The Balls of Fairfax and Stafford in Virginia


By Bonnie S. Ball. John Ball was born in Stafford County, Virginia, circa 1670-75. Many of his descendants are believed to be relatives of Mary (Ball) Washington, mother of President George Washington. However, tracing through six generations, there has been no John Ball of Stafford, or Moses Ball of Fairfax found in the Washington family line. It is quite possible though, that John Ball, father of Moses Ball of Fairfax, was descended from a brother of Colonel William Ball, in which case Moses and Mary Washington would be “second cousins”. This history traces the descendants and ancestors of John Ball through the Balls of present day. 3rd Ed. Original is 6′ x 9′. Copy is two pages up on 8.5′ x 11′, double sided. 1961, 418 pp

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TABLE OF CONTENTS                                  Page
Descendants of John BALL No. 1 to No. 2694     I
BALL DOCUMENTS                                       289
Coat of Arms                                              290
Cemetery Records of Beech Creek Cemeteries-Hawkins Co., Tenn. 295
Court Records of Russell Co., Ma.                 296
Land Grant of Moses Ball                             298
Will of Moses Ball                                       291
ALLIED FAMILIES                                         299
Brasseur, Brassier, Brashears, Brasher, Brazier  299
Creech                                                     316
Honaker                                                    307
Harden, Hardin, Harding                              303
Hess                                                         307
Kelly                                                         312
Lockart                                                     317
Lucas                                                        311
Shumate                                                    309
Tunnell                                                     305
UNIDENTIFIED BALL LINES                              320
Ball families of Russell and Tazewell Cos., Va.  320
Benjamin Ball                                             322
Joseph C. Ball and Helena Anderson              323
Balls of Wilkes County, N. C.                        327
Henry Napoleon Ball (“Hal”)                          327
Gehaza Ball (Haze)                                      326
James Ball (Of Ireland)                                327
John Ball                                                  324
Samuel Ball (Of England)                              326
INDEX                                                       333
ADDENDA                                                  393

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