[Here are more testimonials. Thanks for being the best clients.]

The book is everything I had hoped for. Please let anyone know that is hesitant to order that your firm is great and the book that was ordered really is a wonder. Anita R

Thank you for the professional manner in which you printed and had bound our family history. Everyone was thrilled with it and I enjoyed working with you. Marilyn B.

Since 1963 your business has been very important to me for my genealogy work; photos, supplies, printing, etc. There are other copy businesses closer to my home but the quality of prints, lower cost and convenience of self help far out way the extra miles from Orem. I hope your here long into the future. Ron L.

Received my order in great condition. Thank you so much. Jan

Stevenson has also been a great place to do business. Thanks, Nannette H

You have machines that have good results and employees that are very helpful. I have never been disappointed in the outcome of jobs I’ve left in your care. Marian M.

Absolutely cheerful and personal service… friends helping friends. Equipment for copying well and economically priced. Tom T.

Thank you so much, your site has got to be the very best for maps of Wales, and I have searched many, many sites. Jenny W.

I assume that you emphasize service to your employees because that is your overall intention–to help us. My experience has been for your employees to pay attention not only when I enter the door but as I am trying to figure my way through a project. I don’t just pay (very reasonable prices, I might add) for your service: I feel helped. Thanks for your home-town assistance. Ardyth C.

Thank you very much for providing these online maps they are most useful. I was looking at one for Colsterworth near Grantham as we are conducting archaeological excavations in respect of a medieval chapel associated with Lobthorpe hall. Bill B.

Thank you so much for providing the Atlas of England and Wales on-line. It has and will be of great help. Best of all it is free to down load. I am not rich and although I love genealogy I often have to miss getting documentation because of the costs involved. So thank you once again. Russell S.

I do so enjoy your e-mails and use them whenever I can to help with my family history needs. Thank you for creating this service. Linda B

I love your store and the help you provide. It’s always a good experience when I come in. I’ll be in soon. Becky H.

I know there are free supplies on the net, but this company really has some great things that are really, really, inexpensive and the manager, Chris Stevenson, is quick to fill an order. So if you want to start compiling your “own” book of genealogy pages, this is a great place to start! If you are relatively new and new to genealogy, I recommend you search this genealogy supply website. I use to order from (competitor) and they referred me to Stevenson’s. I’m sold on them and won’t go anywhere else. (No, they didn’t pay me to say this…lol). I’ve just been a genealogist forever…and recognize a good find. Becky H.

Thank you for all you do to provide a place for us to get quality & economical copies made. Your employees are always VERY helpful. Verla J.

I am very excited to be able to use your color copying new price!!! Thank you for lowering it and that it isn’t a sale price!! Thank you! Denise S.

You have the lowest prices in town and very capable and friendly employees. I visit your store to use your copy machines at least twice a week. Laurel K.

Just to let you know package arrived today! The form is even nicer than I expected! Thank you so much! Susan B.

Thank-you for your store– it is a great community asset and is certainly where I tell my friends to go~ !! Marialice Z.

Thank you! This weekly tip as well as your new website are fantastic! I appreciate your services and always recommend you as a resource to beginning genealogy class people. Rose J.

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