wormington; Gloucs. 50F3
Wormleighton; Warws. 51B2
Wormley; Herts. 53C6
Wormshill; Kent 67D4
Wormsley; Herefs. 48G2
Worplesdon; Surr. 65C5
Worsall, High; Yorks. 12E3
Worsbrough; Yorks. 27A1
Worstead; Norf. 42H1
Worth; Kent 69A4
Worth; Suss. 66F6
Worth-Matravers; Dorset. 76E5
Wortham; Suff. 42F5
Worthen; Shrops. 35B3
Worthenbury; Flint 24G5
Worthing; Norf. 42E2
Worthington; Leics. 38E2
Worthy-Headbourn; Hamps. 77B1
Worthy, King’s; Hamps. 77B1
Worthy-Martyr’s; Hamps. 64F6
Worting; Hamps. 64G4
Wortley; Yorks. 26H1
Worton-Nether; Oxon. 51B4
Wotton; Surr. 65D5
Wotton-under-Edge; Gloucs. 62F1
Woughton-on-the-Green; Bucks. 52F3
Wouldham; Kent 67B4
Wrabness; Essex 55C4
Wragby; Lincs. 29A3
Wragby; Yorks. 18E5
Wramplingham; Norf. 42F3
Wrangle; Lincs. 29C5
Wratting, Great; Suff. 54F2
Wratting, Little; Suff. 54F2
Wratting, West; Cambs. 54F2
Wrawby; Lincs. 19C6
Wraxall; Dorset. 74H3
Wraxall; Som. 62G3
Wraxall, North; Wilts. 62G2
Wraxall, South; Wilts. 62G3
Wreay; Cumb. 4G5
Wrenbury; Ches. 25A5
Wreningham, Great and Little; Norf. 42G3
Wrentham; Suff. 43B5
Wressell; Yorks. 18H4
Wrestlingworth; Beds. 53B2
Wretham, East; Norf. 42E4
Wretton; Norf. 41B3
Wrexham; Denb. 24F5
Wrington; Som. 61C4
Writhlington; Som. 62F4
Writtle; Essex 54F6
Wrockwardine; Shrops. 36E2
Wroot; Lincs. 28E1
Wrotham; Kent 67A4
Wroughton; Wilts. 63B2
Wroxall; Warws. 37C6
Wroxeter; Shrops. 35D3
Wroxham; Norf. 42H2
Wroxton; Oxon. 51B3
Wyberton; Lincs. 29C6
Wybunbury; Ches. 25B5
Wycliffe; Yorks. 11B2
Wycombe; Leics. 39A2
Wycombe, High; Bucks. 65B1
Wycombe, West; Bucks. 65B1
Wyddial; Herts. 53C4
Wye; Kent 68F5
Wyfordby; Leics. 39A2
Wyham; Lincs. 29B1
Wyke-Champflower; Som. 62F6
Wyke-Regis; Dorset. 75B5
Wykeham; Yorks. 40F1
Wyken; Warws. 38E5
Wylye; Wilts. 63B6
Wymering; Hamps. 77C3
Wymeswold; Leics. 38G2
Wymington; Beds. 52G1
Wymondham; Leics. 39B2
Wymondham; Norf. 42F3
Wymondley, Great; Herts. 53A4
Wymondley, Little; Herts. 53B4
Wyrardisbury, or Wraysbury; Bucks. 65C3
Wyresdale; Lancs. 15D2
Wysall; Notts. 38G1
Wythall; Worcs. 37B6
Wytham; Berks. 51B5
Wythburn; Cumb. 9B3
Wythop; Cumb. 8H1
Wyverstone; Suff. 42F6


Yalding; Kent 67B5
Yanworth; Gloucs. 50F5
Yapham; Yorks. 19A2
Yapton; Suss. 78G3
Yarburgh; Lincs. 29C1
Yarcombe; Devon. 74E3
Yardley; Worcs. 37B5
Yardley-Hastings; Nhant. 52F1
Yarkhill; Herefs. 49A3
Yarlington; Som. 75B1
Yarm; Yorks. 12F3
Yarmouth (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77A5
Yarmouth, Great; Norf. 43C3
Yarnscombe; Devon. 72F1
Yarnton; Oxon. 51B5
Yarpole; Herefs. 48G1
Yarwell; Nhant. 39D4
Yate; Gloucs. 62F2
Yateley; Hamps. 65B4
Yatesbury; Wilts. 63B3
Yattendon; Berks. 64G3
Yatton; Som. 61C4
Yatton-Keynell; Wilts. 62G2
Yaverland (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77C5
Yaxham; Norf. 42F2
Yaxley; Hunts. 40E4
Yaxley; Suff. 42G5
Yazor; Herefs. 48G2
Yealmpton; Devon. 85B2
Yeddington; Yorks. 13B5
Yeldham, Great; Essex 54G3
Yeldham, Little; Essex 54G3
Yelling; Hunts. 53B1
Yelvertoft; Nhant. 38G5
Yelverton; Norf. 42H3
Yeovil; Som. 74H2
Yeovilton; Som. 74H1
Yetminster; Dorset. 75A3
Yielden; Beds. 53A4
Ynyscynhaiarn; Caerns. 22F6
York Minster; Yorks. 18G2
Youlgreave; Derby. 26G4
Yoxall; Staffs. 37B2
Yoxford; Suff. 43A6
Yscifiog; Flint 24E3
Yspytty-Cynfyn; Cards. 33C6
Yspytty-Ivan; Denb. 23A5
Yspytty-Ystwyth; Cards. 33D6
Ystrad; Cards. 46G2
Ystradfellte; Brecon 47B5
Ystradgunlais; 47A5
Ystradowen; Glams. 60G2
Ystradyfodwg; Glams. 60F1


Zeal-Monachorum; Devon. 72G3
Zennor; Corn. 82F3

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