Descendants of Joseph and Sarah Ann Asay


By Flossie W. Asay. After joining the then unpopular Mormon Church in 1850, Joseph Asay was cut off from his family and dismissed by his friends. This account of Joseph Asay and his wife Sarah Ann, both originally from New Jersey, gives great detail of the struggles the couple faced after joining the LDS church while raising a family in New Jersey. Asay and his ten children later joined the pioneers in the westward movement out to Utah and helped settle and develop the area. Flossie Vaughn Asay. Original book was printed in 1965, 488 pp; 6″ x 9″ size. Copy is two original pages copied onto 8.5″ x 11″ paper.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS                                     Page
Title Page                                                      i
Dedication                                                     ii
Abbreviations                                                 iii
Arrangements and Explanations                      iv
Preface                                                         v
Kith and Kin                                                  vi
Table of Contents                                          vii
Chapter I Joseph and Sarah Ann Asay             1
Chapter II William Pedrick Asay                      33
Chapter III Edwin Asay                                   57
Chapter IV Isaac Asay                                   83
Chapter V Joseph Asay Jr.                             98
Chapter VI Emmer Asay Fletcher                  147
Chapter VII Theodore Parmer Asay                192
Chapter VIII Aaron Asay                                222
Chapter IX Eleazer Asay                                286
Chapter X Jerome Asay                                 372
Chapter XI Amos Asay                                   402
Town of Asay                                                410
Georgetown                                                  414
Town of Watch                                              418
Big Horn Colony and Lovell                             422
Index of Descendants and adopted children     429

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