A Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales

compiled from original maps by David E. Gardner, Derik Harland, and Frank Smith. Published by Stevenson’s Genealogy Center. These web pages are provided free for your personal use, but are not to be copied for sale or distribution. You may freely link to this page for reference. The most valuable part of these maps is the index of over 11,000 towns and cities. Use the index to find the city and the map coordinates then link back to the map to find it faster. These are high resolution PDF maps so the detail is clear at high magnification (some maps are almost 2 megabytes) so be patient for them to open in your browser. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download. If you find mistakes or have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Terms of use and Copyright

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The index it split into four different pages because it is so large. This part of the index contains cities beginning with L, M, N, O, P, Q, and R. Click on the links to go to A-C | D-K | S-Z. Tip: To find a specific name, you can use the find feature of your browser (click on [edit] and then [find]).


Anglesey, Wales Angl.
Bedford, Eng. Beds.
Berkshire, Eng. Berks.
Brecon, Wales Brecon
Buckingham, Eng. Bucks.
Caernarvon, Wales Caerns.
Cambridge, Eng. Cambs.
Cardigan, Wales Cards.
Carmarthen, Wales Carms.
Cheshire, Eng. Ches.
Cornwall, Eng. Corn.
Cumberland, Eng. Cumb.
Denbigh, Wales Denb.
Derbyshire, Eng. Derby.
Devonshire, Eng. Devon.
Dorsetshire, Eng. Dorset.
Durham, Eng. Durham
Essex, Eng. Essex
Flint, Wales Flint
Glamorgan, Wales Glams.
Gloucester, Eng. Gloucs.
Hampshire, Eng. Hamps.
Hereford, Eng. Herefs.
Hertford, Eng. Herts.
Huntingdon, Eng. Hunts.
Isle of Man, Eng. I. Man
Isle of Wight, Eng. I.O.W.
Kent, Eng. Kent
Lancashire, Eng. Lancs.
Leicester, Eng. Leics.
Lincoln, Eng. Lincs.
London, Eng. Lond.
Merioneth, Wales Merion.
Middlesex, Eng. Middx.
Monmouth, Eng. Monms.
Montgomery, Wales Montg.
Norfolk, Eng. Norf.
Northampton, Eng. Nhant.
Northumberland, Nhumb.
Nottingham, Eng. Notts.
Oxford, Eng. Oxon.
Pembroke, Wales Pembs.
Radnor, Wales Radnor
Rutland, Eng. Rutlds.
Shropshire, Eng. Shrops.
Somerset, Eng. Som.
Stafford, Eng. Staffs.
Suffolk, Eng. Suff.
Surrey, Eng. Surr.
Sussex, Eng. Suss.
Warwick, Eng. Warws.
Westmorland, Eng. Westmd.
Wiltshire, Eng. Wilts.
Worcester, Eng. Worcs.
Yorkshire, Eng. Yorks.


Laceby; Lincs. 20F6
Lackford; Suff. 41C6
Lackington, White; Som. 74F2
Lacock; Wilts. 62H3
Ladbroke; Warws. 51B1
Ladock; Corn. 83C2
Laindon; Essex 67B2
Lakenham; Norf. 42G3
Lakenheath; Suff. 41B5
Laleham; Middx. 65C3
Laleston; Glams. 60F2
Lamarsh; Essex 54H3
Lamberhurst; Kent 67B6
Lambeth; Surr. 66F2
Lambley; Nhumb. 5B4
Lambley; Notts. 27C5
Lambourn; Berks. 64E2
Lambourne; Essex 66H1
Lambrook, East; Som. 74G2
Lambston; Pembs. 44G5
Lamerton; Devon. 72E5
Lamesley; Durham 6G4
Lammas; Norf. 42H2
Lamorran; Corn. 83C3
Lampeter-Pont-Stephen; Cards. 46F2
Lampeter-Velfrey; Pembs. 45B5
Lamphey; Pembs. 45A6
Lamplugh; Cumb. 8G2
Lamport; Nhant. 38H6
Lamyat; Som. 62F6
Lancaster; Lancs. 15C1
Lanchester; Durham 6G5
Lancing; Suss. 79A4
Landbeach; Cambs. 40H6
Landcross; Devon. 72E1
Landewednack; Corn. 83B6
Landford; Wilts. 76G2
Landkey; Devon. 59B6
Landrake; Corn. 85A2
Landulph; Corn. 85A2
Landwade; Cambs. 41B6
Laneast; Corn. 71C4
Lane End; Staffs. 25D5
Laneham; Notts. 28F3
Lanercost; Cumb. 4G4
Langar; Notts. 27D6
Langdon, East; Kent 69A5
Langdon Hills; Essex 67B2
Langdon, West; Kent 69A5
Langenhoe; Essex 55B5
Langford; Beds. 53A3
Langford; Oxon. 50G6
Langford; Essex 54G5
Langford; Norf. 41C4
Langford; Notts. 28F4
Langford Budville; Som. 73C1
Langford, Little; Wilts. 63B6
Langford, Steeple; Wilts. 63B6
Langham; Essex 55B3
Langham; Rutlds. 39B3
Langham; Suff. 42E6
Langham-Bishops; Norf. 31B6
Langho (or Billington); Lancs. 16F3
Langley; Essex 53C3
Langley; Kent 67C5
Langley; Norf. 43A4
Langley-Burrell; Wilts. 62H3
Langley, King’s; Herts. 52H6
Langley, Kirk; Derby. 26H6
Langley-Marish; Bucks. 65C2
Langpot; Som. 74G1
Langridge; Som. 62F3
Langstone; Monms. 61B2
Langtoft; Lincs. 40E2
Langtoft; Yorks. 19C1
Langton-by-Horncastle; Lincs. 29B3
Langton-juxta-Partney; Lincs. 29C3
Langton-by-Wragby; Lincs. 29A3
Langton; Yorks. 13A6
Langton, Church; Leics. 38H4
Langton-on-Swale; Yorks. 12E4
Langton-Herring; Dorset. 75A5
Langton-Long; Dorset. 75C3
Langton-Matravers; Dorset. 76E5
Langtree; Devon. 72E2
Languard Fort; Suff. 55D4
Langwathby; Cumb. 9D1
Langwith-Bassett; Derby. 27B3
Lanhydrock; Corn. 84F1
Lanivet; Corn. 84E1
Lanlivery; Corn. 84F2
Lanreath; Corn. 84F2
Lansalloes; Corn. 84F2
Lanteglos-by-Fowey; Corn. 84F2
Lanteglos-by-Camelford; Corn. 71B4
Lapford; Devon. 72H3
Lapley; Staffs. 36G2
Lapworth; Warws. 37C6
Larling; Norf. 42E4
Lasham; Hamps. 64H5
Lassington; Gloucs. 49C5
Lastingham; Yorks. 12H5
Latchford; Lancs. 25A2
Latchingdon; Essex 67D1
Lathbury; Bucks. 52F2
Latimer; Bucks. 52G6
Latton; Essex 53C5
Latton; Wilts. 63B1
Laugharne; Carms. 45C5
Laughton; Leics. 38H4
Laughton-by-Gainsborough; Lincs. 28F1
Laughton; Suss. 79D3
Laughton-en-le-Morthen; Yorks. 27B2
Launcells; Corn. 71C3
Launceston; Corn. 71D4
Launton; Oxon. 51C4
Lavant, East; Suss. 78F3
Lavant-Mid; Suss. 78F3
Lavendon; Bucks. 52E2
Lavenham; Suff. 54H2
Laver, High; Essex 54E5
Laver, Little; Essex 54E5
Laver-Magdalen; Essex 53D6
Lavernock; Glams. 61A3
Laverstock; Wilts. 76G1
Laverstoke; Hamps. 64F5
Laverton; Som. 62G4
Lavington; Lincs. 39C1
Lavington, East; Wilts. 63A4
Lavington, West; Wilts. 63A5
Lawford; Essex 55B4
Lawford, Church; Warws. 38F3
Lawhitton; Corn. 71D4
Lawrenny; Pembs. 45A6
Lawrence, St. Newland; Essex 55A6
Lawrence, St. (I.O.W.); Hamps. 65B3
Lawrence, St.; Pembs. 44G4
Lawshall; Suff. 54H2
Lawton, Church; Ches. 25C5
Laxfield; Suff. 42H6
Laxton; Nhant. 39C4
Laxton; Notts. 27D4
Laxton; Yorks. 19A4
Layer-Breton; Essex 55A5
Layer-de-la-Hay; Essex 55A5
Layer-Marney; Essex 55A5
Layham; Suff. 55B3
Laysters; Herefs. 48H1
Layston; Herts. 53C4
Lazonby; Cumb. 5A6
Lea; Gloucs. 49B4
Lea; Lincs. 28F2
Lea; Wilts. 63A2
Lea-Marston; Warws. 37C4
Leadenham; Lincs. 28G5
Leafield; Oxon. 50H5
Leake; Yorks. 12F5
Leake; Lincs. 29C5
Leake, East; Notts. 38G1
Leake, West; Notts. 38F1
Leamington, Hastings Warws. 38F6
Leamington-Priors; Warws. 51A1
Leasingham; Lincs. 28H5
Leatherhead; Surr. 66E4
Leathley; Yorks. 17C2
Leaveland; Kent 68F4
Lechlade; Gloucs. 50G6
Leek; Lancs. 10E6
Leckford; Hamps. 64E6
Leckhampstead; Bucks. 51D3
Leckhampton; Gloucs. 49D5
Leckwith; Glams. 61A3
Leconfield; Yorks. 19C3
Ledbury; Herefs. 49B3
Ledsham; Yorks. 18F4
Lee; Bucks. 52F6
Lee; Kent 66G3
Lee; Nhumb. 5D5
Leebatwood; Shrops. 35C4
Lee Brockhurst; Shrops. 35D1
Leeds; Kent 67C5
Leeds; Yorks. 17D4
Leek; Staffs. 26E4
Leeming; Yorks. 11D5
Legbourne; Lincs. 29C2
Legsby; Lincs. 29A2
Leicester; Leics. 38G3
Leigh; Dorset. 75A3
Leigh; Essex 67C2
Leigh; Gloucs. 49C4
Leigh; Kent 67A5
Leigh; Lancs. 25B1
Leigh; Staffs. 26E6
Leigh; Surr. 66F5
Leigh; Worcs. 49C2
Leigh-Delamere; Wilts. 62G2
Leigh, Little; Ches. 24H3
Leigh, North; Devon. 74E4
Leigh, North; Oxon. 51A5
Leigh, South; Devon. 74E4
Leigh-on-Mendip; Som. 62F5
Leigh, West; Devon. 72E1
Leighland; Som. 60F6
Leighs, Great; Essex 54G5
Leighs, Little; Essex 54F5
Leighton; Shrops. 36E5
Leighton-Bromswold; Hunts. 40E5
Leighton-Buzzard; Beds. 52F4
Leinthall, Earles; Herefs. 35C6
Leinthall, Starkes; Herefs. 35C6
Leintwardine; Herefs. 35C6
Leire; Leics. 38F4
Leiston; Suff. 56F1
Lelant; Corn. 82G3
Lemington, Lower; Gloucs. 50G3
Lench, Church; Worcs. 50F2
Lench, Rous; Worcs. 50E2
Lenham; Kent 67D5
Lenton; Notts. 27C6
Leominster; Herefs. 48G1
Leonard’s, St.; Suss. 73B4
Lesbury; Nhumb. 2G5
Lesnewth; Corn. 71B4
Lessingham; Norf. 43A1
Letchworth; Herts. 53B4
Letcombe-Bassett; Berks. 64E2
Letcombe-Regis; Berks. 64E2
Letheringham; Suff. 55D1
Letteringsett; Norf. 31B6
Letterston; Pembs. 44H4
Letton; Herefs. 48F2
Letton; Norf. 42E3
Levan, St.; Corn. 82F5
Leven; Yorks. 19D3
Lever; Lancs. 16F6
Leverington; Cambs. 40G2
Leverton, North and South; Lincs. 29C5
Leverton, North; Notts. 28E2
Leverton, South; Notts. 28E2
Levington; Suff. 55C3
Levisham; Yorks. 13B4
Lew, North; Devon. 72F2
Lewannick; Corn. 71C4
Lewes; Suss. 79C3
Lewisham; Kent 66G3
Lewknor; Oxon. 64H1
Lew Trenchard; Devon. 72E4
Lexden; Essex 55A4
Lexham, East; Norf. 41D2
Lexham, West; Norf. 41C2
Leybourne; Kent 67B4
Leyland; Lancs. 15D5
Leysdown; Kent 68F3
Leyton; Essex 66G2
Lezant; Corn. 71D4
Leziat; Norf. 41B2
Lichfield; Staffs. 37B3
Liddington; Rutlds. 39B4
Liddington; Wilts. 63C2
Lidlington; Beds. 52G3
Lifton; Devon. 71D4
Lightcliffe; Yorks. 17D4
Lighthorne; Warws. 51A2
Lilbourne; Nhant. 38G5
Lilford; Nhant. 39C5
Lilleshall; Shrops. 36F2
Lilley; Herts. 52H4
Lillingstone-Dayrell; Bucks. 51D3
Lillingstone-Lovell; Bucks. 51D3
Lillington; Dorset. 75A3
Lillington; Warws. 38E6, 37D6
Lilstock; Som. 61G5
Limber-Magna; Lincs. 19D4
Limehouse; Middx. 66G2
Limington; Som. 74H2
Limpenhoe; Norf. 43A3
Limpley-Stoke; Wilts. 62G4
Limpsfield; Surr. 66G4
Linby; Notts. 27B5
Linch; Suss. 78F2
Linchmere; Suss. 78F1
Lincoln; Lincs. 28G3
Lindfield; Suss. 79C2
Lindridge; Worcs. 36F6
Lindsell; Essex 54F4
Lindsey; Suff. 55A3
Linford, Great; Bucks. 52F3
Linford, Little; Bucks. 52F2
Lingen; Herefs. 35A6
Lingfield; Surr. 66G5
Lingwood; Norf. 43A3
Linkenholt; Hamps. 64E4
Linkenhorne; Corn. 71D5
Linley; Shrops. 36F3
Linslade, or Linchlade; Bucks. 52F4
Linstead-Magna; Suff. 42H5
Linstead-Parva; Suff. 43A5
Linsted; Kent 68E4
Linton; Cambs. 54E2
Linton; Herefs. 49B4
Linton; Kent 67G5
Linton; Yorks. 17A1
Linwood; Lincs. 28H2
Lisfane; Glams. 61A2
Liskeard; Corn. 71C5
Liss; Hamps. 78E1
Lisset; Yorks. 20E1
Lissington; Lincs. 28H2
Liston; Essex 54H2
Litcham; Norf. 41D2
Litchborough; Nhant. 51C2
Litchfield; Hamps. 64F4
Litlington; Cambs. 80E4
Littleborough; Lancs. 16H5
Littleborough; Notts. 28F2
Littlebourne; Kent 68G4
Littlebury; Essex 54E3
Littleham, near Bideford; Devon. 72E1
Littleham, near Exmouth; Devon. 73C5
Littlehampton; Suss. 78G4
Littleover; Derby. 37D1
Littleport; Cambs. 41A4
Littleton; Middx. 65D3
Littleton; Hamps. 64F6
Littleton-Drew; Wilts. 62G2
Littleton, High; Som. 62F4
Littleton, North and Middle; Worcs. 10F2
Littleton, South; Worcs. 50F2
Littleton-on-Severn; Gloucs. 62E1
Litlington; Suss. 80E4
Litton; Som. 61D4
Litton-Cheney; Dorset. 74H4
Livermere; Suff. 41D6
Liverpool; Lancs. 24F2
Liverton; Yorks. 12H2
Llanaber; Merion. 33C2
Llanaelhaiarn; Caerns. 21D5
Llanafan-fawr; Brecon 47C2
Llanafan-y-Trawsgoed; Cards. 33C6
Llanallgo; Angl. 22F2
Llananno; Radnor 34G6
Llanarmon; Caerns. 22E6
Llanarmon-yn-Jal; Denb. 23D5
Llanarmon-Dyfryn-Ceriog; Denb. 34H1
Llanarmon-Mynydd-Mawr; Denb. 34H1
Llanarth; Cards. 45D2
Llanarth; Monms. 48F5
Llanarthney; Carms. 46F4
Llanasa; Flint 23C2
Llanbabo; Angl. 21D2
Llanbadarn-Fawr; Cards. 33B5
Llanbadarn-Fawr; Radnor 47C1
Llanbabarn-Odwyn; Cards. 46G1
Llanbadarn-Tref-Eglwys; Cards. 46F1
Llanbadarn-y-Garreg; Radnor 47C2
Llanbadock; Monms. 48F6
Llanbadrig; Angl. 22H3
Llanbeblig; Carms. 22H3
Llanbedr; Brecon 48E4
Llanbedr; Merion. 33B1
Llanbedr-Dyffryn-Clwyd; Denb. 23D4
Llanbedr-Goch; Angl. 22F4
Llanbedr-Painscastle; Radnor 47D2
Llanbedr-y-Cenin; Caerns. 22H3
Llanbedrog; Caerns. 32H1
Llanberis; Caerns. 22G4
Llanbeulan; Angl. 21D3
Llanbister; Radnor 34G5
Llanblethian; Glams. 10F3
Llanboidy; Carms. 45C4
Llanbrynmair; Montg. 34F3
Llancadwalladr; Denb. 23
Llancarfan; Glams. 60G3
Llancillo; Herefs. 48F4
Llancynfelin; Cards. 33C4
Llandaff; Glams. 60H2
Llandanwg; Merion. 33B1
Llandawke; Carms. 45C5
Llanddaniel-Fab; Angl. 22F3
Llanddarog; Carms. 46F5
Llanddeiniol; Cards. 33B6
Llanddeiniolen; Caerns. 22F3
Llandderfel; Merion. 23B6
Llanddeusaint; Carms. 47A4
Llanddew; Brecon 47B2
Llanddewi-in-Gower; Glams. 59A2
Llanddewi-Aberarth; Cards. 46F1
Llanddewi-Abergwessin Brecon 47B2
Llanddewi-Brefi; Cards. 42G2
Llanddewi-‘r-Cwm; Brecon 47C2
Llanddewy-Fach; Radnor 47D2
Llanddewy-Velfrey; Pembs. 45B5
Llanddoget; Denb. 23A4
Llanddona; Angl. 22G2
Llanddulas; Denb. 23B3
Llanddwywe; Merion. 33B2
Llanddyfnan; Angl. 22F3
Llandebie; Carms. 46G5
Llandecwyn; Merion. 22G6
Llandefaelog-fach; Brecon 47C4
Llandefalley; Brecon 47C3
Llandefeilog; Carms. 46E5
Llandefeisant; Carms. 46G4
Llandegai; Caerns. 22F3
Llandegfan; Angl. 22F3
Llandegla; Denb. 24E5
Llandeglay; Radnor 47D1
Llandegveth; Monms. 61B1
Llandegwining; Caerns. 32G1
Llandeloy; Pembs. 44G4
Llandenny; Monms. 48G6
Llandewy-Ystradenny; Radnor. 34G6
Llandilo-Abercowyn; Carms. 45C5
Llandilo-Fawr; Carms. 46G4
Llandilo-Graban; Radnor 47C2
Llandilo-Talybont; Glams. 46F6
Llandilo-‘r-Faen; Brecon 47B3
Llandinabo; Herefs. 48H4
Llandinam; Montg. 34G4
Llandingat; Carms. 46H3
Llandissilio; Carms. 45B4
Llandogo; Monms. 48H6
Llandough (near Cowbridge); Glams. 60F3
Llandough (near Car-Diff); Glams. 61A3
Llandow; Glams. 10F3
Llandowror; Carms. 45C5
Llandrillo; Merion. 23C6
Llandrillo-yn-Rhos; Denb. 23A2
Llandrindod; Radnor 47C1
Llandrinio; Montg. 35B2
Llandrygarn; Angl. 21D2
Llandudno; Caerns. 22H2
Llandulas-in-Tyr-Abbot; Brecon 47B3
Llanwrog; Caerns. 22E4
Llandyfodwg; Glams. 60F2
Llandyfriog; Cards. 45D3
Llandyfrydog; Angl. 21D2
Llandygwydd; Cards. 45C3
Llandyrnog; Denb. 23C4
Llandysilio; Angl. 22F3
Llandysilio; Montg. 35B2
Llandysilio-Gogo; Cards. 45D1
Llandyssil; Cards. 34H4
Llandyssil; Montg. 35A4
Llanedarn; Glams. 61A2
Llanedwen; Angl. 22F3
Llanedy; Carms. 45C3
Llanefydd; Denb. 23B3
Llanegryn; Merion. 33C3
Llanegwad; Carms. 46F4
Llaneilian; Angl. 22E1
Llanelian; Denb. 23A3
Llanelidan; Denb. 23C5
Llaneliu; Brecon 48E3
Llanellen; Monms. 48F5
Llanelltyd; Merion. 33C2
Llanelly; Brecon 48E5
Llanelly; Carms. 46F6
Llanelwedd; Radnor 47C2
Llanenddwyn; Merion. 33B2
Llanengan; Caerns. 32G1
Llanerch-Ayron; Cards. 46F1
Llanerchymedd; Angl. 22E2
Llanerfyl S.; Montg. 34G3
Llaneugrad; Angl. 22F2
Llanfabon; Glams. 60G1
Llanfachraeth; Angl. 21C2
Llanfachreth; Merion. 34E2
Llanfaelog; Angl. 21D3
Llanfaelrhys; Caerns. 32G1
Llanfaes; Angl. 22G3
Llanfaethlu; Angl. 21C2
Llanfaglan S. Baglan; Caerns. 22E4
Llanfair-ar-y-Bryn; Carms. 47A3
Llanfair-Caereinion; Montg. 34H3
Llanfair-Clydogan; Cards. 46G2
Llanfair-Dyffryn-Clwyd; Denb. 23D5
Llanfair-Fechan; Caerns. 22G3
Llanfair-is-Gaer; Caerns. 22F3
Llanfair-juxta-Harlech; Merion. 33B1
Llanfair-Mathafarn-Eithaf; Angl. 22F2
Llanfair-Nantgwyn; Pembs. 45B3
Llanfair-Nant-y-Gof; Pembs. 45A4
Llanfair-Orllwyn; Cards. 46E3
Llanfair-yn-Eubwll; Angl. 21C2
Llanfair-Pwll-Gwyngyll; Angl. 22F3
Llanfair-Talhaiarn; Denb. 23B3
Llanfair-Ynghornwy; Angl. 21C2
Llanfair-yny-Cwymmwd; Angl. 22F3
Llanfallteg; Carms. 45B5
Llanfawr; Merion. 23B6
Llanfechan; Montg. 35A2
Llanfechell; Angl. 22E1
Llanferres; Denb. 23D4
Llanffinan; Angl. 22F3
Llanfihangel-Aber-bythych; Carms. 46F5
Llanfihangel-Aber-cowin; Carms. 45C5
Llanfihangel-Aber-gwessin; Brecon 47B2
Llanfihangel-ar-Arth; Carms. 46E3
Llanfihangel-Bachellaeth; Caerns. 21C6
Llanfihangel-Bryn-Pabuan; Brecon 47C2
Llanfihangel-Cilfargen; Carms. 46F4
Llanfihangel-Cwnodu; Brecon 47E4
Llanfihangel-Geneu-‘r-Glyn; Cards. 33C5
Llanfihangel-Glyn-y-Myfyr; Merion. 23B5
Llanfihangel-Helygen; Radnor 47C1
Llanfihangel-Lledrod; Cards. 33C6
Llanfihangel-Nant-Bran; Brecon 47B3
Llanfihangel-Penbedw; Pembs. 45C3
Llanfihangel-Rhosycorn; Carms. 46F3
Llanfihangel-Rhydithon; Radnor 47D1
Llanfihangel-Tal-y-Llyn; Brecon 47D4
Llanfihangel-Tyn-Sylwy; Angl. 22F2
Llanfihangel-Tre-‘r-Beirdd; Angl. 22E2
Llanfihangel-y-Creuddyn; Cards. 33C6
Llanfihangel-yn-Howyn; Angl. 21C3
Llanfihangel-y-Pennant; Caerns. 22F5
Llanfihangel-y-Pennant; Merion. 33C3
Llanfihangel-Ysifeiog; Angl. 22F3
Llanfihangel-Ystrad; Cards. 46F2
Llanfihangel-y-Traethan; Merion. 33C1
Llanfoist; Monms. 48E5
Llanfrechfa; Monms. 61B1
Llanfrothen; Merion. 22G6
Llanfwrog; Angl. 21C2
Llanfwrog; Denb. 23C4
Llanfyllin; Montg. 34H2
Llanfynydd; Carms. 46F4
Llanfyrnach; Pembs. 45C4
Llangadfan; Montg. 34G3
Llangadock-Fawr; Carms. 46H4
Llangadwaladr; Angl. 21D3
Llangaffo; Angl. 22E3
Llangain; Carms. 32G1
Llangammarch; Brecon 47B2
Llangan; Glams. 60F2
Llanganten; Brecon 47C2
Liangar; Merion. 23C6
Llangarren; Herefs. 48H4
Llangasty-tal-y-llyn; Brecon 47D4
Llangathen; Carms. 46F4
Llangattoc-nigh-Usk; Monms. 48F5
Llangattock; Brecon 48E5
Llangattock; Monms. 48F5
Llangattock-Lingoed; Monms. 48F4
Llangattock-Vibon-Avel; Monms. 48G5
Llangedwyn; Denb. 35A2
Llangefni; Angl. 22E3
Llangeinor; Glams. 60F2
Llangeinwen; Angl. 22E3
Llangeitho; Cards. 46D1
Llangeler; Carms. 45D3
Llangelynin; Caerns. 22H3
Llangelynin; Merion. 33B3
Llangendeirne; Carms. 46E5
Llangennech; Carms. 46F6
Llangennith; Glams. 59A1
Llangenny; Brecon 48E5
Llangernieu; Denb. 23B4
Llangeview; Monms. 48G6
Llangian; Caerns. 32G1
Llangibby; Monms. 61B1
Llanginning; Carms. 45C5
Llanglydwen; Carms. 45B4
Llangoed; Angl. 22G3
Llangoedmore; Cards. 45C3
Llangollen; Denb. 24E6
Llangolman; Pembs. 45B4
Llangorse; Brecon 47D4
Llangoven; Monms. 48G6
Llangower; Merion. 34F1
Llangranog; Cards. 45C2
Llangristiolus; Angl. 22E3
Llangua; Monms. 48F4
Llanguicke; Glams. 46H6
Llangunider; Brecon 47D5
Llangunllo; Cards. 45D3
Llangunllo; Radnor 55A6
Llangunnock or Llangynog; Carms. 45D5
Llangunnor; Carms. 46E5
Llangurig; Montg. 34F5
Llangwm; Denb. 23B6
Llangwm; Monms. 48G6
Llangwm; Pembs. 45A5
Llangwyfan; Angl. 21D3
Llangwyfan; Denb. 23C4
Llangwyllog; Angl. 21P3
Llangwnadl; Caerns. 32G1
Llangwstenin; Caerns. 23A3
Llangwyryfon; Cards. 33B6
Llangybi; Cards. 46G2
Llangybi; Caerns. 22E6
Llangyfelach; Glams. 46G6
Llangynfelyn; Cards. 46
Llangynhafal; Denb. 23D4
Llangyniew; Montg. 34H3
Llangynog; Brecon 47C2
Llangynog; Montg. 34G1
Llangynwyd; Glams. 60E1
Llanhamllech; Brecon 47C4
Llanharan; Glams. 60F2
Llanharry; Glams. 60G2
Llanhennock; Monms. 61B1
Llanhilleth; Monms. 48E6
Llanhowell; Pembs. 44G4
Llanidan; Angl. 22F3
Llanidloes; Montg. 34F5
Llaniestyn; Angl. 22F3
Llaniestyn; Caerns. 22F3
Llanigon; Brecon 48E3
Llanilar; Cards. 33C6
Llanilid; Glams. 10F2
Llanilterne; Glams. 60G2
Llaniltid; Brecon 47B4
Llanina; Cards. 46E1
Llanishen; Glams. 61A2
Llanishen; Monms. 48G6
Llanllawdog; Carms. 46E4
Llanllechid; Caerns. 22G3
Llanlleonvel; Brecon 47B2
Llanllowell; Monms. 61C1
Llanllugan; Montg. 34G3
Llanllwchaiarn; Cards. 45D1
Llanllwchaiarn; Montg. 34H4
Llanllwni; Carms. 46F3
Llanllyfni; Caerns. 22E5
Llanmadock; Glams. 59A1
Llanmaes; Glams. 60F3
Llanmartin; Monms. 61C2
Llanmerewig; Montg. 34H4
Llanmihangel; Glams. 46F3
Llannon; Carms. 46F5
Llannor; Caerns. 21D6
Llanover; Monms. 48F5
Llanpumpsaint; Carms. 46E4
Llanreithan; Pembs. 44G4
Llanrhaiadr-in-Kinmerch; Denb. 23C4
Llanrhiadr-yn-Moch-nant; Denb. 34H1
Llanrhian; Pembs. 44G4
Llanrhidian; Glams. 59B1
Llanrhydd; Denb. 23D4
Llanrhwydrys; Angl. 21D1
Llanrhyddlad; Angl. 21C2
Llanrothal; Herefs. 48G5
Llanrug; Caerns. 22F4
Llanrwst; Cards. 23A4
Llansadurnen; Carms. 45C5
Llansadwrn; Angl. 22F3
Llansadwrn; Carms. 46G3
Llansaint; Carms. 46E5
Llansamlet; Glams. 59C1
Llansannan; Denb. 23B4
Llansannor; Glams. 60F2
Llansanttfraid; Monms. 48F5
Llansantffraid; Cards. 33B6
Llansantffraid-Glan-Conway; Denb. 24E6
Llansantffraid-Glyn-Ceiriog; Denb. 24E6
Llansantffraid-Glyn-Dyfrdwy; Monms. 23C6
Llansantffraid-yn-Mechan; Montg. 35A2
Llansantffread-in-Elvel; Radnor 47C2
Llansantffread; Brecon 47D4
Llansawell; Carms. 46G3
Llansilin; Denb. 35A1
Llansoy; Monms. 48G6
Llanspythid; Brecon 47C4
Llanstadwell; Pembs. 44H6
Llanstephan; Carms. 47D3
Llanstephan; Radnor 47D3
Llanstinan; Pembs. 44H3
Llanthetty; Brecon 47D4
Llanthewy-Rytherch; Monms. 48F5
Llanthewy-Skirrid; Monms. 48F5
Llanthewy-Vach; Monms. 61B1
Llanthony-Abbey; Monms. 48F4
Llantillio-Crossenny; Monms. 48F5
Llantillio-Pertholey; Monms. 48F5
Llantrisaint; Angl. 21D2
Llantrisant; Glams. 60G2
Llantrissent; Monms. 61C1
Llantrithyd; Glams. 60G3
Llantwit-juxta-Neath; Glams. 60E1
Llantwit Major; Glams. 60F3
Llantwit-Vairdre; Glams. 60G2
Llantysilio; Denb. 23D6
Llanuwchyllyn; Monms. 34F1
Llanvaches; Monms. 61C1
Llanvaes; Brecon 47C4
Llanvair-Discoed; Monms. 61C1
Llanvair-Kilgedin; Monms. 48F5
Llanvair-Waterdine; Shrops. 35A5
Llanvapley; Monms. 48F5
Llanvareth; Radnor 47C2
Llanveigan; Brecon 47C4
Llanvetherine; Monms. 48F5
Llanveyno; Herefs. 48F3
Llanvihangel-near-Roggiett; Monms. 61C2
Llanvihangel-Crucorney; Monms. 48F4
Llanvihangel-Gobion; Monms. 48F5
Llanvihangel-Llantarnam; Monms. 61B1
Llanvihangel-Nant-Melan; Radnor 47D1
Llanvihangel-Pont-y-Moile; Monms. 48F6
Llanvihangel-Tor-y-Mynydd; Monms. 48G6
Llanvihangel-ystern-Llewern; Monms. 48G5
Llanvillo; Brecon 47D3
Llanvrynach; Brecon 47C4
Llanwarne; Herefs. 48G4
Llanwddyn; Montg. 34G2
Llanwenarth-Citra; Monms. 48E5
Llanwenllwyfo; Angl. 22F2
Llanwenog; Cards. 46F2
Llanwern; Monms. 61B2
Llanwinio; Carms. 45C4
Llanwnda; Caerns. 22F4
Llanwnda; Pembs. 44G3
Llanwnen; Cards. 46F2
Llanwnog; Montg. 33C6
Llanwonno; Glams. 60G1
Llanwrda; Carms. 46H3
Llanwrin; Montg. 33D3
Llanwrthwl; Brecon 47B1
Llanwrtyd; Brecon 47B2
Llanwyddelan; Montg. 34G3
Llanyblodwell; Shrops. 35A2
Llanybyther; Carms. 46F3
Llanychaer; Pembs. 45A3
Llanychaiarn; Cards. 33B5
Llanychan; Denb. 23C4
Llanychlwydog; Pembs. 45A3
Llanycil; Merion. 23B6
Llanycrwys; Cards. 46G2
Llanymawddwy; Merion. 34F2
Llanymynoch; Shrops. 35B2
Llanynys; Brecon 47C2
Llanynys; Denb. 23C4
Llanrye; Radnor 47C1
Llanystumdwy; Caerns. 22E6
Llanywern; Brecon 47C4
Llawhaden; Pembs. 45A5
Llechcynfarwy; Angl. 21D2
Llechrhyd; Cards. 45C3
Llechylched; Angl. 21D3
Llowes; Radnor 48E3
Llysfaen; Caerns. 23B3
Llyswen; Brecon 47D3
Llyswarney; Glams. 60F3
Llys-y-fran; Pembs. 45A4
Llywel; Brecon 47B4
Load, Long; Som. 74G1
Lockerley; Hamps. 76H1
Locking; Som. 61B4
Lockinge, East; Berks. 64F2
Lockington; Leics. 38F1
Lockington; Yorks. 19C2
Lockton; Yorks. 13B4
Loddington; Leics. 39A3
Loddington; Nhant. 39A3
Loddiswell; Devon. 85C3
Loddon; Norf. 43A4
Loders; Dorset. 74G4
Lodsworth; Suss. 78F2
Lofthouse; Yorks. 12H2
Lolworth; Cambs. 53C1
Londesborough; Yorks. 19B3
London; Lond. 66F2
Londonthorpe; Lincs. 28G6
Longborough; Gloucs. 50G4
Longcot; Berks. 63D2
Longdon; Shrops. 35C3
Longdon; Staffs. 37B2
Longdon; Worcs. 49C3
Longdon-on-Tern; Shrops. 36E2
Longfield; Kent 67B3
Longfleet; Dorset. 76E4
Longford; Derby. 26E6
Longford; Shrops. 36F2
Longham; Norf. 42E2
Longhope; Gloucs. 49B5
Longney; Gloucs. 49B5
Longnor; Shrops. 35C4
Longnor; Staffs. 26F4
Longparish; Hamps. 64F5
Longridge; Lancs. 16E3
Long-Sleddale; Westmd. 9C3
Longstock; Hamps. 64E6
Longstone; Derby. 26G3
Longton; Lancs. 15C4
Longtown; Herefs. 48F4
Longwood; Yorks. 17B5
Longworth; Berks. 51A6
Looe, East; Corn. 84G2
Loose; Kent 67C5
Lopen; Som. 74G2
Lopham, North; Norf. 42F5
Lopham, South; Norf. 42F5
Loppington; Shrops. 35C1
Lorton; Cumb. 8H2
Lostwithiel; Corn. 84F2
Loughborough; Leics. 38G2
Loughor; Glams. 59B1
Loughton; Bucks. 52E3
Loughton; Essex 66G1
Lound; Suff. 43B4
Louth; Lincs. 29B2
Loveston; Pembs. 45B5
Lovington; Som. 75A1
Lowdham; Notts. 27C5
Lowesby; Leics. 38H3
Lowestoft; Suff. 43C4
Loweswater; Cumb. 8H2
Lowick; Lancs. 9B5
Lowick; Nhant. 39C5
Lowick; Nhumb. 2E3
Lowther; Westmd. 9D2
Lowthorpe; Yorks. 19D1
Lowton; Lancs. 25A1
Loxbeare; Devon. 73B2
Loxhore; Devon. 59C6
Loxley; Warws. 50G2
Loxton; Som. 61B4
Lubenham; Leics. 38H5
Luccombe; Som. 60F5
Lucker; Nhumb. 2G4
Luckington; Wilts. 62G2
Lucton; Herefs. 48G1
Ludborough; Lincs. 29B1
Ludchurch; Pembs. 45B5
Luddenden; Yorks. 17B4
Luddenham; Kent 68E4
Luddesdown; Kent 67B4
Luddington; Lincs. 40E5
Luddington-in-the-Brook; Nhant. 39D4
Ludford; Shrops. 35D6
Ludford; Lincs. 29A2
Ludgershall; Bucks. 51C5
Ludgershall; Wilts. 63D5
Ludgvan; Corn. 82G4
Ludham; Norf. 43A2
Ludlow; Shrops. 35D6
Luffenham, North; Rutlds. 39C3
Luffenham, South; Rutlds. 39C3
Luffincott; Devon. 71D3
Lufton; Som. 74G2
Lugwardine; Herefs. 48H3
Lullingstone; Kent 67A4
Lullington; Derby. 37C3
Lullington; Som. 80E4
Lullington; Suss. 80E4
Lulsley; Worcs. 49B2
Lulworth, East; Dorset. 75C5
Lulworth, West; Dorset. 75C5
Lund; Yorks. 19C2
Lunds; Yorks. 11A5
Luppitt; Devon. 73D3
Lurgashall; Suss. 78G2
Lusby; Lincs. 29C3
Lustleigh; Devon. 72H5
Luton; Beds. 52H4
Lutterworth; Leics. 38G5
Lutton; Nhant. 40E4
Luxborough; Som. 60F6
Luxulyan; Corn. 84E1
Lydbury, North; Shrops. 35A5
Lydd; Kent 81B2
Lydden; Kent 69A5
Lydeard, Bishop’s; Som. 74E1
Lydeard, St. Lawrence; Som. 60H6
Lydford; Devon. 72F4
Lydford, East; Som. 75A1
Lydford, West; Som. 74H1
Lydgate; Suff. 54G1
Lydgate; Yorks. 16H4
Lydham; Shrops. 35B4
Lydiard-Millieent; Wilts. 63B2
Lydiard-Tregoz; Wilts. 63B2
Lydlinch; Dorset. 75B3
Lydney; Gloucs. 49A6
Lyford; Berks. 64E1
Lyme-Regis; Dorset. 74F4
Lyminge; Kent 68G6
Lymington; Hamps. 76H4
Lyminster; Suss. 78G3
Lymm; Ches. 25B2
Lympne; Kent 68B6
Lympsham; Som. 61B4
Lympstone; Devon. 73C5
Lyncombe; Som. 62F4
Lyndhurst; Hamps. 76H3
Lyndon; Rutlds. 39B3
Lyneham; Wilts. 63B2
Lyng; Norf. 42F2
Lyng; Som. 74F1
Lynn, West; Norf. 41B2
Lynton; Devon. 59C5
Lyonshall; Herefs. 48E1
Lytchett-Matravers; Dorset. 76E4
Lytchett-Minster; Dorset. 76E4
Lytham; Lancs. 15B4
Lythan’s, St.; Glams. 60G3
Lythe; Yorks. 13B3


Mabe; Corn. 83B4
Mablethorpe; Lincs. 29D2
Mabyn, St.; Corn. 84E1
Macclesfield; Ches. 25D3
Macclesfield-Forest; Ches. 26E3
Machen; Monms. 61A2
Machynlleth; Montg. 33D4
Mackworth; Derby. 27A6
Maddington; Wilts. 63B5
Madehurst; Suss. 78G3
Madeley; Shrops. 36F3
Madeley; Staffs. 25C6
Madingley; Cambs. 53C1
Madley; Herefs. 48G3
Madresfield; Worcs. 49C2
Madron; Corn. 82F4
Maenclochog; Pembs. 45B4
Maentwrog; Merion. 22G6
Maer; Staffs. 25C6
Maesmynis; Brecon 47C2
Maghull; Lancs. 15B6
Magor; Monms. 61C2
Maiden-Newton; Dorset. 75A4
Maidford; Nhant. 51C2
Maidstone; Kent 67C4
Maidwell; Nhant. 38H5
Mainstone; Shrops. 35A5
Maisemore; Gloucs. 49C4
Maker; Corn. 85A2
Malborough; Devon. 85C3
Maiden; Surr. 66F3
Maldon; Essex 54G6
Mallerstang; Westmd. 10F3
Malling, East; Kent 67B4
Malling, South; Suss. 79C3
Malling, West; Kent 67B4
Mallwyd; Merion. 34F2
Malmesbury; Wilts. 63A2
Malpas; Ches. 24G5
Malpas; Monms. 61B2
Maltby; Yorks. 27B2
Maltby-le-Marsh; Lincs. 29D2
Malton, New; Yorks. 13A6
Malton, Old; Yorks. 13A6
Malvern, Great; Worcs. 49C3
Mamble; Worcs. 36F6
Mamhead; Devon. 73B5
Mamhilad; Monms. 48F6
Manaccan; Corn. 83B5
Manafon; Montg. 34H3
Manaton; Devon. 72H5
Manby; Lincs. 29C2
Mancetter; Warws. 38E4
Manchester; Lancs. 25C1
Manea; Cambs. 40H4
Manfield; Yorks. 11C3
Mangotsfield; Gloucs. 62F3
Manningford-Abbas; Wilts. 63C4
Manningford-Bruce; Wilts. 63C4
Mannington; Norf. 42G1
Manningtree; Essex 55B4
Manorbier; Pembs. 58E1
Manordivy; Pembs. 45C3
Manorowen; Pembs. 44G3
Mansell-Gamage; Herefs. 48G2
Mansell-Lacy; Herefs. 48G2
Mansergh; Westmd. 10E5
Mansfield; Notts. 27C4
Mansfield-Woodhouse; Notts. 27C4
Manston; Dorset. 75C2
Manton; Lincs. 19C6
Manton; Rutlds. 39B3
Manuden; Essex 53D4
Maperton; Som. 75B1
Maplebeck; Notts. 27D4
Maplederwell; Hamps. 64H5
Mapledurham; Oxon. 64H3
Maplestead, Great; Essex 54G3
Maplestead, Little; Essex 54G3
Mapleton; Derby. 26G5
Mapleton; Yorks. 20F3
Mapperton; Dorset. 74G3
Mappowder; Dorset. 75B3
Marbury; Ches. 25B3
March; Cambs. 40G4
Marcham; Berks. 29B3
Marchington; Staffs. 37B1
Marchwiel; Denb. 24F5
Marcle, Little; Herefs. 49B3
Marcle, Much; Herefs. 49B4
Mardale; Westmd. 9C3
Marden; Herefs. 48H2
Marden; Kent 67C5
Marden; Wilts. 63B4
Marden, East; Suss. 78E3
Marden-Up; Suss. 78E3
Mareham-le-Fen; Lincs. 29B4
Mareham-on-the-Hill; Lincs. 29B3
Maresfield; Suss. 79D2
Marfleet; Yorks. 20E4
Margam; Glams. 59D2
Margaret, St.; Herefs. 48F3
Margaret, St. , at Cliffe; Kent 69A5
Margaret-Marsh; Dorset. 75C2
Margaretting; Essex 54F6
Margate; Kent 69A3
Marham; Norf. 41B3
Marhamchurch; Corn. 71C3
Marholm; Nhant. 40E3
Mariansleigh; Devon. 72H1
Mark; Som. 61B5
Markby; Lincs. 29D3
Markfield; Leics. 38F3
Markham, East; Notts. 27D3
Markham, Clinton; Notts. 23E3
Marksbury; Som. 62F4
Markshall; Essex 54G4
Marland, Peter’s; Devon. 72F2
Marlborough, St.,Wilts. 63C3
Marldon; Devon. 86E1
Marlesford; Suff. 56E1
Marlingford; Norf. 42F3
Marloes; Pembs. 44F5
Marlow, Great; Bucks. 65B2
Marlow, Little; Bucks. 65B2
Marnham; Notts. 28E3
Marnhull; Dorset. 75C2
Marple; Ches. 25D2
Marr; Yorks. 18F6
Marrick; Yorks. 11B4
Marros; Carms. 43C6
Marsden; Yorks. 16G3
Marsham; Norf. 42G1
Marshfield; Gloucs. 62G3
Marshfield; Monms. 61B2
Marsh Chapel; Lincs. 29C1
Marsh Gibbon; Bucks. 51C4
Marshwood; Dorset. 74G3
Marske; Yorks. 11B4
Marske-by-the-Sea; Yorks. 12G2
Marston; Lincs. 37A1
Marston; Oxon. 51B5
Marston; Staffs. 26F6, 36H1
Marston-Bigott; Som. 62G5
Marston, Butler’s; Warws. 50H2
Marston Chapel; Worcs. 37C5
Marston, Fleet; Bucks. 52E5
Marston, Long; Yorks. 10F2
Marston-Magna; Som. 75A2
Marston-Meysey; Wilts. 63B1
Marston-Montgomery; Derby. 26F6
Marston-Morteyne; Beds. 52G3
Marston, North; Bucks. 52E4
Marston-on-Dove; Derby. 37C1
Marston, Potters; Leics. 38F4
Marston, Priors; Warws. 51B1
Marston St. Lawrence; Nhant. 51B3
Marston-Sicca; Gloucs. 50G2
Marston, South; Wilts. 63C2
Marston-Trussel; Nhant. 38H5
Marstow; Herefs. 48H5
Marsworth (or Masworth); Bucks. 52F5
Martham; Norf. 43B2
Martin; Lincs. 29B4
Martin; Wilts. 76F2
Martin, St.,-by-Looe; Corn. 84G2
Martin, St.; Shrops. 24F6
Martin, St., in Meneage; Corn. 83B5
Martindale; Westmd. 9C3
Martinhoe; Devon. 59C5
Martin-Hussingtree; Worcs. 49C1
Martlesham; Suff. 55G2
Martletwy; Pembs. 45A5
Martley; Worcs. 49B1
Martock; Som. 74G4
Marton; Ches. 25A4
Marton; Lincs. 28F2
Marton; Warws. 25C4
Marton-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12G2
Marton-in-Craven; Yorks. 16H2
Marton-in-the-Forest; Yorks. 12G6
Marton, Long; Westmd. 10F2
Marton with Grafton; Yorks. 18F1
Marwood; Devon. 59B6
Mary Church, St.; Devon. 73B6
Mary Church, St.; Glams. 60G3
Mary Hill, St.; Glams. 60F2
Mary, St., in the Marsh; Kent 81B2
Maryport; Cumb. 3C6
Marystow; Devon. 72E5
Masham; Yorks. 11G5
Mashbury; Essex 54F5
Massingham, Great; Norf. 41C1
Massingham, Little; Norf. 41C1
Matching; Essex 54E5
Matherne; Monms. 61D1
Mathon; Worcs. 49B2
Mathry; Pembs. 44G3
Matlask; Norf. 31C6
Matlock; Derby. 27A4
Matson; Gloucs. 49C5
Matterdale; Cumb. 9B2
Mattersey; Notts. 27D2
Mattingley; Hamps. 65A4
Mattishall; Norf. 42F2
Maughan, St.; Monms. 48G5
Maulden; Beds. 52H3
Mautby; Norf. 43B3
Mawgan-in-Meneage; Corn. 83B4
Mawgan-in-Pyder; Corn. 83C1
Mawnan; Corn. 83B4
Maxey; Nhant. 40E3
Maxstoke; Warws. 37C5
Mayfield; Staffs. 26F5
Mayfield; Suss. 80E2
Mayland; Essex 55A6
Meare; Som. 61C5
Measham; Derby. 38E2
Meavy; Devon. 85B1
Medbourne; Leics. 39A4
Medmenham; Bucks. 65A2
Medomsley; Durham 6F5
Medstead; Hamps. 64H6
Meerbrook; Staffs. 25D4
Meesden; Herts. 53C4
Meeth; Devon. 72F3
Meifod; Montg. 34H2
Melbourn; Cambs. 53C3
Melbourne; Derby. 38E1
Melbury-Abbas; Dorset. 75C2
Melbury-Bubb; Dorset. 75A3
Melbury-Osmond; Dorset. 74H3
Melbury-Sampford; Dorset. 74H3
Melchbourne; Beds. 39C6
Melcombe-Horsey; Dorset. 75B3
Melcombe-Regis; Dorset. 75B5
Meldon; Nhumb. 6F2
Meldreth; Cambs. 53C2
Melford, Long; Suff. 54H2
Meliden; Flint 23C2
Meline; Pembs. 45B3
Melksham; Wilts. 62H4
Melling, near Lancaster; Lancs. 9D6
Melling, near Liverpool; Lancs. 24F1
Mellion, St.; Corn. 84H1
Mellis; Suff. 42F5
Mellon, St.; Monms. 61A2
Mellor; Derby. 26E2
Mells; Som. 62F5
Melmerby; Cumb. 5A6
Melsonby; Yorks. 11C3
Meltham; Yorks. 17B5
Melton; Suff. 55D2
Melton; Yorks. 19C4
Melton-Constable; Norf. 42F1
Melton, Great; Norf. 42G3
Melton, High; Yorks. 27B1
Melton, Little; Norf. 42G3
Melton-Mowbray; Leics. 39A2
Melton-Ross; Lincs. 19D5
Melverley; Shrops. 35B2
Membury; Devon. 74F3
Mendham; Suff. 42F6
Mendlesham; Suff. 42G6
Menheniot; Corn. 84G1
Mentmore; Bucks. 52F4
Meols, North; Lancs. 15B5
Meon, East; Hamps. 77D2
Meon-Stoke; Hamps. 77C2
Meon, West; Hamps. 77C2
Meopham; Kent 67B4
Mepal; Cambs. 40B5
Meppershall; Beds. 52H3
Mere; Wilts. 62G6
Merevale; Warws. 37D4
Mereworth; Kent 67B5
Meriden; Warws. 37C5
Merrington, Kirk; Durham 11C1
Merriott; Som. 74G2
Merrow; Surr. 65C5
Merryn, St.; Corn. 70G5
Mersea, East; Essex 55B5
Mersea, West; Essex 55B5
Mersham; Kent 68F6
Merstham; Surr. 66F4
Merston; Suss. 78F4
Merther; Corn. 83C3
Merthyr; Carms. 45D5
Merthyr-Cynog; Brecon 47C3
Merthyr-Dovan; Glams. 60G3
Merthyr-Mawr; Glams. 60F2
Merthyr-Tydfil; Glams. 47C6
Merton; Devon. 72F2
Merton; Norf. 42E3
Merton; Oxon. 51C5
Merton; Surr. 66F3
Meshaw; Devon. 72H2
Messing; Essex 54H5
Messingham; Lincs. 19B6
Metfield; Suff. 42H5
Metheringham; Lincs. 28H4
Methley; Yorks. 18E4
Methwold; Norf. 41B4
Mettingham; Suff. 43A4
Metton; Norf. 31C6
Mevagissey; Corn. 83D3
Mewan, St.; Corn. 84E2
Mexborough; Yorks. 27B1
Meylltyrne; Caerns. 32G1
Michael, St.,-on-Wyre; Lancs. 15C3
Michael, Caerhays; Corn. 83D3
Michaelchurch, Herefs. 48H4
Michaelchurch-on-Arrow; Radnor 48E2
Michaelchurch, St.; Som. 74F1
Michaelchurch-Eskley; Herefs. 48E3
Michaelston-le-Pit; Glams. 60H3
Michaelston-super-Avon; Glams. 60
Michaelston-super-Ely; Glams. 60G3
Michaelstone-y-Vedw; Glams. 61A2
Michaelstow; Corn. 71B4
Micheldean; Gloucs. 49B5
Micheldever; Hamps. 64F6
Michelmersh; Hamps. 77A2
Mickfield; Suff. 55C1
Mickelham; Surr. 66E4
Mickleover; Derby. 27A6
Mickleton; Gloucs. 13A5
Middleham; Yorks. 11B5
Middlesbrough; Yorks. 12F2
Middlesmoor; Yorks. 11B6
Middleton, St. George; Durham 12E3
Middleton; Essex 54H3
Middleton; Lancs. 16G6
Middleton; Norf. 41B2
Middleton; Suff. 43B6
Middleton; Suss. 78G4
Middleton; Warws. 37C4
Middleton; Westmd. 10E5
Middleton; Westmd. 10E5
Middleton-Cheney; Nhant. 51B3
Middleton-in-Teesdale Durham 10H2
Middleton-on-Leven; Yorks. 12F3
Middleton-on-the-Hill; Herefs. 48Hl
Middleton-on-the-Wolds; Yorks. 19C2
Middleton-Scriven; Shrops. 36F4
Middleton-Stoney; Oxon. 51C4
Middleton-Stoney; Derby. 26G3
Middleton-Tyas; Yorks. 10E5
Middlewich; Ches. 25B4
Middlezoy; Som. 61B6
Midgham; Berks. 64G3
Midhope; Yorks. 26G1
Midhurst; Suss. 78F2
Milborne, St. Andrew; Dorset. 75C4
Milborne-Port; Som. 75B2
Milbrook; Beds. 52G3
Milburn; Westmd. 10F1
Milcombe; Oxon. 51A3
Milden; Suff. 55A2
Mildenhall; Suff. 63C3
Mildenhall; Wilts. 63C3
Mile-End (or Myland); Essex 55A4
Mileham; Norf. 42E2
Milford-Haven; Pemb. 44G6
Milford; Hamps. 76H4
Millbrook; Hamps. 77A3
Millington; Yorks. 19B2
Millom; Cumb. 8H5
Milnrow; Lancs. 16H5
Milson; Shrops. 36E6
Milstead; Kent 67D4
Milston; Wilts. 63C5
Milton; Berks. 64F1
Milton; Cambs. 53D1
Milton; Hamps. 64F1
Milton; Kent 68G4
Milton-Abbey; Dorset. 75C3
Milton, Abbot; Devon. 72E5
Milton-Bryan; Beds. 52G4
Milton-Clevedon; Som. 62F6
Milton-Darnerel; Devon. 71D2
Milton-Ernest; Beds. 52G1
Milton, Great; Oxon. 51C6
Milton-Keynes; Bucks. 52F3
Milton-Lilborne; Wilts. 63C4
Milton-Malzor; Nhant. 52E2
Milton, next Gravesend; Kent 67B3
Milton, next Sitting-bourne; Kent 67D4
Milton, South; Devon. 85C3
Milverton; Som. 73D1
Milverton; Warws. 37D6
Milwich; Staffs. 37A1
Mimms., North; Herts. 53B6
Mimms, South; Middx. 53B6
Minchinhampton; Gloucs. 49C6
Minehead; Som. 60F5
Minety; Wilts. 63A1
Miningsby; Lincs. 29B4
Minshull, Church; Ches. 25B4
Minstead; Hamps. 76H3
Minster; Corn. 71B4
Minster-in-Sheppey; Kent 67D3
Minster (Thanet); Kent 68H4
Minster-Lovell; Oxon. 50H5
Minster, South; Essex 68E3
Minsterley; Shrops. 35B3
Minsterworth; Gloucs. 49D5
Minterne Magna; Dorset. 75B3
Minting; Lincs. 29A3
Minver, St. , Corn. 70H5
Mirfield; Yorks. 17C5
Miserden; Gloucs. 49D6
Missenden, Great; Bucks. 52F6
Missenden, Little; Bucks. 65B1
Misson; Notts. 27D1
Misterton; Leics. 38G5
Misterton; Notts. 28E1
Misterton; Som. 74G3
Mistley; Essex 55C4
Mitcham; Surr. 66F3
Mitchel-Troy; Monms. 48G5
Mitford; Nhumb. 6G2
Mitton, Lower; Worcs. 36G6
Mixbury; Oxon. 51C3
Mobberley; Ches. 25C3
Moccas; Herefs. 48F3
Modbury; Devon. 85C2
Molash; Kent 68F5
Mold; Flint 24E4
Molesey, East; Surr. 66E3
Molesey, West; Surr. 66E3
Molesworth; Hunts. 39D5
Molland; Devon. 73A1
Mollington; Oxon. 51B2
Molton, North; Devon. 72H1
Molton, South; Devon. 72H1
Monckton, Bishop’s; Yorks. 18E1
Monckton-Tarrant; Dorset. 75D3
Monewden; Suff. 55C1
Mongeham, Great; Kent 69A5
Mongewell; Oxon. 64G2
Monington; Pembs. 45B3
Monk-Hopton; Shrops. 36E4
Monkland; Herefs. 48G1
Monkleigh; Devon. 72E2
Monks-Eleigh; Suff. 55A2
Monksilver; Som. 60G6
Monkswood; Monms. 48F6
Monkton; Devon. 73D3
Monkton; Kent 68H3
Monkton-Farleigh; Wilts. 62G3
Monkton-Moor; Yorks. 18F2
Monkton-Nun; Yorks. 18F1
Monkton, West; Som. 74E1
Monmouth; Monms. 48G5
Monnington-on-Wye; Herefs. 48F2
Montacute; Som. 74G2
Montford; Shrops. 35C2
Montgomery; Montg. 35A4
Monxton; Hamps. 64E5
Monyash; Derby. 26F4
Moorby; Lincs. 29B4
Moorlinch; Som. 61C6
Morborne; Hunts. 40E4
Morchard-Bishop; Devon. 72H3
Morcott; Rutlds. 39B3
Morden; Dorset. 75D4
Morden; Surr. 66F3
Morden, Guilden; Cambs. 53B3
Morden, Steeple; Cambs. 53B3
Mordiford; Herefs. 48H3
More; Shrops. 35B4
Morebath; Devon. 73B1
Moreleigh; Devon. 85D2
Moresby; Cumb. 8F2
Morestead; Hamps. 77B2
Moreton; Dorset. 75C4
Moreton; Essex 54E6
Moreton-Corbet; Shrops. 35D2
Moreton-Hampstead; Devon. 72H4
Moreton-in-the-Marsh; Gloucs. 50G3
Moreton, Maids’; Bucks. 52E3
Moreton-Morrell; Warws. 50H2
Moreton, North; Berks. 64G1
Moreton-on-Lugg; Herefs. 48G2
Moreton-Pinkney; Nhant. 51C2
Moreton-Say; Shrops. 36E1
Moreton, South; Berks. 64G1
Moreton-Valence; Gloucs. 49B5
Morland; Westmd. 10E2
Morley; Derby. 27A6
Morley, St. Botolph; Norf. 42F3
Morley, St. Peter; Norf. 42F3
Morningthorpe; Norf. 42G4
Morpeth; Nhumb. 6G2
Morston; Norf. 31B5
Mortehoe; Devon. 59A5
Mortlake; Surr. 66E3
Morton; Derby. 27A4
Morton; Lincs. 40E1
Morton; Notts. 27D5
Morton, Abbott’s; Worcs. 50F2
Morton-Bagot; Warws. 50E1
Morton-Jefferies; Herefs. 49A2
Morton-on-the-Hill; Norf. 42G2
Morvah; Corn. 82F4
Morval; Corn. 84G2
Morville; Shrops. 36F4
Morwenstow; Corn. 71C2
Moseley; Worcs. 37B5
Mosser; Cumb. 8G2
Mossley; Lancs. 26E1
Mosterton; Dorset. 74G3
Motcomb; Dorset. 75C2
Mothvey; Carms. 47A4
Mottisfont; Hamps. 77A2
Mottiston (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77A5
Mottram-in-Longden-dale; Ches. 26E1
Moughtrey; Mong. 34G4
Moulsford; Berks. 64G2
Moulsoe; Bucks. 52F3
Moulton; Lincs. 40F1
Moulton; Nhant. 52E1
Moulton; Suff. 42G4
Moulton, Great; Norf. 42G4
Moulton, Little; Norf. 43B3
Mount; Cards. 45C2
Mountfield; Suss. 80G2
Mountnessing; Essex 67B1
Mounton; Monms. 61C1
Mountsorrel; Leics. 38G2
Mowsley; Leics. 38G4
Moylgrove; Pembs. 45B3
Moze; Essex 55C4
Muchelney; Som. 74G1
Mucking; Essex 67B2
Mucklestone; Staffs. 25B6
Muckton; Lincs. 29C2
Mudford; Som. 74H2
Mugginton; Derby. 26H5
Muggleswick; Durham 6F5
Muker; Yorks. 10H4
Mulbarton; Norf. 42G3
Mullion; Corn. 83B5
Mumby; Lincs. 29D3
Muncaster; Cumb. 8G4
Munden, Great; Herts. 53C4
Munden, Little; Herts. 53C4
Mundesley; Norf. 31D6
Mundford; Norf. 41C4
Mundham; Norf. 42H4
Mundham, North, Suss. 78F4
Mundon; Essex 54H6
Mungrisdale; Cumb. 9B1
Munsley; Herefs. 49B3
Munslow; Shrops. 35D5
Mursley; Bucks. 52F4
Murston; Kent 68E4
Musbury; Devon. 94F4
Musgrave, Great; Westmd. 10F3
Muskham, North; Notts. 28E4
Muskham, South; Notts. 28E4
Muston; Leics. 28F6
Muston; Yorks. 14E5
Mutford; Suff. 43B5
Myddle; Shrops. 35C2
Mydrim; Carms. 45C5
Mylor; Corn. 83C4
Mynachlogdu; Pembs. 45B4
Mynwere; Pembs. 45A5
Mynyddyslwyn; Monms. 61A1
Myton-upon-Swale; Monms. 48
Mytton; Monms. 48


Naburn; Yorks. 18G3
Nackington; Kent 68G4
Nacton; Suff. 55C3
Nafferton; Yorks. 19D1
Nafford; Worcs. 49D3
Nailsea; Som. 61C3
Nailstone; Leics. 38F3
Nailsworth; Gloucs. 62G1
Nannerch; Denb. 23D3
Nantcwynlle; Cards. 46F1
Nantddu; Brecon 47C5
Nantglyn; Denb. 23C4
Nantmel; Radnor 47C1
Nantwich; Ches. 25B5
Napton-on-the-Hill; Warws. 51B1
Narberth; Pembs. 45B5
Narborough; Leics. 38G4
Narburgh; Norf. 41C2
Narford; Norf. 41C2
Naseby; Nhant. 38H5
Nash; Monms. 61B2
Nash; Pembs. 45A6
Nassington; Nhant. 39C4
Nateley-Scures; Hamps. 64H4
Nateley-Up; Hamps. 64H4
Natland; Westmd. 9D5
Naughton; Suff. 55B2
Naunton; Gloucs. 50F4
Naunton-Beauchamp; Worcs. 50E2
Navenby; Lincs. 28G4
Navestock; Essex 67A1
Nayland; Suff. 55A3
Nazeing; Essex 53C6
Neath; Glams. 59D1
Neatishead; Norf. 43A2
Necton; Norf. 41D3
Nedging; Suff. 55B2
Needham; Norf. 42G5
Neen-Savage; Shrops. 36F5
Neen-Sollars; Shrops. 36F6
Neenton; Shrops. 36E4
Nempnett-Thrubwell; Som. 61D4
Neot, St.; Corn. 84F1
Neot’s, St.; Hunts. 53A1
Nerquis; Flint 24E4
Ness, Great; Shrops. 35C2
Ness, Little; Shrops. 35C2
Neston; Ches. 24F3
Netheravon; Wilts. 63C5
Netherbury; Dorset. 74G3
Nether-Exe; Devon. 73B3
Netherwent; Monms. 61C2
Netteswell; Essex 53D5
Nettlebed; Oxon. 64H2
Nettlecombe; Som. 60G6
Nettleden; Bucks. 52G5
Nettleham; Lincs. 28G3
Nettlestead; Kent 67B5
Nettlestead; Suff. 55B2
Nettleton; Lincs. 28H1
Nettleton; Wilts. 62B2
Nevendon; Essex 67C1
Nevern; Pembs. 45B3
Nevin, or Nefyn; Caerns. 21C6
Newark-on-Trent; Notts. 28E5
Newbald; Yorks. 19B3
Newbiggin; Westmd. 10E1
Newbiggin; Nhumb. 5D5
Newbold-on-Avon; Warws. 38F5
Newbold-Pacey; Warws. 50Hl
Newbold-Verdon; Leics. 38F3
Newborough; Staffs. 37B2
Newborough; Angl. 22E3
Newbottle; Nhant. 51B3
Newbourne; Suff. 55D3
Newbrough; Nhumb. 5C4
Newburn; Nhumb. 6G4
Newbury; Berks. 64F3
Newcastle; Glams. 60F2
Newcastle-on-Tyme; Nhumb. 6G4
Newcastle, Little; Pembs. 45A4
Newcastle-under-Lyme; Staffs. 25C5
Newchapel; Staffs. 25C5
Newchurch; Carms. 45D4
Newchurch (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77C5, 64F4
Newchurch; Kent 81B1
Newchurch; Monms. 61C1
Newchurch; Radnor 48E2
Newchurch-in-Pendle; Lancs. 16G3
Newchurch-in-Rossendale; Lancs. 16G4
Newchurch-in-Tyr-Abbott; Brecon 47B3
Newchurch-Kenyon; Lancs. 25A1
Newdigate; Surr. 66E5
Newenden; Kent 80G2
Newent; Gloucs. 49B4
Newhaven; Suss. 79C4
Newick; Suss. 79C2
Newington next Sittingbourne; Kent 67D4
Newington; Oxon. 66G2
Newington, St. Mary; Surr. 66F3
Newington-Bagpath; Gloucs. 62G1
Newington, next Folkestone; Kent 68G6
Newington, South; Oxon. 51A3
Newington, Stoke; Middx. 66F2
Newland; Gloucs. 48H5
Newland; Worcs. 49C2
Newland; Lancs. 9B5
Newlands; Cumb. 9A2
Newlyn; Corn. 83C2
Newmarket; Suff. 54F1
Newmarket; Cambs. 54F1
Newmarket; Flint 23C3
New Moat; Pembs. 45A4
Newnham; Gloucs. 49B5
Newnham; Hamps. 64H4
Newnham; Herts. 53B3
Newnham; Kent 68E4
Newnham; Nhant. 51C1
Newnham-Murren; Oxon. 64G1
Newnton, Long; Wilts. 63B4
Newnton-Longville; Bucks. 52F4
Newport; Essex 54E3
Newport (I.O.W.) Hamps. 77B5
Newport; Monms. 61B2
Newport; Shrops. 36F2
Newport; Pembs. 45B3
Newport-Pagnell; Bucks. 52F3
Newtimber; Suss. 79B3
Newton (near Cambridge); Cambs. 54H3
Newton (near Wisbech); Cambs. 40G2
Newton; Lancs. 12G3
Newton; Lincs. 28G6
Newton; Pembs. 45A5
Newton-Blossomville; Bucks. 52F2
Newton-Bromswold; Nhant. 39C6
Newton-by-Castleacre; Norf. 41C2
Newton-by-Toft; Lincs. 28H2
Newton-Ferrers; Devon. 85B3
Newton-Flotman; Norf. 42G4
Newton-Harcourt; Leics. 38G4
Newton-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12G3
Newton-in-Makerfield; Lancs. 24H1
Newton-in-the-Willows; Nhant. 39B5
Newton, Kirk; Nhumb. 1C4
Newton, Kyme; Yorks. 18F3
Newton, Long; Durham 12E2
Newton, near Sudbury; Suff. 55A3
Newton, North; Som. 61B6
Newton, North; Wilts. 63B4
Newton-Nottage; Glams. 60E2
Newton, Old; Suff. 55B1
Newton-on-Ouze; Yorks. 18F1
Newton-on-Trent; Lincs. 28F3
Newton-Poppleford; Devon. 73C4
Newton-Purcell; Oxon. 51C4
Newton-Regis; Warws. 37D3
Newton-Reigny; Cumb. 9C1
Newton-Solney; Derby. 37D1
Newton, South; Wilts. 63B6
Newton, St. Cyres; Devon. 73B4
Newton, St. Loe; Som. 62F4
Newton-St. Petrock; Devon. 72E2
Newton-Tony; Wilts. 63C6
Newton-Tracey; Devon. 72F1
Newton-Valence; Hamps. 65A6
Newton-Water; Hunts. 39D4
Newton, Welsh; Herefs. 48G5
Newton, West; Norf. 41B1
Newton-Wold; Lincs. 29B1
Newton-Wold; Yorks. 13C6
Newton-Wood; Nhant. 39C4
Newtown; Montg. 34H4
Newtown; Hamps. 64F4
Newtown; Shrops. 35C1
Newtown-Linford; Leics. 38F3
Nibley, North; Gloucs. 62F1
Nichol-Forest; Cumb. 4H2
Nicholas, St.; Devon. 73B6
Nicholas, St.; Glams. 60G3
Nicholas, St.; Pembs. 44G3
Nicholas, St., at Wade; Kent 68H3
Nicholaston; Glams. 59B2
Nidd; Yorks. 17D1
Ninebanks; Nhumb. 5C5
Ninfield; Suss. 80F3
Niton (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B6
Nocton; Lincs. 28H4
Noke; Oxon. 51C5
Nolton; Pembs. 44G5
Nolton; Glams. 60F2
Nonington; Kent 68H4
Norbury; Ches. 25A5
Norbury; Derby. 26E5
Norbury; Shrops. 36G2
Norbury; Staffs. 36G2
Norham; Durham 2E3
Normanby; Lincs. 28G2
Normanby; Yorks. 12H5
Normanby-on-the-Wold; Lincs. 28H1
Normanton; Derby. 38E1
Normanton; Lincs. 28G5
Normanton; Rutlds. 39C3
Normanton; Yorks. 27A6
Normanton-le-Heath; Leics. 38E2
Normanton-on-Soar; Notts. 38F2
Normanton-on-Trent; Notts. 28E3
Normanton, South; Derby. 27B4
Northallerton; Yorks. 12E4
Northam; Devon. 72E1
Northampton; Nhant. 52E1
Northaw; Herts. 53B6
Northborough; Nhant. 40E3
Northbourne; Kent 69A5
Northchapel; Suss. 78E1
Northenden; Ches. 25C2
Northfield; Worcs. 37A5
Northfleet; Kent 87B3
North-Hill; Corn. 71C4
North-Holme; Lincs. 29D4
Northiam; Suss. 80G2
Northill; Beds. 53A2
Northington; Hamps. 64G6
Northleach; Gloucs. 50F5
Northmoor; Oxon. 51B6
Northolt; Middx. 65D2
Northop; Flint 24E3
Northorpe; Lincs. 28F1
Northover; Som. 74H1
Northwick; Gloucs. 61D2
Northwold; Norf. 41C4
Northwood (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B4
Norton; Derby. 27A2
Norton; Durham 11D6
Norton; Gloucs. 49C4
Norton; Herts. 53B3
Norton; Kent 68E4
Norton; Nhant. 51C1
Norton; Radnor 35B6
Norton (St.Philip); Som. 62G4
Norton; Suff. 42E6
Norton; Worcs. 49D3, 49C2
Norton; Yorks. 12F2
Norton-Bavant; Wilts. 62H5
Norton, Bishop; Lincs. 28G1
Norton-Brize; Oxon. 50H5
Norton-Canes; Staffs. 37A3
Norton, Canon; Herefs. 48F2
Norton, Chipping; Oxon. 50H4
Norton, Cold; Essex 54H6
Norton-Coleparle; Wilts. 62G2
Norton-Disney; Lincs. 28F4
Norton, East; Leics. 39A4
Norton-Fitzwarren; Som. 74E1
Norton, Hook; Oxon. 51A3
Norton-in-Hales; Shrops. 25B6
Norton-in-Moors; Staffs. 25D5
Norton-juxta-Kempsey; Worcs. 49C2
Norton-juxta-Twy-cross; Leics. 37D3
Norton, King’s; Leics. 38H3
Norton, King’s; Worcs. 37B5
Norton-Lindsey; Warws. 50G1
Norton-Malreward; Som. 62E3
Norton-Mandville; Essex 54E6
Norton-Midsomer; Som. 62F4
Norton-Subcorse; Norf. 43B4
Norton-sub-Hambdon; Som. 74G2
Norwell; Notts. 28E4
Norwich; Norf. 42G3
Norwood; Middx. 65D2
Notgrove; Gloucs. 50F4
Notley, Black; Essex 54G4
Notley, White; Essex 54G5
Nottingham; Notts. 27C6
Nowton; Suff. 54H1
Nuffield; Oxon. 64H2
Nunburnholme; Yorks. 19B2
Nuneaton; Warws. 37D4
Nuneham-Courtney; Oxon. 51B6
Nunkeeling; Yorks. 20E2
Nunney; Som. 62F5
Nunnington; Yorks. 12G5
Nunthorpe-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12G3
Nunton; Wilts. 76G1
Nursling; Hamps. 77A3
Nursted; Kent 67B3
Nutfield; Surr. 66F5
Nuthurst; Suss. 79A2
Nutley; Hamps. 64G5
Nuttall; Notts. 27B5
Nymet (St. George); Devon. 72G1
Nymett-Rowland; Devon. 72G3
Nympsfield; Gloucs. 49C6
Nympton, Bishop’s; Devon. 72H1
Nympton, King’s; Devon. 72G2
Nynehead; Som. 73D1


Oadby; Leics. 38G3
Oake; Som. 73D1
Oakford; Devon. 73B2
Oakham; Rutlds. 39B3
Oakington; Cambs. 53C1
Oakley; Beds. 52G2
Oakley; Bucks. 52G2
Oakley; Suff. 42G5
Oakley, Church; Hamps. 64G5
Oakley, Great; Essex 55C4
Oakley, Great; Nhant. 39B5
Oakley, Little; Essex 55C4
Oakley, Little; Nhant. 39B5
Oaksey; Wilts. 63A1
Oare; Kent 68F4
Oare; Som. 59D5
Oborne; Dorset. 75B2
Oby; Norf. 43B2
Occold; Suff. 42G6
Ockbrook; Derby. 38F1
Ockendon, North, Essex 67A2
Ockendon, South, Essex 67B2
Ockham; Surr. 65D4
Ockley; Surr. 66E6
Ocle-Pychard; Herefs. 49A2
Odcombe; Som. 74G2
Oddingley; Worcs. 49D1
Oddington; Gloucs. 50G4
Oddington, Oxon. 50G4
Odell; Beds. 52G1
Odiham; Hamps. 65A5
Odstock; Wilts. 76F1
Offchurch; Warws. 51A1
Offenham; Worcs. 50F2
Offham; Kent 67B4
Offley; Herts. 52h4
Offley, High; Staffs. 36G1
Offord-Cluny; Hunts. 40F6
Offord-Darcy; Hunts. 40F6
Offton; Suff. 55B2
Offwell; Devon. 74E3
Ogbourne, St. Andrew; Wilts. 63C3
Ogbourne, St. George; Wilts. 63C3
Ogwell, East; Devon. 73A6
Ogwell, West; Devon. 73A6
Okeford, Childe; Dorset. 75C3
Okeford-Fitzpaine; Dorset. 75C3
Okehampton; Devon. 72F4
Okehampton-Monk; Devon. 72F3
Okeover; Staffs. 26F5
Okewood; Surr. 78H1
Old; Nhant. 39A6
Oldberrow; Worcs. 37B6
Oldbury; Shrops. 36F4
Oldbury; Worcs. 36F4
Oldbury-on-the-Hill; Gloucs. 62G1
Oldbury-on-Severn; Gloucs. 62E1
Oldcastle; Monms. 48F4
Oldham; Lancs. 16H6
Oldswinford; Worcs. 36G5
Ollerton; Notts. 27D4
Olney; Bucks. 52F2
Olveston; Gloucs. 61D2
Ombersley; Worcs. 49C1
Onecote; Staffs. 26F4
Onehouse; Suff. 55B1
Ongar, Chipping; Essex 54E6
Ongar, High; Essex 54E6
Onibury; Shrops. 35C5
Orby; Lincs. 29D4
Orchard, East; Dorset. 75C2
Orchard-Portman; Som. 74E2
Orchard, West; Dorset. 75C2
Orchardleigh; Som. 62G5
Orcheston, St. George; Wilts. 63B5
Orcheston, St. Mary; Wilts. 63B5
Orcop; Herefs. 48G4
Ordsall; Notts. 27D3
Ore; Suss. 80G3
Orford; Suff. 56F2
Orleston; Kent 68F6
Orleton; Herefs. 35C6
Orleton; Worcs. 36F6
Orlingbury; Nhant. 39B6
Ormsby, Nun; Lincs. 29B1
Ormsby, South; Lincs. 29C3
Ormesby; Yorks. 12F2
Ormesby, St. Margaret; Norf. 43B2
Ormesby, St. Michael; Norf. 43B2
Ormshed; Westmd. 10F2
Ormskirk; Lancs. 15C6
Orpington; Kent 66H3
Orsett; Essex 67B2
Orston; Notts. 28E6
Orton; Nhant. 4F5
Orton; Westmd. 10E3
Orton, Great; Cumb. 4F5
Orton-Longueville; Hunts. 40E3
Orton-on-the-Hill; Leics. 37D3
Orton-Waterville; Hunts. 40E4
Orwell; Cambs. 53C2
Osbaldwick; Yorks. 18G2
Osbournby; Lincs. 28H6
Osgathorpe; Leics. 38F2
Osmaston-by-Ash-bourne; Derby. 26G5
Osmaston-by-Derby; Derby. 26H6
Osmington; Dorset. 75B5
Osmotherley; Yorks. 12F4
Ospringe; Kent 68F4
Ossett; Yorks. 17D5
Ossington; Notts. 28E4
Oswaldkirk; Yorks. 12G5
Oswestry; Shrops. 35B1
Osyth, St.; Essex 55C5
Otford; Kent 67A4
Otham; Kent 67C5
Othery; Som. 74G1
Otley; Suff. 55C2
Otley; Yorks. 17C3
Otterbourne; Hamps. 77B2
Otterden; Kent 68E4
Otterford; Som. 74E2
Otterham; Corn. 71B3
Otterhampton; Som. 61A5
Otterington, North; Yorks. 12E5
Otterington, South; Yorks. 12E5
Otterton; Devon. 73C5
Ottery, St. Mary; Devon. 73C4
Ottery, Upper; Devon. 74E2
Ottery, Venn; Devon. 73C4
Ottringham; Yorks. 20F4
Oulton; Norf. 42G1
Oulton; Suff. 43B4
Oundle; Nhant. 39G4
Ousby; Cumb. 10E1
Ousden; Suff. 54G1
Ouseburn, Great; Yorks. 18F1
Ouseburn, Little; Yorks. 18F1
Outwell; Norf. 40H3
Over; Cambs. 40G6
Over; Ches. 25A4
Overbury; Worcs. 50E3
Overstone; Nhant. 52E1
Overstrand; Norf. 31D6
Overton; Flint 24F6
Overton; Lancs. 15C2
Overton; Hamps. 64F5
Overton; Wilts. 63B3
Overton; Yorks. 18G2
Overton, Cold; Leics. 39B3
Overton, Market; Rutlds. 39B2
Oving; Bucks. 52E4
Oving; Suss. 78F3
Ovingdean; Suss. 79C4
Ovingham; Nhumb. 6F4
Ovington; Essex 54G3
Ovington; Hamps. 77C1
Ovington; Norf. 42E3
Owermoigne; Dorset. 75B5
Owersby; Lincs. 28A1
Owlpen; Gloucs. 62G1
Owmby-by-Spital; Lincs. 28G2
Owslebury; Hamps. 77B2
Owston; Lincs. 28E1
Owston; Yorks. 18G5
Owston; Leics. 39A3
Owthorne; Yorks. 20G4
Owthorpe; Notts. 27D5
Oxborough; Norf. 41C3
Oxendon, Great; Nhant. 39A5
Oxenhall; Gloucs. 49B4
Oxenton; Gloucs. 49D4
Oxford; Oxon. 51B6
Oxhill; Warws. 50H2
Oxhead; Norf. 42G1
Oxted; Surr. 66G4
Oxton; Notts. 27C5
Oxwich; Glams. 59B2
Oxwick; Norf. 41D1
Oystermouth; Glams. 59B2
Ozleworth; Gloucs. 62F1


Packington; Leics. 38E2
Packington, Great; Warws. 37C5
Packington, Little; Warws. 37C5
Packwood; Warws. 37C6
Padbury; Bucks. 52E4
Paddington; Middx. 66E2
Paddlesworth; Kent 81C1
Padiham; Lancs. 16G4
Padstow; Corn. 70G5
Padworth; Berks. 64G3
Pagham; Suss. 78F4
Paglesham; Essex 68E1
Paington; Devon. 86F1
Painswick; Gloucs. 49C5
Pakefield; Suff. 43C4
Pakenham; Suff. 42E6
Palgrave; Suff. 42F5
Palling-next-the-Sea; Norf. 43B1
Pamber; Hamps. 64G4
Pampisford; Cambs. 53D2
Pancras-Wyke; Devon. 71C3
Panfield; Essex 54G4
Pangbourn; Berks. 64G3
Pannall; Yorks. 17D2
Panteg; Monms. 61B1
Panton; Lincs. 29A3
Papplewick; Notts. 27C5
Papworth-St. Agnes; Cambs. and Hunts. 40F6
Papworth-Everard; Cambs. 53B1
Parham; Suff. 55D1
Parham; Suss. 78H3
Parkham; Devon. 71D1
Parkstone; Dorset. 76F4
Parley, West; Dorset. 76F4
Parndon, Great; Essex 53C5
Parndon, Little; Essex 53C5
Parracombe; Devon. 59C5
Parson-Drove; Cambs. 40G3
Partney; Lincs. 29C3
Partrishow; Brecon 48E4
Parwich; Derby. 26G5
Passenham; Nhant. 52E3
Paston; Norf. 31D6
Paston; Nhant. 40E3
Patcham; Suss. 79B3
Patching; Suss. 78H3
Pateley-Bridge; Yorks. 17C1
Patney; Wilts. 63B4
Patrington; Yorks. 20G4
Patrixbourne; Kent 68G4
Patshull; Staffs. 36G3
Patterdale; Westmd. 9B2
Pattingham; Shrops.and Staffs. 36G4
Pattishall; Nhant. 51D2
Pattiswick; Essex 54G4
Paul, St.; Corn. 82G4
Paulers Pury; Nhant. 52E2
Paull; Yorks. 20E4
Paulton; Som. 62F4
Pauntley; Gloucs. 49B4
Pavenham; Beds. 52G2
Pawlett; Som. 61B5
Paxton, Great; Hunts. 53B1
Paxton, Little; Hunts. 53A1
Peak Forest; Derby. 26F3
Peakirk; Nhant. 40E3
Peasemore; Berks. 64F3
Peasenhall; Suff. 43A6
Peasmarsh; Suss. 80H2
Peatling-Magna; Leics. 38G4
Peatling-Parva; Leics. 38G4
Pebmarsh; Essex 54H3
Pebworth; Gloucs. 50F2
Peckham, East; Kent 67B5
Peckham, West; Kent 67B5
Peckleton; Leics. 38F3
Pedmore; Worcs. 36H5
Peel; Lancs. 16F6
Peldon; Essex 55A5
Pelham, Brent; Herts. 53C4
Pelham, Furneaux; Herts. 53C4
Pelham, Stocking; Herts. 53C4
Pelsall; Staffs. 37A3
Pelynt; Corn. 84G2
Pembrey; Caerns. 46E6
Pembridge; Herefs. 48G1
Pembroke, St. Mary; Pembs. 45A6
Pembroke, St. Michael; Pembs. 45A6
Pembroke, St. Nicholas; Pembs. 45A6
Pembury; Kent 67B5
Penalley; Pembs. 58F1
Penalt; Monms. 48H5
Penarth; Glams. 61A3
Penboyr; Carms. 45D3
Penbryn; Cards. 45C2
Pencarreg; Caerns. 22
Pencombe; Herefs. 48H2
Pencoyd; Herefs. 48G4
Penderyn; Brecon 47B5
Pendleton; Lancs. 16E3
Pendock; Worcs. 49C4
Pendomer; Som. 74H2
Pendoylan; Glams. 60G2
Penegoes; Montg. 33D3
Penhow; Monms. 61C2
Penhurst; Suss. 80F2
Penistone; Yorks. 17C6
Penkridge; Staffs. 36H2
Penley; Flint 24G6
Penllech; Caerns. 21C6
Penmachno; Caerns. 22H5
Penmaen; Glams. 59B2
Penmark; Glams. 60G3
Penmon; Angl. 22G2
Penmorva; Caerns. 22F6
Pennynnedd; Angl. 22F3
Penn; Bucks. 65B1
Penn; Staffs. 36G4
Pennal; Merion. 33C4
Pennant; Montg. 34G1
Pennard, East; Som. 61C6
Pennard, West; Som. 61D6
Pennington; Lancs. 9A6
Pennycross; Devon. 85B2
Penrhos; Caerns. 32H1
Penrhos; Monms. 48G5
Penrhoslligwy; Angl. 22F2
Penrice; Glams. 59B2
Penrieth; Pembs. 45C3
Penrith; Cumb. 9D1
Pensax; Worcs. 36F6
Pen-Selwood; Som. 75B1
Penshaw; Durham 7A5
Penshurst; Kent 67A5
Penstrowed; Montg. 34G4
Penterry; Monms. 61D1
Pentir; Caerns. 22F1
Pentlow; Essex 54G2
Pentney; Norf. 41C2
Penton-Mewsey; Hamps. 64E5
Pentraeth; Angl. 22F3
Pentrevoelas; Denb. 23B5
Pentrich; Derby. 27A5
Pentridge; Dorset. 76F2
Pentyrch; Glams. 60G2
Penwortham; Lancs. 15D4
Pen-y-Clawdd; Monms. 48G5
Penzance; Corn. 82G4
Peopleton; Worcs. 49D2
Peover, Lower; Ches. 25B3
Peover, Over; Ches. 25C3
Peper-Harrow; Surr. 65B5
Perivale; Middx. 66E2
Perlethorpe; Notts. 27C3
Perran-Arworthal; Corn. 83B3
Perranuthnoe; Corn. 82G4
Perranzabuloe; Corn. 83B2
Perrot, North; Som. 74G3
Perrot, South; Dorset. 74G3
Pershore, St. Andrew; Worcs. 49D3
Pershore, Holy Cross; Worcs. 49D3
Pertenhall; Beds. 52H1
Peterchurch; Herefs. 48F3
Peterborough Cathedral; Nhant. 40E3
Peterborough, St. John; Baptist; Nhant. 40E3
Petersfield; Hamps. 78E2
Petersham; Surr. 66E3
Peter’s, St. (Isle of Thanet); Kent 69B3
Peterstone-super-Montem; Glams. 60F2
Peterstone-Wentloog; Monms. 61B2
Peterston-super-Ely; Glams. 60G2
Peterstow; Herefs. 48H4
Petham; Kent 68G5
Petherick, Little; Corn. 70G6
Petherton, North; Som. 61B6
Petherton, South; Som. 74G2
Petherwyn, North; Devon. 71C4
Petherwyn, South; Corn. 71C4
Petrockstowe; Devon. 72F2
Petrox, St.; Pembs. 45A6
Pett; Suss. 80H3
Pettaugh; Suff. 55C1
Pettistree; Suff. 55D2
Petton; Shrops. 35C1
Petworth; Suss. 78G2
Pevensey; Suss. 80F3
Pewsey; Wilts. 63C4
Peyhembury; Devon. 73C3
Phillack; Corn. 82G3
Philleigh; Corn. 83C3
Pickenham, North; Norf. 41D3
Pickenham, South; Norf. 41D3
Pickering; Yorks. 13A5
Pickhill; Yorks. 12E5
Pickwell; Leics. 39A3
Pickworth; Lincs. 28G6
Pickworth; Rutlds. 39C2
Piddinghoe; Suss. 79C4
Piddington; Nhant. 52E2
Piddington; Oxon. 51C5
Piddle, North; Worcs. 50E2
Piddle, Wyre; Worcs. 50E2
Piddle-Hinton; Dorset. 75B4
Piddle Town; Dorset. 75B4
Piddle Trenthide; Dorset. 75B4
Pidley; Hunts. 40G5
Pierre, St.; Monms. 61D1
Pilham; Lincs. 28F1
Pillaton; Corn. 85A1
Pillerton-Hersey; Warws. 50H2
Pillerton-Priors; Warws. 50H2
Pilleth; Radnor 35A6
Pilling; Lancs. 15C2
Pilsdon; Dorset. 74G3
Pilton; Devon. 59B6
Pilton; Nhant. 39B3
Pilton; Rutlds. 39B3
Pilton; Som. 62E6
Pimperne; Dorset. 75C3
Pinchbeck; Lincs. 40F1
Pinhoe; Devon. 73B4
Pinner; Middx. 66E1
Pinnock; Gloucs. 50F4
Pinncock, St.; Corn. 71C6
Pinvin; Worcs. 50E2
Pinxton; Derby. 27B5
Pipe; Herefs. 48G2
Pirbright; Surr. 65C4
Pirton; Herts. 53A4
Pirton; Oxon. 64H1
Pirton; Worcs. 49C2
Pishill; Oxon. 64H1
Pistyll; Caerns. 21C6
Pitchcombe; Gloucs. 49C6
Pitchcott; Bucks. 52E4
Pitchford; Shrops. 35D3
Pitcomb; Som. 75B1
Pitminster; Som. 74E2
Pitney; Som. 74G1
Pitsea; Essex 67C2
Pitsford; Nhant. 39A6
Pitstone; Bucks. 52G5
Pittington; Durham 6H6
Pixley; Herefs. 49B3
Plaistow; Suss. 78G1
Plaitford; Wilts. 76H2
Plaxtol; Kent 67B5
Playden; Suss. 81A2
Playford; Suff. 55C2
Pleasley; Derby. 27B4
Plemstall; Ches. 24G3
Pleshey; Essex 54F5
Pluckley; Kent 68E5
Plumbland; Cumb. 3D6
Plumpton; Nhant. 51C2
Plumpton; Suss. 79C3
Plumpton-Hall; Cumb. 9C1
Plumstead; Kent 66H2
Plumstead; Norf. 31C6
Plumstead, Little; Norf. 42H3
Plumstead, Great; Norf. 42H3
Plumtree; Notts. 27C6
Plungar; Leics. 28E6
Plymouth St. Andrews; Devon. 85B2
King Charles the Martyr; Devon. 85B2
Plympton (St. Mary); Devon. 85B2
Plympton (St. Maurice); Devon. 85B2
Plymstock; Devon. 85B2
Plymtree; Devon. 73C3
Pocklington; Devon. 19B2
Podymore-Milton; Som. 74H1
Polebrook; Nhant. 39D4
Polesworth; Warws. 37C3
Poling; Suss. 78G3
Polstead; Suff. 55A3
Poltimore; Devon. 73B4
Ponsonby; Cumb. 8G3
Pontefract; Yorks. 18F5
Ponteland; Nhumb. 6G3
Pontesbright (or Chappel); Essex 54H4
Pontesbury; Shrops. 35C3
Ponton, Great; Lincs. 39B1
Ponton, Little; Lincs. 39B1
Pool, South; Devon. 85D3
Poole; Dorset. 76E4
Poole; Yorks. 17C3
Poole-Keynes; Wilts. 63A1
Poorstock; Dorset. 74H4
Poorton, North; Dorset. 74H3
Popham; Hamps. 64G5
Poplar; Middx. 66G2
Poppleton-Nether; Yorks. 18G2
Poppleton-Upper; Yorks. 18G2
Poringland, Great; Norf. 42G3
Poringland, Little; Norf. 42G3
Porlock; Som. 60F5
Portbury; Som. 61C3
Portchester; Hamps. 77C3
Portesham; Dorset. 75A5
Port-Eynon; Glams. 59A2
Porthkerry; Glams. 60G3
Portishead; Som. 61C3
Portland; Dorset. 75B6
Portlemouth; Devon. 85D4
Portsea; Hamps. 77C4
Portskewet; Monms. 61C2
Portslade; Suss. 79B3
Portsmouth; Hamps. 77C4
Poslingford; Suff. 54G2
Postling; Kent 68G6
Postwick; Norf. 42H3
Potsgrove; Beds. 52G4
Potter-Hanworth; Lincs. 28H4
Potterne; Wilts. 63A4
Potterspury; Nhant. 52E3
Potton; Beds. 53B2
Pott-Shrigley; Ches. 25D3
Poughill; Corn. 71C2
Poughill; Devon. 73A3
Poulshot; Wilts. 63A4
Poulton-le-Fylde; Lancs. 15B3
Poulton-le-Sands; Lancs. 15B3
Poulton; Wilts. 50F6
Poundstock; Corn. 71C3
Powderham; Devon. 73B4
Powick; Worcs. 49C2
Poxwell; Dorset. 75B5
Poynings; Suss. 79B3
Poyntington; Dorset. 75B2
Poynton; Ches. 25D2
Preen-Church; Shrops. 35D4
Prees; Shrops. 35D1
Prendergast; Pembs. 44H5
Prescot; Lancs. 24G1
Preshute; Wilts. 63C3
Prestbury; Ches. 25C3
Prestbury; Gloucs. 50E4
Presteign; Herefs. 48F1
Preston; Droset. 74H2
Preston (near Cirencester); Gloucs. 50F6
Preston (near Ledbury); Gloucs. 49B3
Preston-by-Faversham; Kent 68F4
Preston (near Elmston); Kent 68H4
Preston; Lancs. 15D4
Preston; Rutlds. 39B3
Preston; Som. 75B5
Preston; Suff. 55A2
Preston; Suss. 78H4
Preston-in-Holderness; Yorks. 20E4
Preston-Bagot; Warws. 37C6
Preston-Bissett; Bucks. 51C4
Preston-Capes; Nhant. 51C2
Preston-Deanery; Nhant. 52E1
Preston, East; Suss. 78H4
Preston-Gobalds; Shrops. 35C2
Preston, Long; Yorks. 16G2
Preston-Patrick; Westmd. 19D5
Preston-on-Stour; Gloucs. 50G2
Preston-on-the-Weald Moors; Shrops. 36F2
Preston-on-Wye; Herefs. 48F3
Preston-Wynne; Herefs. 48H2
Prestwich; Lancs. 25C1
Prestwold; Leics. 38G2
Priddy; Som. 61D5
Princetown; Devon. 72F5
Priorfs-Lee; Shrops. 36F3
Prior’s-Dean; Hamps. 77D1
Priston; Som. 62F4
Prittlewell; Essex 67D2
Privett; Hamps. 77D2
Probus; Corn. 83C3
Publow; Som. 62E4
Puckington; Som. 74F2
Pucklechurch; Gloucs. 62F3
Puddington; Beds. 52G1
Puddington; Devon. 73A2
Pudlestone; Herefs. 48H1
Pudsey; Yorks. 17C4
Pulborough; Suss. 78G2
Pulford; Ches. 24F4
Pulham, St. Mary the Virgin; Norf. 42G5
Pulham, St. Mary Magdalen; Norf. 42G5
Pulham; Dorset. 75B3
Pulloxhill; Beds. 52H3
Pulverbatch; Shrops. 35C3
Puncheston; Pembs. 45A4
Puncknowle; Dorset. 74H4
Puriton; Som. 61B5
Purleigh; Essex 54G6
Purley; Berks. 64G3
Purton; Wilts. 63B2
Pusey; Berks. 64E1
Putford, East; Devon. 71D2
Putford, West; Devon. 71D2
Putley; Herefs. 49A3
Putney; Surr. 66F3
Puttenham; Herts. 52F5
Puttenham; Surr. 65B5
Puxton; Som. 61C4
Pwllcrochan; Pembs. 44G6
Pyecombe; Suss. 79B3
Pyle; Glams. 60E2
Pylle; Som. 62E6
Pyon, Kings; Herefs. 48G2
Pyrford; Surr. 65C4
Pytchley; Nhant. 39B6
Pyworthy; Devon. 71D3


Quadring; Lincs. 29B6
Quainton; Bucks. 52E4
Quantoxhead, East; Som. 60H5
Quantoxhead, West; Som. 60G5
Quarley; Hamps. 63D5
Quarndon; Derby. 27A6, 26H6
Quarnford; Staffs. 26E4
Quarrington; Lincs. 28H5
Quatford; Shrops. 36F4
Quatt-Malvern; Shrops. 36F4
Quedgeley; Gloucs. 49C5
Queenborough; Kent 67D3
Queenhill; Worcs. 49C3
Quendon; Essex 54E4
Queniborough; Leics. 38G2
Quenington; Gloucs. 50G6
Quethiock; Corn. 71C5
Quiddenham; Norf. 42F4
Quinton; Gloucs. 50G2
Quinton; Nhant. 52E2
Quorndon; Leics. 38G2


Rackenford; Devon. 73A2
Rackheath; Norf. 42H2
Racton; Suss. 78E3
Radbourne; Derby. 26H6
Radcliffeon-Trent; Notts. 27C6
Radcliffe; Lancs. 16G6
Radclive; Bucks. 51D3
Raddington; Som. 73C1
Radford; Notts. 27C6
Radford-Semele; Warws. 38E6
Radipole; Dorset. 75B5
Radley; Berks. 51B6
Radnage; Bucks. 65A1
Radnor, New; Radnor 48E1
Radnor, Old; Radnor 48E1
Radstock; Som. 62F4
Radstone; Nhant. 51C3
Radway; Warws. 51A2
Radwell; Herts. 53B3
Radwinter; Essex 54F3
Radyr; Glams. 60H2
Ragdale; Leics. 38H2
Raglan; Monms. 48G5
Ragnall; Notts. 28E3
Rainford; Lancs. 24G1
Rainham; Kent 67C4
Rainham; Essex 67A2
Rainham, East; Norf. 41D1
Rainham, West; Norf. 41D1
Rainham, South; Norf. 41D1
Rainow; Ches. 25D3
Raithby (Spilsby); Lincs. 29C4
Raithby (South); Lincs. 29B2
Rame; Corn. 85A3
Rampisham; Dorset. 74H3
Rampton; Cambs. 40G6
Rampton; Notts. 28E3
Ramsbury; Wilts. 63D3
Ramsden-Bellhouse; Essex 67B1
Ramsden-Crays; Essex. 67B1
Ramsey; Essex 55C4
Ramsey; Hunts. 40F5
Ramsholt; Suff. 55D3
Ranby; Lincs. 29B3
Rand; Lincs. 28H3
Randwick; Gloucs. 49C6
Rangeworthy; Gloucs. 62F2
Ranworth; Norf. 43A2
Rasen-Market; Lincs. 28H2
Rasen-Middle-Drax; Lincs. 28H2
Rasen-Middle-Tup-holme; Lincs. 28H2
Rasen, West; Lincs. 28H2
Raskelf; Yorks. 12F6
Rastrick; Yorks. 17B5
Ratby; Leics. 38F3
Ratcliffe-Culey; Leics. 37D4
Ratcliffe-on-Soar; Notts. 27C6
Ratcliffe-on-the-Wreak Leics. 38G2
Ratley; Warws. 51A2
Ratlinghope; Shrops. 35C4
Rattery; Devon. 85D2
Rattlesden; Suff. 55A1
Rauceby; Lincs. 28G5
Raughton-Head; Cumb. 4F5
Raunds; Nhant. 39C6
Raveley, Great; Hunts. 40F5
Raveley, Little; Hunts. 40F5
Ravendale; Lincs. 29B1
Ravenfield; Yorks. 27B1
Raveningham; Norf. 43A4
Ravensden; Beds. 52H2
Ravensthorpe; Nhant. 38H6
Ravenstone; Bucks. 52F2
Ravenstone; Leics. 38E2
Ravenstonedale; Westmd. 10F3
Rawcliffe; Yorks. 18H5
Rawdon; Yorks. 17C3
Rawmarsh; Yorks. 27B1
Rawreth; Essex 67C1
Raydon; Suff. 55B3
Rayleigh; Essex 67C1
Rayne; Essex 54G4
Reading; Berks. 64H3
Rearsby; Leics. 38G2
Reculver; Kent 68G3
Redberth; Pembs. 45B6
Redbourn; Herts. 52H5
Redbourne; Lincs. 28G1
Redditch; Worcs. 37B6
Rede; Suff. 54G2
Redenhall; Norf. 42H5
Redgrave; Suff. 42F5
Redisham, Great; Suff. 43B5
Redisham, Little; Suff. 43B5
Redlingfield; Suff. 42G6
Redmarley-d’Abitot; Worcs. 49B4
Redmarshall; Durham 12E2
Redmile; Leics. 28E6
Redmire; Yorks. 11B4
Redruth; Corn. 83B3
Redwick; Monms. 61C2
Reed; Herts. 53C3
Reedham; Norf. 43B3
Reepham; Lincs. 28G3
Reepham; Norf. 42F1
Reigate; Surr. 66F5
Reighton; Yorks. 13D6
Remenham; Berks. 65A2
Rempstone; Notts. 38G1
Rendcombe; Gloucs. 50F5
Rendham; Suff. 56E1
Rendlesham; Suff. 56E2
Renhold; Beds. 52H2
Rennington; Nhumb. 2G5
Renwick; Cumb. 5A6
Repps; Norf. 43B2
Repps, North; Norf. 31D6
Repps, South; Norf. 31D6
Repton; Derby. 38E1
Reston, North; Lincs. 29C2
Reston, South; Lincs. 29C2
Retford, East; Notts. 27D3
Retford, West; Notts. 27D3
Rettendon; Essex 67C1
Revelstoke; Devon. 85B3
Revesby; Lincs. 29B4
Rewe; Devon. 73B3
Reydon; Suff. 43B5
Reymerston; Norf. 42F3
Reynoldston; Glams. 59B2
Rhayader; Radnor 34F6
Rhiw; Caerns. 32G1
Rhoscolyn; Angl. 21C3
Rhos-Crowther; Pembs. 44G6
Rhossili; Glams. 59A2
Rhosmarket; Pembs. 44H5
Rhuddlan; Flint 23C3
Ribbesford; Worcs. 36G6
Ribby; Lancs. 15B4
Ribchester; Lancs. 16F3
Riby; Lincs. 20E6
Riccal; Yorks. 18G3
Richard’s Castle; Herefs. 35C6
Richmond; Surr. 66E3
Richmond; Yorks. 11C4
Rickinghall-Inferior; Suff. 42F5
Rickinghall-Superior; Suff. 42F5
Rickling; Essex 53D4
Rickmansworth; Herts. 65C1
Riddlesworth; Norf. 42E5
Ridge; Herts. 53B6
Ridgewell; Essex 54G3
Ridgmont; Beds. 52G3
Ridley; Kent 67B4
Ridlington; Norf. 43A1
Ridlington; Rutlds. 39B3
Ridware-Mavesyn; Staffs. 37B2
Ridware-Pipe; Staffs. 37B2
Rigsby; Lincs. 29C3
Rillington; Yorks. 13B6
Rilston; Yorks. 17A2
Rimpton; Som. 74H2
Ringland; Norf. 42G2
Ringley; Lancs. 16F6
Ringmer; Suss. 79D3
Ringmore; Devon. 85C3
Ringsfield; Suff. 43B5
Ringshall; Suff. 55B2
Ringstead; Nhant. 39C6
Ringstead; Norf. 30F5
Ringway; Ches. 25C2
Ringwood; Hamps. 76G3
Ringwould; Kent 69A5
Ripe; Suss. 79D3
Ripley; Surr. 65C4
Ripley; Yorks. 17D1
Ripon; Yorks. 12E6
Rippingale; Lincs. 40E1
Ripple; Kent 69A5
Ripple; Worcs. 49C3
Ripponden; Yorks. 17A5
Ripton-Abbots; Hunts. 40F5
Ripton, King’s; Hunts. 40F5
Risborough, Monk’s; Bucks. 52E6
Risborough, Prince’s; Bucks. 52E6
Risby; Lincs. 19C3
Risby; Suff. 41C6
Risca; Monms. 61A1
Rise; Yorks. 20F3
Riseley; Beds. 52G1
Rishangles; Suff. 42G6
Risington, Great; Gloucs. 50G5
Risington, Little; Gloucs. 50G4
Risington, Wick; Gloucs. 50G4
Risley; Derby. 27B6
Riston, Long; Yorks. 20E3
Rivenhall; Essex 54G5
River; Kent 68H5
Rivington; Lancs. 16E5
Road; Som. 62G4
Roade; Nhant. 52E2
Roath; Glams. 61A3
Robeston, Wathen; Pembs. 45B5
Robeston, West; Pembs. 44G5
Roborough; Devon. 72F2
Rocester; Staffs. 26F6
Roch; Pembs. 44G4
Roche; Corn. 84E2
Rochdale; Lancs. 16G5
Rochester Cathedral; Kent 67C3
Rochford; Essex 67D2
Rochford; Worcs. 36E6
Rock; Nhumb. 2G5
Rock; Worcs. 36F6
Rockbeare; Devon. 73C4
Rockbourne; Hamps. 76F2
Rockfield; Monms. 48G5
Rockhampton; Gloucs. 62E1
Rockingham; Nhant. 39B4
Rockland; Norf. 42H3
Rocliffe; Cumb. 4F4
Rodborne-Cheney; Wilts. 63B2
Rodborough; Gloucs. 49C6
Rodden; Som. 62G5
Roding-Abbess; Essex 54E5
Roding-Aythorpe; Essex 54E5
Roding, High; Essex 54E5
Roding-Leaden; Essex 54E5
Roding-Margaret; Essex 54F5
Roding, White; Essex 54E5
Rodington; Shrops. 36E2
Rodmarton; Gloucs. 62H1
Rodmell; Suss. 79C3
Rodmersham; Kent 68E4
Rogate; Suss. 78E2
Rogiett; Monms. 61C2
Rokeby; Yorks. 11B2
Rollesby; Norf. 43B2
Rolleston; Leics. 37C1
Rolleston; Notts. 27D5
Rolleston; Staffs. 37C1
Rollright, Great; Oxon. 50H4
Rollright, Little; Oxon. 50H4
Rollstone; Wilts. 63B5
Rolvenden; Kent 80H1
Romald-Kirk; Yorks. 11A2
Romansleigh; Devon. 72H2
Romford; Essex 67A2
Romneijr, New; Kent 81B2
Romney, Old; Kent 81B2
Romsey; Hamps. 77A2
Romsley; Worcs. 37A5
Ronton; Staffs. 36G1
Roos; Yorks. 20F4
Ropley; Hamps. 64G6
Ropsley; Lincs. 28G6
Rose-Ash; Devon. 72H1
Rosedale; Yorks. 13A4
Rosliston; Derby. 37C2
Ross; Herefs. 49A4
Rossington; Yorks. 27C1
Rostherne; Ches. 25B2
Rothbury; Nhumb. 6F1
Rotherby; Leics. 38H2
Rotherfield; Suss. 80E1
Rotherfield-Greys; Oxon. 64H2
Rotherfield-Peppard Oxon. 64H2
Rotherham; Yorks. 27B2
Rotherhithe; Surr. 66G2
Rothersthorpe; Nhant. 52E1
Rotherwick; Hamps. 64H4
Rothley; Leics. 38G2
Rothwell; Lincs. 29A1
Rothwell; Nhant. 39B5
Rothwell; Yorks. 20E6
Rottingdean; Suss. 79C4
Rougham; Norf. 41C2
Rougham; Suff. 54H1
Roughton; Lincs. 39A6
Roughton; Norf. 31C6
Rounton, East; Yorks. 12F4
Rounton, West; Yorks. 12F4
Rousdon; Devon. 74F4
Rousham; Oxon. 51B4
Routh; Yorks. 19D3
Rowberrow; Som. 61C4
Rowde; Wilts. 63A4
Rowington; Warws. 37C6
Rowlestone; Herefs. 48F4
Rowley; Yorks. 19C4
Rowley-Regis; Staffs. 37A5
Rowner; Hamps. 77C4
Rowston; Lincs. 28H4
Roxby; Lincs. 19C5
Roxby; Yorks. 13A2
Roxham; Norf. 41B3
Roxton; Beds. 52H2
Roxwell; Essex 54F5
Roydon; Essex 53C5
Roydon (Diss); Norf. 42F5
Roydon (Lynn); Norf. 41B1
Royston; Herts. 53C3
Roystone; Yorks. 18E5
Royton; Lancs. 16H6
Ruabon; Denb. 24F5
Ruan-Lanihorne; Corn. 83C3
Ruan-Major; Corn. 83B5
Ruan-Minor; Corn. 83B5
Ruardean; Gloucs. 49A5
Ruckinge; Kent 68F6
Ruckland; Lincs. 29C3
Rudbaxton; Pembs. 44G5
Rudby-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12F3
Ruddington; Notts. 27C6
Ruddry; Glams. 61A2
Rudford; Gloucs. 49B4
Rudgwick; Suss. 65D6
Rudham,East; Norf. 41C1
Rudham, West; Norf. 41C1
Rudstone; Yorks. 19D1
Rufford; Lancs. 15C5
Rufforth; Yorks. 18F2
Rugby; Warws. 38F6
Rugeley; Staffs. 37B2
Ruishton; Som. 74F1
Ruislip; Middx. 65D2
Rulen; Radnor 47D2
Rumboldswyke; Suss. 78F3
Rumburgh; Suff. 43A5
Rumney; Monms. 61A2
Runcorn; Ches. 24G2
Runcton, North; Norf. 41B2
Runhall; Norf. 42F3
Runham; Norf. 43B3
Runnington; Som. 73D2
Runton; Norf. 31C6
Runwell; Essex 67C1
Ruscombe; Berks. 65A3
Rushall; Norf. 42G5
Rushall; Staffs. 37A4
Rushall; Wilts. 63B4
Rushbrook; Suff. 54H1
Rushbury; Shrops. 35D4
Rushden; Herts. 52G1
Rushden; Nhant. 39C6
Rushford; Norf. 42E5
Rushmere (Ipswich); Suff. 55C2
Rushmere (Beccles); Suff. 43B5
Rushock; Worcs. 36G6
Rushton; Nhant. 39B5
Rushton-Spencer; Staffs. 25D4
Ruskington; Lincs. 28H6
Rusland; Lancs. 9B5
Rusper; Suss. 66F6
Rustington; Suss. 78G4
Ruston-East; Norf. 43A1
Ruston-Parva; Yorks. 19D1
Ruston, South; Norf. 42H2
Ruthin; Denb. 23D5
Ruyton-in-the-Eleven-Towns; Shrops. 35C2
Ryarsh; Kent 67B4
Ryburgh, Great; Norf. 42E1
Ryburgh, Little; Norf. 42E1
Ryde (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77C4
Rye; Suss. 80H2
Ryhall; Rutlds. 39C3
Ryme-Intrinseca; Dorset. 74H2
Ryston; Norf. 41B3
Ryther; Yorks. 18G3
Ryton; Durham 6F4
Ryton; Shrops. 36F3
Ryton-on-Dunsmoor; Warws. 38E6

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