Laminating is a great tool to give your projects extra durability and add a finishing touch. We have two laminating styles to offer and two self-serve machines for expediting your projects. The machines are available on a first come, first serve basis.

    • Soft Lamination
      • 25″ Wide                             89¢/foot
      • Soft lamination is 25″ wide and measured by the running foot, meaning if you laminate 2 feet and 6 inches, we round up to 3 feet.
    • Hard Lamination
      • 12″ Wide                             89¢/foot
      • Hard lamination is still just 89 cents per running foot, but only 12″ wide. It’s perfect for extra durability.
    • Lamination Drop Off
      • Labor Charge                             99¢/foot
      • You may leave your lamination to be completed by Stevensons Genealogy for just 99¢/foot for both types. Projects are completed at our earliest convenience or in some cases while you wait!

*Note: Lamination is NOT acid free. It is not recommended to laminate items more than 1/8″ thick. You may not laminate social security cards and some paper types including sonograms and store receipts – these items may be ruined and/or turn black when run through the heat of the laminator. Laminating is done at your own risk.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Supplies limited to stock on hand. Prices do not include labor charges unless otherwise noted. Please call today for specific and current pricing.