The History of Pahranagat Valley


By Louise B. Stewart

Table of Contents: Henry Sharp, George Washington Richard, John W. Richard, Andrew Jackson Richard, Alta Maria Ann Frenchey, Joseph Lewis Sharp, William Thomas Stewart Sr. Merle F. Schofield, William T. Stewart Jr., John Foremaster, Joseph S. Cox, David Levi Stewart, Raymond Stewart, The Nesbitt Ranch, Ernest P. Higbee, Carl E. Foremaster, Carrie Castles, The Wadsworth Family, George Lawrence Davis, John P. Wright, Lorraine Lee, Marion King Stewart, Paul Edward Stewart, Leo King Stewart, Edward Glade Stewart, Robert C. Foremaster, Edwin Higbee, Jewel Schofield,, Cyril O. Bastian, Dan Stewart, Lois Wright Potter, Floyd Lamb,  Brothers Ranch, Sydney and Madge Pace, Louise Ouida Whipple Aicher, Eleanor Lamb, V. LeMoine Davis, Ainslee Joseph Sharp, Wesley Koyen, Joe V. Higbee, Melvin Foremaster, John Kay Wright, Waldine and Harold Sorenson, Freeda and William U. Schofield Jr., Nolan Shumway, Merle Schofield, Albert Frehner, Lois Higbee, Violet Richard, Edward L. Hansen, Keith Murry Whipple, William Granger Lamb, Patricia and Glen Lamb, Clark M. Hardy, Dell Sullivan, A-Bomb testing, Hiko, richardville School District, Crystal Springs School District, Alamo School, Poem: My Home in the Valley…

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