Coil Binding

Coil binding (sometimes referred to as spiral binding) is a popular binding that allows the book to lie flat on the counter (great for cookbooks) or on your lap. It’s a great way to make textbooks easier to read, sheet music easier to play and a stylish way to make any document professional and finished.


We have a self-serve machine for customers to use and employees who are anxious to show you how to get to work. When binding books yourself, the only charge to you is the coil element that you use.

  • Coil binding elements
  • We have a wide variety of sizes for you to choose from, ranging from 7mm thickness to 38mm thickness. Prices range depending on the size you select from 50¢ to $2.25 per book.

If you would prefer Stevenson’s to bind your books, labor is determined by the number of books we bind in addition to the cost of each coil element we use. Books are bound in a timely manner at our earliest convenience while working with your schedule.

Labor for us to bind
First Book (depending on the number of pages) $2.75-4.50
20+ books (depending on the number of pages) $1.50-4.00/book

Labor charges are based on a sliding scale and quantity discount. For a specific quote, please call us.

Note: We carry black binding elements in all sizes. We also have white and clear spirals in select sizes and limited quantities.

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Supplies limited to stock on hand. Prices do not include labor charges unless otherwise noted. Please call today for specific and current pricing.