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  2. Do you have a chart that lays out a tree with each generation? I would like to have a tree that when I look at it I can see siblings of my parents and their parents ect.

    1. No, we don’t have a chart like that. Sorry.

  3. I am wondering if you still carry a form entitled “PERSONAL RECORD”(THIS IS A RECORD OF MY LIFE AND THE ANCESTORS I CHERISH)? There is a place for a picture and name and date as well.
    Thank you,
    Bill Neelans

    1. We do have a personal record form, but it doesn’t have a subtitle and is a different form from the one I think you are asking about.

  4. By any chance..do you carry yje genealogy sheets that fit into the long Book of Remembrance?

    1. Yes, we have several that are the legal landscape style.

  5. My husband and I are serving as missionaries in France. The members were quite impressed by my 15 generation chart. Can you ship to France?

    1. I’m glad they like them. Sorry, we currently don’t ship to France.

  6. Do you have an 8 x 10 size form that shows baptimal covenant and place for name of person at bottom of page and place for bishop to sign. Saw one of these forms yrs ago when out in Utah. Do you have this form?

    1. They are a nice form but we no longer have them. Sorry.

  7. Do you still have the form named “Family Portrait” I don’t see it on your web site?

    1. Are you looking for a 14 inch size? If so, you will need to call the order in. If you want a 11 inch form, we have several. Here is the link to the Photo Charts page: https://sgenealogy.com/cart/product-category/charts-forms/photo-charts/

  8. Do you have any stores in the Nashville, TN area that carry your products?

    1. No, sorry, we don’t.

  9. will you have new shipment of Through the Loins of Joseph by Schmuhl

    1. It doesn’t look like the author is going to reprint them. We have been waiting for over a year for him to reprint. Sorry.

  10. Hi. I use the Family Search website. However, since I was fortunate enough to trace one family line to Adam/Eve, I want to
    1) Record the links on paper and 2) Professionally print to line and provide as a gift to family members. I know that is not
    practical in today’s digital world, but navigation is difficult—especially when you get far enough because the whole world is navigating that same path due to common progeny. Can you suggest what I would need to record the hundreds of generations? Would you be able to print my pedigree chart?

    Thank you,


    1. Sorry that we don’t have a good solution for you with our forms. The only suggestion I can give is to make a custom chart in a word processor listing the names from Adam/Eve on down until you get to the 1600s. Then you can print out pedigree charts to go the other way until you hook into that line.

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