A Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales

compiled from original maps by David E. Gardner, Derik Harland, and Frank Smith. Published by Stevenson’s Genealogy Center. These web pages are provided free for your personal use, but are not to be copied for sale or distribution. You may freely link to this page for reference. The most valuable part of these maps is the index of over 11,000 towns and cities. Use the index to find the city and the map coordinates then link back to the map to find it faster. These are high resolution PDF maps so the detail is clear at high magnification (some maps are almost 2 megabytes) so be patient for them to open in your browser. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download. If you find mistakes or have questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Terms of use and Copyright

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The index is split into four different pages because it is so large. This part of the index contains cities beginning with D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K. Click on the links to go to A-C, | L-R | S-Z. Tip: To find a specific name, you can use the find feature of your browser (click on [edit] and then [find]).


Anglesey, Wales Angl.
Bedford, Eng. Beds.
Berkshire, Eng. Berks.
Brecon, Wales Brecon
Buckingham, Eng. Bucks.
Caernarvon, Wales Caerns.
Cambridge, Eng. Cambs.
Cardigan, Wales Cards.
Carmarthen, Wales Carms.
Cheshire, Eng. Ches.
Cornwall, Eng. Corn.
Cumberland, Eng. Cumb.
Denbigh, Wales Denb.
Derbyshire, Eng. Derby.
Devonshire, Eng. Devon.
Dorsetshire, Eng. Dorset.
Durham, Eng. Durham
Essex, Eng. Essex
Flint, Wales Flint
Glamorgan, Wales Glams.
Gloucester, Eng. Gloucs.
Hampshire, Eng. Hamps.
Hereford, Eng. Herefs.
Hertford, Eng. Herts.
Huntingdon, Eng. Hunts.
Isle of Man, Eng. I. Man
Isle of Wight, Eng. I.O.W.
Kent, Eng. Kent
Lancashire, Eng. Lancs.
Leicester, Eng. Leics.
Lincoln, Eng. Lincs.
London, Eng. Lond.
Merioneth, Wales Merion.
Middlesex, Eng. Middx.
Monmouth, Eng. Monms.
Montgomery, Wales Montg.
Norfolk, Eng. Norf.
Northampton, Eng. Nhant.
Northumberland, Nhumb.
Nottingham, Eng. Notts.
Oxford, Eng. Oxon.
Pembroke, Wales Pembs.
Radnor, Wales Radnor
Rutland, Eng. Rutlds.
Shropshire, Eng. Shrops.
Somerset, Eng. Som.
Stafford, Eng. Staffs.
Suffolk, Eng. Suff.
Surrey, Eng. Surr.
Sussex, Eng. Suss.
Warwick, Eng. Warws.
Westmorland, Eng. Westmd.
Wiltshire, Eng. Wilts.
Worcester, Eng. Worcs.
Yorkshire, Eng. Yorks.


Dacre; Cumb. 9C1
Dadlington; Leics. 38E4
Dagenham; Essex 66H2
Daglingworth; Gloucs. 50E6
Dalbury; Derby. 37C1
Dalby; Lincs. 29C3
Dalby; Yorks. 12G6
Dalby Magna; Leics. 39A2
Dalby-on-the-Wolds; Leics. 38H1
Dalby Parva; Leics. 39A2
Dalderby; Lincs. 29B4
Dale; Pembs. 44F6
Dale Abbey; Derby. 57B6
Dalham; Suff. 54G1
Dallinghoe; Suff. 55D2
Dallington; Nhant. 52E1
Dallington; Suss. 80F2
Dalston; Cumb. 4F5
Dalton-Holme; Yorks. 19C3
Dalton-in-Furness; Lancs. 9A6
Dalton-le-Dale; Durham 7B5
Dalton, North; Yorks. 19C2
Dalwood; Devon. 74E3
Damerham, South; Wilts. 76F2
Danbury; Essex 54G6
Danby; Yorks. 12H3
Danby-Wiske; Yorks. 12E4
Darenth; Kent 67A3
Daresbury; Ches. 25A2
Darfield; Yorks. 18E6
Darlaston; Staffs. 37A4
Darley; Derby. 27A6
Darlington; Durham 11D3
Darlton; Notts. 28E3
Darmsden; Suff. 55B2
Darnall; Yorks. 27A2
Darowen; Montg. 34E3
Darrington; Yorks. 18F5
Darsham; Suff. 43B6
Dartford; Kent 66H3
Dartington; Devon. 85D1
Dartmouth, St. Petrox; Devon. 86E2
Darton; Yorks. 17D6
Datchet; Bucks. 65C3
Datchworth; Herts. 53B5
Dauntsey; Wilts. 63A2
Davenham; Ches. 25B3
Daventry; Nhant. 51C1
David’s, St.; Brecon 47
David’s, St.; Pembs. 44F4
Davidstow; Corn. 71B4
Davington; Kent 68F4
Dawley, Magna; Shrops. 36F3
Dawlish; Devon. 73B5
Daylesford; Worcs. 50G4
Deal; Kent 69B5
Dean; Cumb. 8G2
Dean, East; Hamps. 78F3
Dean, East (near Chichester); Suss. 80E4
Dean, Little; Gloucs. 49B5
Dean, Mitchell; Gloucs. 49B5
Dean, Nether; Beds. 39C6
Dean-Prior; Devon. 85D1
Dean, West (near Eastbourne); Suss. 80E4
Dean, West (near Chichester); Suss. 79D4
Dean, West; Wilts. 64G5
Deane; Lancs. 16F6
Deane; Hamps. 64H5
Dearham; Cumb. 8G1
Debach; Suff. 55C2
Debden; Essex 54E3
Debenham; Suff. 55C1
Debtling; Kent 67C4
Decumans, St.; Som. 60G5
Deddington; Oxon. 51B4
Dedham; Essex 55B4
Deene; Nhant. 39C4
Deeping, St. James; Lincs. 40E3
Deeping, Market; Lincs. 40E3
Deeping, West; Lincs. 40E3
Deerhurst; Gloucs. 49C4
Defford; Worcs. 49D3
Deighton Kirk; Yorks. 18F2
Deighton; Yorks. 12E4
Dembleby; Lincs. 28G6
Denbigh; Denb. 23C4
Denbury; Devon. 73A6
Denby; Derby. 85D1
Denchworth; Berks. 64E1
Dendron; Lancs. 9A6
Denford; Nhant. 64E3
Dengie; Essex 55A6
Denham; Bucks. 65C2
Denham (near Bury); Suff. 54G1
Denham (near Eye); Suff. 54G1
Dennington; Suff. 42H6
Dennis, St.; Corn. 83D2
Denston; Suff. 54G2
Dent; Yorks. 10F5
Denton; Durham 11C2
Denton; Hunts. 40E4
Denton; Kent 68G5
Denton; Lancs. 25D1
Denton; Lincs. 28F6
Denton; Norf. 42H4
Denton; Nhant. 39C2
Denton; Suss. 79D4
Denton; Yorks. 17C2
Denton, Nether;Cumb. 5A4
Denton, Upper; Cumb. 5A4
Denver; Norf. 41B3
Deopham; Norf. 42F3
Depden; Suff. 54G1
Deptford, St.; Kent 66G2
Derby; Derby. 26H6
Dereham, East; Norf. 42E2
Dereham, West; Norf. 41B3
Deritend; Warws. 37B5
Dersingham; Norf. 41B1
Derwen; Denb. 23C5
Desborough; Nhant. 39A5
Desford; Leics. 38F3
Deuxhill; Shrops. 36F4
Devereux, St.; Herefs. 48G4
Deverill Longbridge; Wilts. 62G5
Deverill Monkton; Wilts. 62G6
Devizes; Wilts. 63B4
Devynock; Brecon 47B4
Dewchurch, Little; Herefs. 48H3
Dewchurch, Much; Herefs. 48G4
Dewlish; Dorset. 75B4
Dewsall; Herefs. 48G3
Dewsbury; Yorks. 17C4
Dibden; Hamps. 77A3
Dickleburgh; Norf. 42G5
Didbrook; Gloucs. 50F4
Didcot; Berks. 64F1
Diddington; Hunts. 40E6
Diddlebury; Shrops. 35D5
Didling; Suss. 78F2
Didlington; Norf. 41C4
Didmarton; Gloucs. 62G2
Didsbury; Lancs. 25C2
Digby; Lincs. 28H4
Digswell; Herts. 53B5
Dihewyd; Cards. 46F2
Dilham; Norf. 42H1
Dilhorne; Staffs. 26E5
Dilwyn; Herefs. 48G2
Dinas; Pembs. 45A3
Dinder; Som. 61D5
Dinedor; Herefs. 48H3
Dingestow; Monms. 48G5
Dingley; Nhant. 39A5
Dinnington; Yorks. 27B2
Dinnington; Som. 74G2
Dinsdale, Low; Durham 11D3
Dinton; Bucks. 52E5
Dinton; Wilts. 76F1
Diptford; Devon. 85D2
Discoed; Radnor 48F1
Diseworth; Leics. 38F1
Dishley; Leics. 38F1
Disley; Ches. 26E2
Diss; Norf. 42G5
Disserth; Radnor 47C2
Distington; Cumb. 8F2
Ditcheat; Som. 62E6
Ditchford; Warws. 50G3
Ditchingham; Norf. 43A4
Ditchling; Suss. 79C3
Ditteridge; Wilts. 62G3
Dittisham; Devon. 86E2
Ditton; Kent 67B4
Ditton; Bucks. 65C2
Ditton, Fen; Cambs. 53D1
Ditton, Long; Surr. 66E3
Ditton, Priors; Shrops. 36E4
Ditton, Thames; Surr. 66E3
Ditton, Wood; Cambs. 54F1
Dixton, Newton; Monms. 48H5
Dobcross; Yorks. 17B6
Docking; Norf. 30G6
Docklow; Herefs. 48H1
Dodbrooke; Devon. 85D3
Doddenham; Worcs. 49B2
Dodderhill; Worcs. 49D1
Doddinghurst; Essex 67A1
Doddington; Cambs. 40G4
Doddington; Lincs. 28F3
Doddington; Nhumb. 2E4
Doddington, Dry; Lincs. 28F5
Doddington, Great; Nhant. 52F1
Doddiscombsleigh; Devon. 73A4
Dodford; Nhant. 51C1
Dodington; Kent 67D4
Dodington; Gloucs. 62F2
Dodington; Som. 61A6
Dodleston; Ches. 24F4
Dogmaels, St.; Pembs. 45B3
Dogmersfield; Hamps. 65A5
Dogwells, St.; Pembs. 44H4
Dolbenmaen; Caerns. 22F5
Dolgelly; Merion. 33D2
Dolton; Devon. 72F2
Dolwyddelan; Caerns. 22H5
Dominic, St.; Corn. 84H1
Donatts, St.Welsh; Glams. 60F3
Doncaster; Yorks. 18G6
Donhead, St.; Wilts. 75D2
Donington; Lincs. 29B6
Donington; Shrops. 36G3
Donington Castle; Leics. 38F1
Donington-on-Bain; Lincs. 29B6
Donnington; Herefs. 49B3
Donnington; Suss. 78F4
Donyatt; Som. 74F2
Donyland, East; Essex 55B5
Dorchester; Dorset. 75B4
Dorchester; Oxon. 64G1
Dore; Derby. 26H2
Dorking; Surr. 66E5
Dormston; Worcs. 50E1
Dorney; Bucks. 65C2
Dorrington; Lincs. 28H5
Dorsington; Gloucs. 49B3
Dorstone; Herefs. 48F3
Dorton; Bucks. 51D5
Doulting; Som. 62F5
Dovercourt; Essex 55C4
Doverdale; Worcs. 49C1
Doveridge; Derby. 37B1
Dover, St.; Kent 69A6
Dowdeswell; Gloucs. 50E5
Dowland; Devon. 72F2
Dowles; Shrops. 36F5
Dowlish-Wake; Som. 74F2
Down; Kent 66G4
Down, St. Mary; Devon. 72H3
Down, East; Devon. 59C5
Down, West; Devon. 59B5
Downham; Cambs. 40H5
Downham; Essex 67C1
Downham; Lancs. 16C3
Downham-Market; Norf. 41B3
Downham Santon; Suff. 41C4
Downhead; Som. 62F5
Downholme; Yorks. 11B4
Downton; Herefs. 35C6
Downton; Wilts. 76G2
Dowsby; Lincs. 40E1
Doynton; Gloucs. 62F3
Draughton; Nhant. 39A5
Drax; Yorks. 18H4
Draycot-Cerne; Wilts. 62H2
Draycot-le-Moors; Staffs. 26E6
Drayton; Berks. 64G1
Drayton; Norf. 42G2
Drayton (near Wallingford; Oxon. 64G1
Drayton (near Banbury) Oxon. 511B3
Drayton; Som. 74G1
Drayton-Basset; Staffs. 37C4
Drayton-Beauchamp; Bucks. 52F5
Drayton, Dry; Cambs. 53C1
Drayton, East; Notts. 28E3
Drayton Fenny; Leics. 37D4
Drayton, Fen; Cambs. 40G6
Drayton-Parslow; Bucks. 52F4
Drayton, West; Middx. 65D2
Drayton, West; Notts. 28E3
Drewsteignton; Devon. 72H4
Driby; Lincs. 29C3
Drigg; Cumb. 8G4
Driffield; Gloucs. 50F6
Driffield, Great; Yorks. 19C2
Driffield, Little; Yorks. 19C2
Drinkstone; Suff. 55A1
Droitwich, St.; Worcs. 49D1
Dronfield; Derby. 27A3, 26H3
Droxford; Hamps. 77C2
Drypool; Yorks. 19D4
Ducklington; Oxon. 51A6
Duckmanton; Derby. 27B3
Duddington; Nhant. 39C3
Dudleston; Shrops. 24F6
Dudley, St.; Worcs. 36H4
Duffield; Derby. 26H5
Dufton; Westmd. 10F2
Dulas; Herefs. 48F4
Dullingham; Cambs. 54F1
Duloe; Corn. 84G2
Dulverton; Som. 73B1
Dulwich College; Surr. 66F2
Dumbleton; Gloucs. 50E3
Dummer; Hamps. 64G5
Dunchideock; Devon. 73B4
Dunchurch; Warws. 38F6
Duncton; Suss. 78G2
Dundry; Som. 61D3
Dunham; Notts. 28F3
Dunham, Great; Norf. 41D2
Dunham, Little; Norf. 41D2
Dunholme; Lincs. 28G3
Dunkerton; Som. 62F4
Dunkeswell; Devon. 73D3
Dunmow; Great; Essex 54F4
Dunmow, Little; Essex 54F4
Dunnington; Yorks. 18H2
Dunsby; Lincs. 40E1
Dunsfold; Surr. 65C6
Dunsford; Devon. 73A4
Dunstable; Beds. 52G4
Dunster; Som. 60F5
Dunstew; Oxon. 51B4
Dunston; Lincs. 28H4
Dunston; Norf. 42G3
Dunterton; Devon. 71D4
Dunton; Beds. 53B3
Dunton; Bucks. 52F4
Dunton; Essex 67B2
Dunton; Norf. 41D1
Dunton-Bassett; Leics. 38G4
Duntsbourne, Abbots; Gloucs. 50E6
Duntsbourne-Rouse; Gloucs. 50E6
Dunwich; Suff. 43B6
Durham; Durham 6G6
Durleigh; Som. 61B6
Durley; Hamps. 77B2
Durnford; Wilts. 63C6
Durrington; Wilts. 63C5
Dursley; Gloucs. 62F1
Durston; Som. 74F1
Durweston; Dorset. 75C3
Duston; Nhant. 51D1
Duxford; Cambs. 533D2
Dwygyfylchi; Caerns. 22H3
Dymchurch; Kent 81B2

Dymock; Gloucs. 49B4
Dyrham; Gloucs. 62F3
Dyserth; Flint 23C3


Eagle; Lincs. 28F4
Eaglescliffe; Durham 12F3
Eakring; Notts. 27D4
Baling; Middx. 66E2
Eardisland; Herefs. 48G1
Eardisley; Herefs. 48F2
Earlham; Norf. 42G3
Earls Barton; Nhant. 52F1
Earnley; Suss. 78F4
Earnshill; Som. 74F2
Earsdon; Nhumb. 6H3
Earsham; Norf. 42H4
Easby; Yorks. 11C4
Easebourne; Suss. 78F2
Easington; Durham 7B6
Easington; Oxon. 64H1
Easington; Yorks. 13A2
Easington; Yorks. 20G5
Easingwold; Yorks. 12F6
Eastbourne; Suss. 78F2
Eastbridge; Kent 81B1
East-Church; Kent 68E3
Eastdean; Suss. 78F3
Easter, Good; Essex 54F5
Easter, High; Essex 54F5
Eastergate; Suss. 78G3
Eastham; Ches. 24F2
Eastham; Worcs. 36F6
Easthampstead; Berks. 65B3
Easthope; Shrops. 35D4
Easthorpe; Essex 54H4
Eastington; Gloucs. 49B6
Eastleach-Martin (or Burthorpe); Gloucs. 50G6
Eastleach-Turville; Gloucs. 50G6
Eastling; Kent 68E4
Eastnor; Herefs. 49B3
Easton; Hamps. 63C4
Easton; Hunts. 40E6
Easton; Norf. 42G2
Easton-on-the-Hill; Nhant. 39C3
Easton; Suff. 55D1
Easton-Royal; Wilts. 63C4
Easton-Bavent; Suff. 43B5
Easton, Great; Essex 54F4
Easton, Great; Leics. 39B4
Easton, Grey; Wilts. 62G2
Easton-in-Gordano; Som. 61D3
Easton, Little; Essex 54F4
Easton-Maudit; Nhant. 52F1
Easton-Neston; Nhant. 51D2
Eastrington; Yorks. 19A4
Eastrop; Hamps. 64G4
Eastry; Kent 69A4
Eastwell; Kent 68F5
Eastwell; Leics. 38H1
Eastwick; Herts. 53C5
Eastwood; Essex 67D2
Eastwood; Notts. 27B5
Eaton; Norf. 42G3
Eaton; Leics. 39A1
Eaton; Notts. 27D3
Eaton-under-Heywood; Shrops. 35C4
Eaton-Bishop; Herefs. 48G3
Eaton-Bray; Beds. 52G4
Eaton, Church; Staffs. 36G2
Eaton-Constantlne; Shrops. 36E3
Eaton-Hastings; Berks. 50G6
Eaton, Little; Derby. 26H6
Eaton-Socon; Beds. 53A1
Ebberston; Yorks. 13B5
Ebbesbourne-Wake; Wilts. 76E2
Ebchester; Durham 6F5
Ebony; Kent 81A2
Ebrington; Gloucs. 50G3
Eccles; Lancs. 25C1
Eccles; Norf. 43B1
Ecclesall-Bierlow; Yorks. 26H2
Ecclesfield; Yorks. 27A1
Eccleshall; Staffs. 36G1
Eccleston; Ches. 24G4
Eccleston; Lancs. 15D5
Eckington; Derby. 27B3
Eckington; Worcs. 49D3
Ecton; Nhant. 52F1
Edale; Derby. 26F2
Edburton; Suss. 79B3
Edenbridge; Kent 66G5
Eden, Castle; Durham 7B6
Edenfield; Lancs. 16G5
Edengale; Staffs. 36
Edenhall; Cumb. 9D1
Edenham; Lincs. 39D2
Edensor; Derby. 26G3
Edern; Caerns. 21C6
Edgbaston; Warws. 37B5
Edgcote; Nhant. 51D4
Edgefield; Norf. 31B6
Edgmond; Shrops. 36F2
Edgton; Shrops. 35C5
Edgware; Middx. 66E1
Edgworth; Gloucs. 49D6
Edingley; Notts. 27D5
Edingthorpe; Norf. 43A1
Edington; Wilts. 62H4
Edith-Weston; Rutlds. 39C3
Edlaston; Derby. 26E5
Edlesborough; Bucks. 52G5
Edlingham; Nhumb. 2F6
Edlington; Lincs. 29B3
Edlington; Yorks. 27B1
Edmondbyers; Durham 6E5
Edmondsham; Dorset. 76F3
Edmondthorpe; Leics. 39B2
Edmonton; Middx. 66G1
Edrens, St.; Pembs. 44G4
Edstaton; Shrops. 35D1
Edston, Great; Yorks. 12H5
Edwalton; Notts. 27C6
Edwardstone; Suff. 55A3
Edwin-Loach; Worcs. 49A1
Edwin-Ralph; Worcs. 49A2
Edwinstow; Notts. 27C4
Edworth; Beds. 53B3
Effingham; Surr. 65D5
Egdean; Suss. 78G2
Egerton; Kent 67D5
Eggesford; Devon. 72G2
Egginton; Beds. 52G4
Egginton; Derby. 37C1
Egglestone; Durham 11A2
Egham; Surr. 65C3
Egleton; Rutlds. 39B3
Eglingham; Nhumb. 2F5
Egloshayle; Corn. 71A5
Egloskerry; Corn. 71C4
Eglwys-Brewis; Glams. 60G3
Eglwys-Cummin; Caerns. 45C5
Eglwys-Fach; Denb. 23A3
Eglwys-fair-Acherrig; Caerns. 45C4
Eglwysilan; Glams. 60G2
Eglwys-Newydd; Cards. 33D6
Eglwys-Rhos.; Caerns. 22H2
Eglwyswrw; Pembs. 45B3
Egmanton; Notts. 28E3
Egremont; Carms. 45B5
Egremont; Cumb. 8G3
Egton; Yorks. 13B3
Egton; Lancs. 9B5
Eisey; Wilts. 63B1
Elberton; Gloucs. 62E2
Elden; Hamps. 77B2
Eldersfield; Worcs. 49C4
Elford; Staffs. 37C3
Elham; Kent 68G5
Eling; Hamps. 77A3
Elkesley; Notts. 27D3
Elkington, North; Lincs. 29B2
Elkington, South; Lincs. 29B2
Elkstone; Gloucs. 50E5
Elkstone; Staffs. 26F4
Ella, Kirk; Yorks. 19C4
Elland; Yorks. 17B5
Ellastone; Staffs. 26F5
Ellenbrook; Lancs. 16F6
Ellenhall; Staffs. 36G1
Ellerburne; Yorks. 13B5
Ellerton-Priory; Yorks. 18H3
Ellesborough; Bucks. 52F6
Ellesmere; Shrops. 24F6
Ellingham; Hamps. 76G3
Ellingham; Norf. 2G4
Ellingham; Nhumb. 2G4
Ellingham, Great; Norf. 42F4
Ellingham,Little; Norf. 42F3
Ellington; Hunts. 40E6
Ellisfield; Hamps. 64G5
Ellough; Suff. 43B5
Elloughton; Yorks. 19C4
Elm; Cambs. 40H3
Elm; Som. 62F5
Elmbridge; Worcs. 36H6
Elmdon; Essex 53D3
Elmdon; Warws. 37C5
Elmham, North; Norf. 42E1
Elmham, South, All Saints; Suff. 43A5
Elmham, South, St.Margaret; Suff. 42H5
Elmham, South, St. Peter; Suff. 43A5
Elmham, South, St.James; Suff. 42H5
Elmley-Castle; Worcs. 50E3
Elmley-Lovett; Worcs. 36G6
Elmore; Gloucs. 49B5
Elmsett; Suff. 55B2
Elmstead; Essex 55B5
Elmsted; Kent 68G5
Elmstone; Kent 68H4
Elmstone-Hardwick; Gloucs. 49D4
Elmswell; Suff. 55A1
Elmton; Derby. 27B3
Elsdon; Nhumb. 5D1
Elsenham; Essex 54E4
Elsfield; Oxon. 51C5
Elsham; Lincs. 19C5
Elsing; Norf. 42F2
Elstead; Surr. 65B5
Elstead; Suss. 78F2
Elston; Notts. 28E5
Elston Chapel; Notts. 28E5
Elstow; Beds. 52G2
Elstree; Herts. 66E1
Elsworth; Cambs. 53C1
Eltham; Kent 66G3
Eltisley; Cambs. 53B1
Elton; Derby. 27D6
Elton; Durham 12F2
Elton; Herefs. 35C6
Elton; Hunts. 40E4
Elton-on-the-Hill; Notts. 28E6
Elvaston; Derby. 38E1
Elveden or Elden; Suff. 41C5
Elvetham; Hamps. 65A4
Elvington; Yorks. 18H2
Elvis, St.; Pembs. 44G4
Elwick-Hall; Durham 12F1
Elworthy; Som. 60G6
Ely; Cambs. 41A5
Emberton; Bucks. 52F2
Embleton; Cumb. 8H1
Embleton; Nhumb. 8H1
Emborrow; Som. 62E5
Emley or Elmley; Yorks. 17C5
Emmington; Oxon. 51D6
Emneth; Norf. 40H3
Empingham; Rutlds. 39C3
Empshott; Hamps. 78E1
Enborne; Berks. 64F3
Endellion, St.; Corn. 70H5
Enderby; Leics. 29C4
Enderby, Bag; Lincs. 29C3
Enderby-Mavis; Lincs. 29C4
Enderby Wood; Lincs. 29B4
Endon; Staffs. 25D5
Enfield; Middx. 66F1
Enford; Wilts. 63B5
Englefield; Berks. 64G3
Englishcombe; Som. 62F4
Enham, Knight’s Hamps. 64E5
Enmore; Som. 61A6
Ennerdale; Cumb. 8G2
Enoder, St.; Corn. 83C2
Ensham; Oxon. 51B6
Enstone; Oxon. 51A4
Enville; Staffs. 36G5
Epperstone; Notts. 27C5
Epping; Essex 53D6
Epsom; Surr. 66F4
Epwell; Oxon. 51A3
Epworth; Lincs. 19A6
Erbistock; Flint 24F6
Ercall, Child’s; Shrops. 36F1
Ercall, High; Shrops. 36E2
Eriswell; Suff. 41C5
Erith; Kent 66H2
Erme, St.; Corn. 83C3
Ermington; Devon. 85C2
Erpingham; Norf. 42G1
Erth, St.; Corn. 82G4
Ervan, St.; Corn. 70G6
Erwarton; Suff. 55C3
Eryholme; Yorks. 11D3
Escomb; Durham 11C1
Escrick; Yorks. 18G3
Esh; Durham 6G5
Esher; Surr. 66E4
Eskdale; Cumb. 8H3
Eskdaleside; Yorks. 13B3
Essendine; Rutlds. 39C2
Essendon; Herts. 53B6
Eston; Yorks. 12G2
Etchilhampton; Wilts. 63B4
Etchingham; Suss. 80F2
Eton; Bucks. 65C2
Ettington; Warws. 50G2
Etton; Nhant. 40E3
Etton; Yorks. 19C3
Etwall; Derby. 37C1
Euston; Suff. 41D5
Euxton; Lancs. 15D5
Eval, St.; Corn. 70G6
Evedon; Lincs. 28H5
Evenechtyd; Denb. 23C5
Evenley; Nhant. 51C3
Evenlode; Worcs. 50G4
Evercreech; Som. 62F6
Everdon; Nhant. 51C1
Everingham; Yorks. 19B3
Everley; Wilts. 63C5
Eversden, Great; Cambs. 53C2
Eversden, Little; Cambs. 53C2
Eversholt; Beds. 52G3
Evershot; Dorset. 74H3
Eversley; Hamps. 65A4
Everton; Hunts. 53A2
Everton; Notts. 27D2
Evesbatch; Herefs. 49B2
Evesham; Worcs. 50F3
Evington; Leics. 38G3
Ewe, St.; Corn. 83D3
Ewell (or Temple-Ewell); Kent 68H5
Ewell; Surr. 66F4
Ewelme; Oxon. 64G1
Ewenny; Glams. 60F2
Ewerby; Lincs. 28H5
Ewhurst; Hamps. 64G4
Ewhurst; Surr. 65D6
Ewhurst; Suss. 80G2
Ewyas-Harold; Herefs. 48F4
Exbourne; Devon. 72G3
Exeter; Devon. 73B4
Exford; Som. 60E6
Exhall (near Coventry)Warws. 38E5
Exhall (near Alcester)Warws. 50F2
Exminster; Devon. 73B4
Exning; Suff. 54F1
Exton; Hamps. 77C2
Exton; Rutlds. 39B3
Exton; Som. 60F6
Eyam; Derby. 26G3
Eydon; Nhant. 51C2
Eye; Herefs. 48G1
Eye; Nhant. 40F3
Eye; Suff. 42G6
Eyke; Suff. 55D2
Eynesbury; Hunts. 53A1
Eynesford; Kent 67A4
Eythorne; Kent 68H5
Eyton; Herefs. 48G1
Eyton-on-the-Moors; Shrops. 36F2
Eyworth; Beds. 53B3


Faccombe; Hamps. 64E4
Faceby; Yorks. 12E4
Fagan, St.; Glams. 60H2
Fairfield; Derby. 26F3
Fairfield; Kent 81A2
Fairford; Gloucs. 50G6
Fairlight; Suss. 80H3
Fairstead; Essex 54G5
Fakenham; Norf. 42E1
Fakenham Magna; Suff. 41D5
Faldingworth; Lincs. 28H2
Falkenham; Suff. 55D3
Falmer; Suss. 79C3
Falmouth; Corn. 83C4
Falstone; Nhumb. 5B2
Fambridge, North; Essex 67D1
Fambridge, South; Essex 67D1
Fangfoss; Yorks. 19A2
Farcett; Hunts. 40E4
Fareham; Hamps. 77C3
Farwell; Staffs. 37B3
Farforth; Lincs. 29B3
Faringdon; Hamps. 77D3
Faringdon; Berks. 63C1
Farington Gurney; Som. 62E4
Farlam, Cumb. 4H4
Farleigh, East; Kent 67C5
Farleigh-Hungerford; Som. 62G4
Farleigh, West; Kent 67B5
Farley; Surr. 66G4
Farley-Chamberlayne; Hamps. 77A2
Farlington; Yorks. 12G6
Farlow; Shrops. 36E5
Farlsthorpe; Lincs. 29D3
Farmborough; Som. 62F4
Farmington; Gloucs. 50F5
Farnborough; Berks. 64F2
Farnborough; Hamps. 65B4
Farnborough; Warws. 51B2
Farnborough; Kent 66G4
Farndish; Beds. 52F1
Farndon; Ches. 24G5
Farndon; Notts. 27D5
Farndon East; Nhant. 38H5
Farnham; Dorset. 76E2
Farnham; Essex 53D4
Farnham; Suff. 56E1
Farnham; Surr. 65B5
Farnham; Yorks. 17D1
Farnham-Royal; Bucks. 65C2
Farnhurst; Suss. 78E1
Farningham; Kent 67A3
Farnley; Yorks. 17C2
Farnsfield; Notts. 27C5
Farnworth; Lancs. 16F6
Farringdon; Devon. 73C4
Farthinghoe; Nhant. 51C3
Farthingstone; Nhant. 51C2
Farway; Devon. 73D4
Faulkbourne; Essex 54G5
Faversham; Kent 68F4
Fawkham; Kent 67B3
Fawley; Berks. 64E2
Fawley; Bucks. 65A2
Fawley; Hamps. 77B4
Fawsley; Nhant. 51C2
Faxton; Nhant. 39A6
Featherstone; Yorks. 18F4
Feckenham; Worcs. 50E1
Feering; Essex 54H4
Felbrigge; Norf. 31C6
Felixkirk; Yorks. 12F5
Felixstowe; Suff. 55D3
Felkirk; Yorks. 18E5
Felmersham; Beds. 52G1
Felmingham; Norf. 42H1
Felpham; Suss. 78G4
Felsham; Suff. 55A2
Felstead; Essex 54F4
Feltham; Middx. 65D3
Felthorpe; Norf. 42G2
Felton; Herefs. 48H2
Felton; Nhumb. 6G1
Felton, West; Shrops. 35B1
Feltwell; Norf. 41B4
Fenby; Lincs. 29B1
Feniton; Devon. 73C3
Fen-Stanton; Hunts. 40G6
Fenton; Lincs. 28F5
Fenton-Kirk; Yorks. 18F3
Feock, St.; Corn. 83C3
Ferriby, North; Yorks. 19C4
Ferriby, South; Lincs. 19C5
Ferring; Suss. 78H4
Ferryside; Carms. 45D5
Fersfield; Norf. 42F5
Festiniog; Merion. 22G6
Fetcham; Surr. 66E4
Fewston; Yorks. 17C2
Fiddington; Som. 61A6
Field-Dalling; Norf. 31B6
Fifehead-Magdalene; Dorset. 75C2
Fifehead-Neville; Dorset. 75B3
Fifield; Oxon. 50G5
Fifield Bavant; Wilts. 76E1
Figheldean; Wilts. 63C5
Filby; Norf. 43B3
Filey; Yorks. 13D5
Filleigh; Devon. 72G1
Fillingham; Lincs. 28G2
Fillongley; Warws. 37D5
Filton; Gloucs. 62E2
Finborough, Great; Suff. 55B1
Finborough, Little; Suff. 55B2
Fincham; Norf. 41B3
Finchampstead; Berks. 65A4
Finchingfield; Essex 54F3
Finchley; Middx. 66F1
Findern; Derby. 37D1
Findon; Suss. 79A3
Finedon; Nhant. 39B6
Fingest; Bucks. 65A1
Finghall; Yorks. 11C4
Fingringhoe; Essex 55B5
Finmere; Oxon. 51C3
Finningham; Suff. 42F6
Finningley; Notts. 27D1
Finsthwaite; Lancs. 9B5
Firbank; Westmd. 10E4
Firbeck; Yorks. 27C2
Firle, West; Suss. 79D3
Firsby; Lincs. 29D4
Firsby, East; Lincs. 28G2
Fishbourne, New; Suss. 78F3
Fisherton-Anger; Wilts. 76F1
Fisherton-Delamere; Wilts. 63A6
Fishguard; Pembs. 44H3
Fishlake; Yorks. 18G5
Fishtoft; Lincs. 29C5
Fiskerton; Lincs. 28G3
Fittleton; Wilts. 63C5
Fittleworth; Suss. 78G2
Fitz; Shrops. 35C2
Fitzhead; Som. 73D1
Fivehead; Som. 74F1
Fladbury; Worcs. 50F2
Flamborough; Yorks. 14F6
Flamstead; Herts. 52H5
Flaunden; Herts. 52G6
Flawborough; Notts. 28E5
Flaxley; Gloucs. 49B5
Fleckney; Leics. 38G4
Fledborough; Notts. 28F3
Fleet; Dorset. 75A5
Fleet; Lincs. 40G1
Flemingston; Glams. 60G3
Flempton; Suff. 41C6
Fletching; Suss. 79C2
Fletton; Hunts. 40E4
Flimby; Cumb. 8G1
Flint; Flint 24E3
Flintham; Notts. 27D5
Flitcham; Norf. 41C1
Flitton; Beds. 52H3
Flitwick, Beds. 52G3
Flixborough; Lincs. 19B5
Flixton, Lancs. 25B1
Flixton; Suff. 42H5
Flockton; Yorks. 17C5
Flookburgh; Lancs. 9B6
Flordon; Norf. 42G4
Flore; Nhant. 51C1
Florence, St.; Pembs. 45B6
Flowton; Suff. 55B2
Flyford-Flavel; Worcs. 50E2
Flyford-Grafton; Worcs. 50E2
Fobbing; Essex 67B2
Foleshill; Warws. 38E5
Folke; Dorset. 75B3
Folkestone; Kent 68H6
Folkesworth; Hunts. 40E4
Folkingham; Lincs. 39D1
Folkington; Suss. 80E4
Folkton; Yorks. 13D5
Fonthill-Bishop; Wilts. 62H6
Fonthill-Gifford; Wilts. 75D1
Fontmell-Magna; Dorset. 75C2
Forcett; Yorks. 11C3
Ford; Pembs. 44H4
Ford; Nhumb. 1D3
Ford; Shrops. 35C2
Ford; Suss. 78G3
Forden; Montg. 35A4
Fordham; Cambs. 41B6
Fordham; Essex 55A4
Fordham; Norf. 41B3
Fordingbridge; Hamps. 77B3
Fordington; Lincs. 75B4
Fordington; Dorset. 75B4
Fordsbridge; Herefs. 48H2
Fordwich; Kent 68G4
Foremark; Derby. 38E1
Forest-Hill; Oxon. 51C6
Formby; Lancs. 15B6
Forncett; Norf. 42G4
Fornham, AllSaints; Suff. 41C6
Fornham, St. Martin; Suff. 41D6
Forrabury; Corn. 75B3
Forscote; Som. 62F4
Forthampton; Gloucs. 49C4
Forton; Staffs. 26F2
Fosdyke; Lincs. 29B6
Foston; Leics. 38G4
Foston; Lincs. 28F5
Foston; Yorks. 19D2, 18H1
Foston-on-the-Wolds; Yorks. 20E2
Fotherby; Lincs. 29B2
Fotheringhay; Nhant. 39C4
Foulden; Norf. 41C3
Foulmire; Camb. 53C2
Foulness; Essex 68F1
Foulsham; Norf. 42F1
Fovant; Wilts. 76E1
Fowey; Corn. 84F2
Fownhope; Herefs. 48H3
Foxcote; Bucks. 52E3
Foxearth; Essex 54G2
Foxholes; Yorks. 13C6
Foxley; Norf. 42F1
Foxley; Wilts. 62H2
Foxton; Cambs. 53C2
Foxton; Leics. 38H4
Foy; Herefs. 49A4
Fradwell; Staffs. 37A1
Framfield; Suss. 79D2
Framingham-Earl; Norf. 42H3
Framingham Pigot; Norf. 42H3
Framlingham; Suff. 55D1
Framlington, Long; Nhumb. 6F1
Frampton; Dorset. 75A4
Frampton; Lincs. 29C6
Frampton-Cotterell; Gloucs. 62F2
Frampton-on-Severn; Gloucs. 49B6
Framsden; Suff. 55C1
Frankley; Worcs. 37A5
Frankton; Warws. 38F6
Fransham, Great; Norf. 41D2
Fransham, Little; Norf. 41D2
Frant; Suss. 67A6
Frating; Essex 55B4
Freckenham; Suff. 63C4
Freeby; Leics. 39A2
Freethorpe; Norf. 43B3
Fremington; Devon. 59B6
Frensham; Surr. 65B6
Frenze; Norf. 42G5
Freshford; Som. 62G4
Freshwater (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77A5
Fressingfield; Suff. 42H5
Freston; Suff. 56F1
Fretherne; Gloucs. 49B6
Frettenham; Norf. 42H2
Freystrop; Pembs. 44H5
Frickley; Yorks. 18F5
Fridaythorpe; Yorks. 19B1
Friermere; Lancs. 16G5
Friesthorpe; Lincs. 28H2
Frieston; Lincs. 29C5
Frilsham; Berks. 64G3
Frimley; Surr. 65B4
Frindsbury; Kent 67C3
Fringe; Norf. 30G6
Fringford; Oxon. 51C4
Frinsted; Kent 67D4
Frinton; Essex 55C5
Frisby-on-the-Wreak; Leics. 38H2
Friskney; Lincs. 29D4
Friston; Suff. 43B4
Friston; Suss. 80E4
Frithelstock; Devon. 72E2
Frittenden; Kent 67C6
Fritton; Norf. 42G4
Fritton; Suff. 43B4
Fritwell; Oxon. 51B4
Frocester; Gloucs. 49B6
Frodesley; Shrops. 35D3
Frodingham; Lincs. 19B5
Frodingham, North; Yorks. 19D2
Frodsham; Ches. 24G3
Frome-Selwood; Som. 62G5
Frome, Bishop’s; Herefs. 49B2
Frome, St. Quintin; Dorset. 75A3
Frome-Vauchurch; Dorset. 75A4
Frome Whitfield; Dorset. 75B4
Frome, Canon; Herefs. 49A3
Frome Castle; Herefs. 49B2
Frostenden; Suff. 43B5
Frowlesworth; Leics. 38F4
Froxfield; Hamps. 78E2
Froxfield; Wilts. 63D3
Froyle; Hamps. 65A5
Fryerning; Essex 54F6
Fryston, Ferry; Yorks. 8F4
Fryston-Monk; Yorks. 18F4
Fugglestone; Wilts. 76F1
Fulbeck; Lincs. 28G5
Fulbourn; Cambs. 54E1
Fulbrook; Oxon. 50G5
Fulford; Staffs. 25D6
Fulford; Yorks. 18G2
Fulham; Middx. 66F3
Fulletby; Lincs. 29B3
Full-Sutton; Yorks. 19A2
Fulmer; Bucks. 65C2
Fulmodeston; Norf. 42E2
Fulstow; Lincs. 29B1
Fundehhall; Norf. 42G4
Funtington; Suss. 78E3
Furtho; Nhant. 52E2
Fyfield; Berks. 51B6
Fyfield; Wilts. 63C3
Fyfield; Essex 54E6
Fyfield; Hamps. 63D5
Fylingdales; Yorks. 13C3


Gaddesby; Leics. 38H2
Gaddesden, Great; Herts. 52G5
Gaddesden, Little; Herts. 52G5
Gainford; Durham 11C2
Gainsborough; Lincs. 28F2
Gamlingay; Cambs. 53B2
Gamston; Notts. 27D3
Ganarew; Herefs. 48H5
Canton; Yorks. 13C5
Garboldisham; Norf. 42F5
Garforth; Yorks. 18F4
Gargrave; Yorks. 16H2
Garrigill; Cumb. 5B5
Garsdale; Yorks. 10F5
Garsdon; Wilts. 63A2
Garsington; Oxon. 51C6
Garstang; Lancs. 15C3
Garston; Lancs. 24G2
Garston, East; Berks. 64E2
Garth-Beibio; Montg. 34G3
Garthbrengy, St. David; Brecon 47C3
Gartheli; Cards. 46F1
Garthorpe; Leics. 39B2
Garton-in-Holderness; Yorks. 20F3
Garton-on-the-Wolds; Yorks. 19C1
Garveston; Norf. 42F3
Garway; Herefs. 48G4
Gasthorpe; Norf. 42E5
Gatcombe (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B5
Gateforth; Yorks. 18G4
Gately; Norf. 42E1
Gateshead; Durham 6G4
Gatton; Surr. 66F5
Gaulby; Leics. 38H3
Gautby; Lincs. 29A3
Gawcott; Bucks. 51D4
Gawsworth; Ches. 25C3
Gaydon; Warws. 51A2
Gayhurst; Bucks. 52F2
Gayton; Norf. 41C2
Gayton; Nhant. 52E2
Gayton; Staffs. 37A1
Gayton-le-Marsh; Lincs. 29C2
Gayton-le-Wold; Lincs. 29B2
Gayton-Thorpe; Norf. 41C2
Gaywood; Norf. 41B2
Gazeley; Suff. 54G1
Gedding; Suff. 55A1
Geddington; Nhant. 39B5
Gedling; Notts. 27C6
Gedney; Lincs. 40G1
Gedney Hill; Lincs. 40G2
Geldeston; Norf. 43A4
Gellygaer; Glams. 60H1
Gennys, St.; Corn. 71B3
George, St. (super Ely); Glams. 60G3
Georgeham; Devon. 59A6
Germans, St.; Corn. 83A4
Germansweek; Devon. 72E4
Germoe, St.; Corn. 82H4
Gerrans, St.; Corn. 83C4
Gestingthorpe; Essex 54G3
Gidding, Great; Hunts. 40E5
Gidding, Little; Hunts. 40E5
Gidding, Steeple; Hunts. 40E5
Gidleigh; Devon. 72G4
Giggleswick; Yorks. 16G1
Gilcrux; Cumb. 3C6
Giles, St. ,-in-the-Wood; Devon. 72F2
Giles, St.,-on-the-Heath; Devon. 71D3
Gileston; Glams. 60G3
Gilling; Yorks. 12G6
Gilling, East; Yorks. 12G6
Gillingham; Dorset. 75C1
Gillingham; Kent 67C3
Gillingham; Norf. 43B4
Gilmorton; Leics. 38G4
Gilston; Herts. 53C5
Gimingham; Norf. 31D6
Gipping; Suff. 55A1
Girton; Cambs. 53D1
Girton; Notts. 28F4
Gisburn; Yorks. 16G2
Gisleham; Suff. 43B5
Gislingham; Suff. 42F6
Gissing; Norf. 42G5
Gittisham; Devon. 73D4
Givendale, Great; Yorks. 19B2
Gladestry; Radnor 48E2
Glaisdale; Yorks. 13A3
Glandford; Norf. 31B6
Glandford Bridge; Lincs. 19C6
Glapthorne; Nhant. 39C4
Glasbury; Brecon 41D3
Glascombe; Radnor 47D2
Glaston; Rutlds. 39B3
Glastonbury, Som. 61C6
Glatton; Hunts. 40E4
Glazeley; Worcs. 36F4
Glemham, Great; Suff. 56E1
Glemham, Little; Suff. 56E1
Glemsford; Suff. 54G2
Glen-Magna-Leics. 38G4
Glenfield; Leics. 38G3
Glentham; Lincs. 28G2
Glentworth; Lincs. 28G2
Clinton; Nhant. 40E3
Glooston; Leics. 38H4
Glossop; Derby. 26F1
Gloucester; Gloucs. 49C5
Gluvias, St.; Corn. 83B4
Glympton; Oxon. 51B4
Glyntaw; Brecon 47B4
Glyn-Collwyn; Brecon 47C5
Glyncorrwg; Glams. 47B6
Glynde; Suss. 79D3
Gnosall; Staffs. 36G2
Goadby; Leics. 39A4
Goadby; Leics. 39A1
Goathland; Yorks. 13B3
Goathill; Som. 75B2
Goathurst; Som. 61A6
Godalming; Surr. 65C5
Godington; Oxon. 51C4
Godmanchester; Hunts. 40F6
Godmanstone; Dorset. 75B4
Godmersham; Kent 68F5
Godney; Som. 61C5
Godshill (I.O.W.); Hamps. 77B5
Godstone; Surr. 66G5
Godwick; Norf. 41D2
Goldcliff; Monms. 61B2
Goldhanger; Essex 54H5
Goldington; Beds. 52H2
Goldsborough; Yorks. 18E2
Goltho; Lincs. 28H3
Gonalston; Notts. 27D5
Gonerby, Great; Lincs. 28F6
Gooderstone; Norf. 41C3
Goodleigh; Devon. 59C6
Goodmanham; Yorks. 19B3
Goodnestone; Kent 68F4
Goodrich; Herefs. 48H5
Goodshaw; Lancs. 16G4
Goole; Yorks. 19A5
Goosey; Berks. 64E1
Goosnargh; Lancs. 15D3
Goostrey; Ches. 25C3
Goran, St.; Corn. 84E3
Goring; Oxon. 64G2
Goring; Suss. 78H4
Gorleston; Suff. 43B3
Gornal, Lower; Staffs. 36H4
Gorton; Lancs. 25D1
Gosbeck; Suff. 55C2
Gosberton; Lincs. 40F1
Gosfield; Essex 54G4
Gosforth; Cumb. 8G3
Gosforth; Nhumb. 6G3
Gosport; Hamps. 77C4
Gotham; Notts. 38G1
Goudhurst; Kent 67C6
Goulceby; Lincs. 29B2
Goxhill; Lincs. 19D5
Goxhill; Yorks. 20E3
Goytrey; Monms. 48F6
Grade; Corn. 83B5
Graffham; Suss. 78F2
Graffham; Hunts. 40E6
Grafton; Yorks. 20F3
Grafton-Regis; Nhant. 52E2
Grafton-Temple; Warws. 50F2
Grafton-Underwood; Nhant. 39B5
Grain, Isle of; Kent 67D3
Grainsby; Lincs. 20G6
Grainthorpe; Lincs. 29C1
Granborough; Bucks. 52E4
Granby; Notts. 28E6
Grandborough; Warws. 38F6
Gransden, Great; Hunts. 53B2
Gransden, Little; Cambs. 53B2
Granston; Pembs. 44G3
Grantchester; Cambs. 53C2
Grantham; Lincs. 28F6
Grappenhall; Ches. 25A2
Grasby; Lincs. 19D6
Grasmere; Westmd. 9B3
Grately; Hamps. 63D5
Gratwich; Staffs. 37B1
Graveley; Cambs. 40F6
Graveley; Herts. 53B4
Graveney; Kent 68E4
Gravenhurst, Lower; Beds. 53A3
Gravenhurst, Upper; Beds. 53A3
Gravesend; Kent 67B3
Grayingham; Lincs. 28G1
Grayrigg; Westmd. 9D4
Greasbrough; Yorks. 27B1
Greasley; Notts. 27B5
Greatham; Durham 12F1
Greatham; Hamps. 78G2
Greatham; Suss. 78E1
Greatworth; Nhant. 51C3
Greenford, Great; Middx. 66E2
Greenham; Berks. 64F3
Green’s Norton; Nhant. 51D2
Greenstead; Essex 55B4
Greensted; Essex 55B4
Greenwich; Kent 66G2
Greet; Shrops. 35D6
Greetham; Lincs. 39B2
Greetham; Rutlds. 39B2
Greetwell; Lincs. 28G3
Greinton; Som. 61C6
Grendon; Nhant. 52F1
Grendon; Warws. 37D4
Grendon-Bishop; Herefs. 48H2
Grendon-Underwood; Bucks. 51D5
Gresford; Denb. 24F5
Gresham; Norf. 31C6
Gresley, Church; Derby. 38E2
Gressenhall; Norf. 42E2
Gressingham; Lancs. 9D6
Gretford; Lincs. 39D2
Gretton; Gloucs. 50E4
Gretton; Nhant. 39B4
Greystoke; Cumb. 9C1
Greywell; Hamps. 64H5
Grimley; Worcs. 49C1
Grimoldby; Lincs. 29C2
Grimsby, Great; Lincs. 20F6
Grimsby, Little; Lincs. 29B2
Grimstead; East; Wilts. 76G1
Grimstead, West; Wilts. 76G1
Grimston; Norf. 41C2
Grimston, North; Yorks. 13B6
Grimstone; Leics. 38H2
Grindall; Yorks. 14E6
Grindleton; Yorks. 16F3
Grindon; Durham 12E2
Grindon; Staffs. 26F4
Gringley-on-the-Hill; Notts. 28E2
Grinsdale; Cumb. 4F4
Grinshill; Shrops. 35D2
Grinstead, East; Suss. 66G6
Grinstead, West; Suss. 79A2
Grinton; Yorks. 11B4
Griston; Norf. 42E3
Grittleton; Wilts. 62E2
Grosmont; Monms. 48G4
Groton; Suff. 55A3
Grove; Berks. 64E1
Grove; Bucks. 52F4
Grove; Notts. 28E3
Grundisburgh; Suff. 55C2
Guestling; Suss. 80H3
Guestwick; Norf. 42F1
Guildford; Surr. 65C5
Guilsborough; Nhant. 38H6
Guilsfield; Montg. 35A3
Guisborough; Yorks. 12G2
Guiseley; Yorks. 17C3
Guist; Norf. 42F1
Guiting, Lower; Gloucs. 50F4
Guiting, Temple; Gloucs. 50F4
Guildeford, East; Suss. 81H2
Gulval; Corn. 82G4
Gumfreston; Pembs. 45B6
Gumley; Leics. 38H4
Gunby, St. Nicholas; Lincs. 39B2
Gunby, St. Peter; Lincs. 29D4
Gunthorpe; Norf. 31B6
Gunton; Norf. 31C6
Gunton; Suff. 43C4
Gunwalloe; Corn. 83A5
Gusaage, All Saints; Dorset. 76E3
Gussage, St. Michael; Dorset. 76E3
Guston; Kent 69A6
Gwaenysgor; Flint 23C3
Gwenddwr; Brecon 47C3
Gwennap; Corn. 83B3
Gwernesney; Monms. 48G6
Gwinear; Corn. 83A4
Gwithian; Corn. 82H3
Gwnnws; Cards. 33C6
Gwyddelwern; Merion. 23C5
Gwytherin; Denb. 23B4
Gyffin; Caerns. 22H3
Gyfylliog; Denb. 23C4


Habberley; Shrops. 35C3
Habrough; Lincs. 20E5
Haceby; Lincs. 28G6
Hacheston; Lincs. 55D1
Hackford (near Reepham); Suff. 42F1
Hackford (near Wymondham); Norf. 42F3
Hackington.Kent. 68G4
Hackness; Kent 13C4
Hackney; Yorks. 66G2
Hackthorn; Middx. 28G2
Haconby; Lincs. 40E1
Haddenham; Bucks. 52E5
Haddenham; Cambs. 40H5
Haddiscoe; Norf. 43B4
Haddon; Hunts. 40E4
Haddon, East; Nhant. 38H6
Haddon, West; Nhant. 38G6
Hadham, Much; Herts. 53C5
Hadham, Little; Herts. 53C4
Hadleigh; Essex 67C2
Hadleigh; Suff. 55B3
Hadley Monken; Middx. 66F1
Hadlow; Kent 67B5
Hadstock; Essex. 54E2
Hadzor; Worcs. 49D1
Hagbourne; Berks. 64F1
Hagley; Worcs. 36H5
Hagnaby; Lincs. 29C4
Hagworthingham; Lincs. 29C3
Haile; Cumb. 8G3
Hailes; Gloucs. 50F4
Hailey; Oxon. 51A5
Hailsham; Suss. 80E3
Hail-Weston; Hunts. 53A1
Hainton; Lincs. 29A2
Halam; Notts. 27D5
Halberton; Devon. 73C2
Halden, High; Kent 67D6
Hale; Lancs. 24G2
Hale; Hamps. 77B3
Hale-Magna; Lincs. 29A6
Hales; Norf. 43A4
Hales; Worcs. 37A5
Halesworth; Suff. 43A5
Halford; Warws. 50G2
Halifax; Yorks. 17B4
Halkin; Flint 24E3
Hallam-Kirk; Derby. 27B6
Hallam, West; Derby. 27B6
Hallaton; Leics. 39A4
Hailing; Gloucs. 61D3
Hailing; Kent 67B4
Hallingbury, Great; Essex 53D5
Hallingbury, Little Essex 53D5
Hallington; Lincs. 29B2
Halliwell; Lancs. 16F5
Halloughton; Notts. 27D5
Hallow; Worcs. 49C2
Hallystone; Nhumb. 1D6
Halsall; Lancs. 15B6
Halse; Som. 73D1
Halsham; Yorks. 20F4
Halstead; Essex 54G4
Halstead; Kent 66H4
Halstock; Dorset. 74H3
Halston; Shrops. 35B1
Halstow, High; Kent 67C3
Halstow, Lower; Kent 67D3
Haltham-on-Bain; Lincs. 29B4
Halton; Nhumb. 52F5
Halton; Bucks. 52F5
Halton; Ches. 24G2
Halton; Lancs. 15C1
Halton, East; Lincs. 20E5
Halton-Holgage; Lincs. 29C4
Halton, West; Lincs. 19B5
Haltwhistle; Nhumb. 5B4
Halvergate; Norf. 43B3
Halwell (Beaworthy); Devon. 85D2
Halwell (Totnes); Devon. 72E3
Ham; Kent 69A4
Ham; Wilts. 64E4
Ham, East; Essex 66G2
Ham, High; Som. 74G1
Ham, West; Essex 66G2
Hamble-le-Rice; Hamps. 77B3
Hambleden; Bucks. 65A2
Hambledon; Hamps. 77C3
Hambledon; Surr. 65A2
Hambledon; Rutlds. 39B3
Hamerton; Hunts. 40E5
Hameringham; Lincs. 29B4
Hammersmith; Middx. 66F2
Hammerton, Kirk; Yorks. 20F4
Hammerwich; Staffs. 37B3
Hammoon; Dorset. 75C2
Hampden, Great; Bucks. 52F6
Hampden, Little; Bucks. 52F6
Hampnett; Gloucs. 50F5
Hampreston; Dorset. 76F4
Hampstead; Middx. 66F2
Hampstead-Marshall; Berks. 64F3
Hampstead-Norreys; Berks. 64G3
Hampsthwaite; Yorks. 17C2
Hampton; Middx. 66E3
Hampton Bishop; Herefs. 48H3
Hampton-Gay; Oxon. 51B5
Hampton, Great and Little; Worcs. 10F3
Hampton, High; Devon. 72F3
Hampton-in-Arden; Warws. 37C5
Hampton-Lovett; Worcs. 49D1
Hampton-Lucy; Warws. 50G1
Hampton-Meysey; Gloucs. 50F6
Hampton-Poyle; Oxon. 51B5
Hamsey; Suss. 79C3
Hamstall-Ridware; Staffs. 37B2
Hamsterley; Durham 11B1
Hanborough; Oxon. 51B5
Hanbury; Staffs. 37C1
Hanbury; Worcs. 50E1
Handley; Ches. 24G4
Handley; Dorset. 76E2
Handsworth; Staffs. 37B4
Handsworth; Yorks. 37B4
Hanford; Dorset. 75C3
Hangleton; Suss. 79B3
Hanham-Abbots; Gloucs. 62F3
Hankerton; Wilts. 63A1
Hanley; Staffs. 25C5
Hanley-Castle; Worcs. 49C3
Hanley-Child; Worcs. 49A1
Hanley-William; Worcs. 36F6
Hanmer; Flint 24G6
Hannah; Lincs. 29D3
Hanney, West; Berks. 64E1
Hanningfield, East; Essex 54G6
Hanningfield, South; Essex 67C1
Hanningfield, West; Essex 54G6
Hannington; Hamps. 64G4
Hannington; Nhant. 39B6
Hannington; Wilts. 63C1
Hanslope; Bucks. 52E2
Hanwell; Middx. 66E2
Hanwell; Oxon. 51B2
Hanwood; Shrops. 35C3
Hanworth; Middx. 65D3
Hanworth; Norf. 31C6
Hanworth, Cold; Lincs. 28G2
Happisburgh; Norf. 43A1
Hapton; Norf. 42G4
Harberton; Devon. 85D2
Harbledown; Kent 68G4
Harborne; Staffs. 37A5
Harborough-Magna; Warws. 38F5
Harborough-Market; Leics. 38H4
Harbridge; Hamps. 76G3
Harbury; Warws. 51A1
Harby; Leics. 38H1
Harby; Notts. 28F3
Hardenhuish; Wilts. 62H3
Hardham; Suss. 78G2
Hardingham; Norf. 42F3
Hardingstone; Nhant. 52E1
Hardington; Som. 62F5
Hardington-Mandeville; Som. 74G2
Hardley; Norf. 43A4
Hardmead; Bucks. 52G2
Hardres; Lower; Kent 68G4
Hardres; Upper; Kent 68G5
Hardrow; Yorks. 10G4
Hardwick; Norf. 42G4
Hardwick, Priors; Warws. 51B2
Hardwick; Gloucs. 49C5
Hardwicke; Bucks. 52E5
Hardwicke; Cambs. 53C1
Hardwicke; Oxon. 51C4
Hardwycke; Nhant. 39B6
Hareby; Lincs. 29C4
Harefield; Middx. 65C1
Harescombe; Gloucs. 49C5
Haresfield; Gloucs. 49C5
Harewood; Herefs. 48H4
Harewood; Yorks. 18E3
Harford; Devon. 85C2
Hargham; Norf. 42F4
Hargrave; Ches. 24G4
Hargrave; Nhant. 39C6
Hargrave; Suff. 54G1
Harkstead; Suff. 55C3
Harlaston; Staffs. 37C3
Harlaxton; Lincs. 39B1
Harle, Kirk; Nhumb. 6E2
Harlech; Merion. 33B1
Harleston; Norf. 42G5
Harleston; Nhant. 51D1
Harlestone; Suff. 55B1
Harleton; Cambs. 53C2
Harley; Shrops. 36E3
Harling, East; Norf. 42E4
Harling, West; Norf. 42E5
Harlington; Beds. 52G4
Harlington; Middx. 65D2
Harsley, East; Yorks. 12F4
Harmondsworth; Middx. 65C3
Harmon, St.; Radnor 34G6
Harmston; Lincs. 28G4
Harnham; Wilts. 76F1
Harnhill; Gloucs. 50F6
Harpenden; Herts. 52H5
Harpford; Devon. 73C4
Harpham; Yorks. 19D1
Harpley; Norf. 41C1
Harpole; Nhant. 51D1
Harpsden; Oxon. 65A2
Harpswell; Lincs. 28G2
Harptree, East; Som. 61D4
Harptree, West; Som. 61D4
Harrietsham; Kent 67D5
Harrington; Cumb. 8F2
Harrington; Lincs. 29C3
Harrington; Nhant. 39A5
Harringworth Nhant. 39B4
Harrogate; Yorks. 17D2
Harrold; Beds. 52G1
Harroldston; Pembs. 44G5
Harroldston; W. Pembs. 44G5
Harrow-on-hill; Middx. 66E2
Harrowden, Great; Nhant. 39B6
Harrowden, Little; Nhant. 39B6
Harston; Cambs. 53C2
Harston; Leics. 37C4
Harswell; Yorks. 79B3
Hart; Durham 6H5
Hartburn; Nhumb. 6F2
Hartest; Suff. 54G2
Hartfield; Suss. 66H6
Hartford; Hunts. 40F6
Hartgrove; Dorset. 75C2
Harthill; Ches. 24G5
Harthill; Yorks. 27B3
Harting; Suss. 78E2
Hartington; Derby. 26F4
Hartland; Devon. 71C1
Hartlebury; Worcs. 36G6
Hartlepool; Durham 12G1
Hartley; Kent 67B3
Hartley-Mauditt; Hamps. 65A6
Hartley-Wespall; Hamps. 64H4
Hartley-Wintney; Hamps. 65A4
Hartlip; Kent 67C4
Hartpury; Gloucs. 49C4
Hartshead; Yorks. 17C4
Hartshorne; Derby. 38E2
Hartwell; Bucks. 52E5
Hartwell; Nhant. 52E2
Hartwith; Yorks. 17C1
Harty, Isle of; Kent 68F3
Harvington; Worcs. 36G6
Harwell; Berks. 64F1
Harwich; Essex 55D4
Harwood, Great; Lancs. 16F4
Harworth; Notts. 27C2
Hascombe; Surr. 65C6
Haselbech; Nhant. 38H5
Haselbury-Bryan; Dorset. 75B3
Haseley; Warws. 37C6
Haseley, Great; Oxon. 51C6
Haselor; Warws. 50R1
Haselton; Gloucs. 50F5
Hasfield; Gloucs. 49C4
Hasguard; Pembs. 44G5
Hasketon; Suff. 55C2
Haslebury-Plucknett; Som. 74G2
Haslemere; Surr. 65B6
Haslingden; Lancs. 16G4
Haslingfield; Cambs. 53C2
Haslington; Ches. 25B5
Hassingham; Norf. 43A3
Hastingleigh; Kent 68F5
Hastings; Suss. 80G3
Hatch-Beauchamp; Som. 74F2
Hatch, West; Som. 74F2
Hatcliffe; Lincs. 29B1
Hatfield; Herefs. 48H1
Hatfield; Yorks. 18H6
Hatfield, Bishop’s; Herts. 53B5
Hatfield-Broad-Oak; Essex 54E5
Hatfield-Peverel; Essex 54G5
Hatford; Berks. 64E1
Hatherleigh; Devon. 72F3
Hatherley-Down; Gloucs. 49C4
Hathern; Leics. 38F2
Hatherop; Gloucs. 50G6
Hathersage; Derby. 26G2
Hatley; Cambs. 53B2
Hatley, Cockayne; Beds. 53B2
Hatley, East; Cambs. 53B2
Hatton; Lincs. 29A3
Hatton; Warws. 37C6
Haugh; Lincs. 29C3
Haugham; Lincs. 29C2
Haughley; Suff. 55B1
Haughton; Staffs. 36G2
Haughton-le-Skerne; Durham 11D2
Hautbois, Great; Norf. 42H2
Hautbois. Little; 42H2
Hauxton; Cambs. 53D2
Hauxwell; Yorks. 11C4
Havant; Hamps. 77D3
Haverfordwest; Pembs. 44G5
Haverhill; Suff. 54F2
Havering-Bower; Essex 66H1
Haveringland; Norf. 42G2
Haversham; Bucks. 52F3
Hawarden; Flint 24F4
Hawerby; Lincs. 29B1
Hawes; Yorks. 10G5
Hawkchurch; Dorset. 74F3
Hawkedon; Suff. 54G2
Hawkesbury; Gloucs. 62F2
Hawkhurst; Kent 80G1
Hawkinge; Kent 68G6
Hawkley; Hamps. 78E1
Hawkridge; Som. 73A1
Hawkshead; Lancs. 9B4
Hawksworth; Notts. 28E5
Hawkwell; Essex 67D1
Hawling; Gloucs. 10F4
Hawnby; Yorks. 12G5
Hawnes; Beds. 52H3
Haworth; Yorks. 17B3
Hawridge; Bucks. 52G6
Hawstead; Suff. 54H1
Hawton; Notts. 28E5
Haxby; Yorks. 18G1
Haxey; Lincs. 28E1
Hay; Brecon 48E3
Haydon; Dorset. 75B2
Haydon Bridge; Nhumb. 5C4
Haydor; Lincs. 28G6
Hayes; Kent 66G3
Hayes; Middx. 65D2
Hayfield; Derby. 26F2
Hayling; Hamps. 77D4
Haynford; Norf. 42G2
Hayscastle; Pembs. 44G4
Hayton; Cumb. 4H4
Hayton; Notts. 27D2
Hayton; Yorks. 19B3
Hazeleigh; Essex 54G6
Heacham; Norf. 30F6
Headbourne Worthy; Hamps. 64F6
Headcorn; Kent 67C5
Headingley; Yorks. 17D3
Headington; Oxon. 51C6
Headley; Hamps. 64F4
Headley; Surr. 66F4
Headon; Notts. 28E3
Healaugh; Yorks. 18F2
Healing; Lincs. 20F5
Heanor; Derby. 27B5
Heanton-Punchardon; Devon. 59B6
Heapham; Lincs. 28F2
Heath; Beds. 52F4
Heath; Derby. 27B4
Heather; Leics. 38E3
Heathfield; Som. 73D1
Heathfield; Suss. 80E2
Heaton-Norris; Lancs. 16G6
Heavitree; Devon. 73B4
Hebburn; Nhumb. 6G2
Heckfield; Hamps. 64H4
Heckingham; Norf. 43A4
Heckington; Lincs. 29A5
Heddington; Wilts. 63A3
Heddon-on-Wall; Nhumb. 6F4
Hedenham; Norf. 42H4
Hedgerley; Bucks. 65C2
Hedingham, Castle; Essex 54G3
Hedingham, Sible; Essex 54G3
Hedon; Yorks. 20E4
Hedsor; Bucks. 65B2
Heigham; Norf. 42G3
Heigham, Potter; Norf. 43B2
Heighington; Durham 11D2
Heighten, South; Suss. 79D4
Helens, St.; Hamps. 77C5
Helens, St.; Lancs. 24G1
Helhoughton; Norf. 41D1
Helidon; Nhant. 51B1
Helland; Corn. 84E1
Hellesdon; Norf. 42G3
Hellingly; Suss. 80E3
Hellington; Norf. 43A3
Helmdon; Nhant. 51C3
Helmingham; Suff. 55C2
Helmsley; Yorks. 12G5
Helmsley-gate; Yorks. 18H2
Helmsley,Upper; Yorks. 18H2
Helperthorpe; Yorks. 13C6
Helpringham; Lincs. 29A6
Helpstone; Nhant. 40E3
Helsington; Westmd. 9C5
Helston; Corn. 83A4
Hemblington; Norf. 43A3
Hemingborough; Yorks. 18H4
Hemingby; Lincs. 29B3
Hemingford, Abbots; Hunts. 40F6
Hemingford Grey; Hunts. 40F6
Hemingstone; Suff. 55C2
Hemington; Nhant. 39D5
Hemington; Som. 62F4
Hemley; Suff. 55D3
Hempnall; Norf. 42G4
Hempstead; Essex 54F3
Hempsted; Gloucs. 49C5
Hempstead; Norf. 43B1
Hempstezd; Norf. 31B6
Hempstead, Hemel; Herts. 52H6
Hempston, Broad; Devon. 85D1
Hempston, Little; Devon. 85D2
Hemsby; Norf. 43B2
Hemswell; Lincs. 28F2
Hemsworth; Yorks. 18F5
Hemyock; Devon. 73D2
Henbury; Gloucs. 61D2
Henderskelf; Yorks. 13A6
Hendon; Middx. 66F1
Hendred; Berks. 64F2
Heneglwys; Angl. 21D3
Henfield; Suss. 79B3
Henfynyw; Cards. 46E1
Hengrave; Suff. 41C6
Henham; Essex 54E4
Henley; Suff. 55C2
Henley-in-Arden; Warws. 50G1
Henley-on-Thames; Oxon. 65A2
Henllan; Denb. 23C4
Henllys; Monms. 61B1
Henlow; Beds. 53A3
Hennock; Devon. 73A5
Henny, Great; Essex 54H3
Henry’s Moat; Pembs. 45A4
Hensingham; Cumb. 8F2
Henstead; Suff. 43B5
Henstribe; Som. 75B2
Hentland; Herefs. 48H4
Heptonstall; Yorks. 17A4
Hepworth; Suff. 42E5
Herbranston; Pembs. 41G5
Hereford; Herefs. 48G3
Hereford, Little; Herefs. 35D6
Hermitage; Dorset. 75A3
Herne; Kent 68F4
Hernhill; Kent 68F4
Herriard; Hamps. 64H5
Herringby; Norf. 43B3
Herringfleet; Suff. 43B4
Herringswell; Suff. 41C6
Hertford; Herts. 53C5
Hertingfordbury; Herts. 53B5
Hesket-in-Forest; Cumb. 4G6
Hesketh; Lancs. 15C4
Hesleden, Monk; Durham 7B6
Heslerton, West; Yorks. 13B6
Heslington; Yorks. 18G2
Hessett; Suff. 55A1
Hessle; Yorks. 19C4
Heston; Middx. 66E2
Heswall; Ches. 24E2
Hethe; Oxon. 51C4
Hethel; Norf. 42G3
Hethersett; Norf. 42G3
Heveningham; Suff. 43A6
Hever; Kent 66H5
Heversham; Westmd. 9C5
Hevingham; Norf. 42G2
Hewelsfield; Gloucs. 48H6
Heworth; Durham 6H4
Hexham; Nhumb. 5D4
Hexton; Herts. 52H4
Hey (or Lees); Lancs. 17A6
Heybridge; Essex 54H5
Heydon; Essex 53C5
Heydon; Norf. 42F1
Heyford; Nhant. 51D1
Heyford, Lower; Oxon. 51B4
Heyford, Upper; Oxon. 51C1
Heyope; Radnor 35A6
Heysham; Lancs. 15C1
Heyshott; Suss. 78F2
Heytesbury; Wilts. 63A5
Heythrop; Oxon. 51A4
Heywood; Lancs. 16G5
Hibaldstow; Lincs. 19C6
Hickleton; Yorks. 18F6
Hickling; Norf. 43B2
Hickling; Notts. 38H1
Higham; Kent 67B3
Higham; Suff. 55B3
Higham, Cold; Nhant. 51D2
Higham-Ferrers; Nhant. 39C6
Higham-Gobion; Beds. 52H3
Higham-on-Hill; Leics. 38E4
High Bray; Devon. 59C6
Highclere; Hamps. 64F4
Highgate; Middx. 66F2
Highley; Shrops. 36F5
Highway; Wilts. 63B3
Highweek; Devon. 73A6
Highworth; Wilts. 63C1
Hilary, St.; Glams. 60G3
Hilary, St.; Corn. 82G4
Hilborough; Norf. 41C3
Hildersham; Cambs. 54E2
Hilfield; Dorset. 75A3
Hilgay; Norf. 41B4
Hill; Gloucs. 62E1
Hill-Deverill; Wilts. 62H6
Hill-Farrance; Som. 73D1
Hillesden; Bucks. 51D4
Hillington; Middx. 65D2
Hillington; Norf. 42H3
Hillmorton; Warws. 38G6
Hilmarton; Wilts. 63B3
Hilperton; Wilts. 62G4
Hilston; Yorks. 20F4
Hilton; Dorset. 75C3
Hilton; Hunts. 40F6
Hilton-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12F3
Himbleton; Worcs. 49D1
Himley; Staffs. 36G4
Hinckley; Leics. 38F4
Hinderclay; Suff. 42F5
Hinderwell; Yorks. 13A2
Hindley; Lancs. 16E6
Hindlip; Worcs. 49C2
Hindolveston; Norf. 42F1
Hindon; Wilts. 62G6
Hindringham; Norf. 31A6
Hingham; Norf. 42F3
Hinksey, North; Berks. 51B6
Hinksey, South; Berks. 51B6
Hinstock; Shrops. 36F1
Hintlesham; Suff. 55B3
Hinton; Dorset. 75C2
Hinton, St. George; Som. 74G2
Hinton-Admiral; Hamps. 76G4
Hinton-Ampner; Hamps. 77C2
Hinton-Blewett; Som. 61D4
Hinton, Broad; Wilts. 63B3
Hinton-Charterhouse; Som. 62G4
Hinton, Cherry; Cambs. 53D2
Hinton-in-Hedges; Nhant. 51C3
Hinton, Little; Wilts. 63C2
Hinton, Little; Dorset. 76E3
Hinton-Martell; Dorset. 76E3
Hinton-on-Green; Gloucs. 50F3
Hinton-Waldrist; Berks. 51A6
Hints; Staffs. 37C3
Hinxhill; Kent 68F5
Hinxton; Cambs. 53D3
Hinxworth; Herts. 53B3
Hipswell; Yorks. 11C4
Hirnant; Montg. 34G2
Histon; Cambs. 53C1
Hitcham; Bucks. 65B2
Hitcham; Suff. 55A2
Hitchin; Herts. 53A4
Hittisleigh; Devon. 72H4
Hoath; Kent 68G4
Hoathly, East; Suss. 79D3
Hoathly, West; Suss. 79C1
Hoby; Leics. 38H2
Hockering; Norf. 42F2
Hockerton; Notts. 27D5
Hockham; Norf. 42E4
Hockley; Essex 67C1
Hockliffe; Beds. 52G4
Hockwold; Norf. 41B4
Hockworthy; Devon. 73C2
Hoddesdon; Herts. 53C5
Hodgeston; Pembs. 45A6
Hodnet; Shrops. 36E1
Hoggeston; Bucks. 52E4
Hognaston; Derby. 26G5
Hogsthorpe; Lincs. 30E3
Holbeach; Lincs. 40G1
Holbeck; Yorks. 17D4
Holbeton; Devon. 85C3
Holbrook; Suff. 55C3
Holcombe; Lancs. 16G5
Holcombe; Som. 62F5
Holcombe-Burnell; Devon. 73A4
Holcombe-Rogus; Devon. 73C2
Holcott; Nhant. 39A6
Holcutt; Beds. 52G3
Holdenby; Nhant. 38H6
Holdenhurst; Hamps. 76F4
Holdgate; Shrops. 35D4
Holford; Som. 60H5
Holkham; Norf. 30H5
Hollacombe; Devon. 71D3
Holland; Essex 55C5
Hollesley; Suff. 56E3
Hollinfare; Lancs. 25B2
Hollingbourne; Kent 67C4
Hollington; Suss. 80G3
Hollinwood; Lancs. 16H6
Hollym; Yorks. 20G4
Holme; Hunts. 40E4
Holme; Notts. 28E4
Holme-in-Clivinger; Notts. 16F3
Holme-Cultram; Cumb. 4E5
Holme-Hale; Norf. 41D3
Holme-Lacy; Herefs. 48H3
Holme-next-Runction; Norf. 41B3
Holme-next-Sea; Norf. 30F5
Holme-on-Spalding; Yorks. 19B3
Holme-on-Wolds; Yorks. 19C2
Holme-Pieerepoint; Notts. 27C6
Holmer; Herefs. 48G3
Holmesfield; Derby. 27A3
Holmfirth; Yorks. 17B6
Holmpton; Yorks. 20G4
Holne; Devon. 85C1
Holnest; Dorset. 75B3
Holsworthy; Devon. 71D3
Holt; Denb. 24G5
Holt; Norf. 31B6
Holt; Worcs. 49C1
Holt; Wilts. 76F3
Holtby; Yorks. 18H2
Holton; Oxon. 51C6
Holton; Som. 75B1
Holton, St. Mary; Suff. 55B3
Holton, St. Peter; Suff. 43B5
Holton-Beckering; Lincs. 28H2
Holton-le-Clay; 20F6
Holvestone; Norf. 42H3
Holwell; Beds. 52H3
Holwell; Dorset. 75B3
Holwell; Oxon. 50G5
Holybourne; Hamps. 65A6
Holyhead; Angl. 21C2
Holy-Island; Nhumb. 2G3
Holywell; Lincs. 39C2
Holywell; Oxon. 50G5
Holywell; Flint 23D3
Holywell; Hunts. 40G3
Homersfield; Suff. 42H5
Homington; Wilts. 76F1
Honeybourne Church; Worcs. 50F3
Honey Church; Devon. 72G3
Honiley; Warws. 37C6
Honing; Norf. 43A2
Honingham; Norf. 42F2
Honington; Lincs. 28G5
Honington; Suff. 41D6
Honington; Warws. 50G3
Hiniton; Devon. 73D3
Honley; Yorks. 17B5
Hoo; Norf. 42F2
Hoo; Suff. 55D1
Hoo; Allhallows; Kent 67C3
Hoo, St. Mary; Kent 67C3
Hoo, St. Werburgh; Kent 67C3
Hooe; Suss. 80F3
Hook; Yorks. 19A4
Hoole; Lancs. 15C4
Hooton-Pagnall; Yorks. 18F6
Hooton-Roberts; Yorks. 27B1
Hope; Derby. 26G2
Hope, or Estyn; Flint 24F4
Hope; Kent 81B2
Hope-Bagot; Shrops. 35D6
Hope-Bowdler; Shrops. 35C4
Hope-Mansel; Herefs. 49A5
Hope-under-Dinmore; Herefs. 48G2
Hopesay; Shrops. 35A5
Hopton-by-Thetford; Suff. 42F5
Hopton-by-Lowestoft; Suff. 43C4
Hopton-Castle; Shrops. 35A5
Hopton-Wagers; Shrops. 36E5
Horbling; Lincs. 28H6
Horbury; Yorks. 17D5
Hordle; Hamps. 76H3
Hordley; Shrops. 35B1
Horfield; Gloucs. 61D3
Horham; Suff. 42G6
Horksley, Great; Essex 55A4
Horksley, Little; Essex 55A4
Horkstow; Lincs. 19C4
Horley; Oxon. 51B2
Horley; Surr. 66F5
Hormead, Great; Herts. 53C4
Hormead, Little; Herts. 53C4
Horn; Rutlds. 39C2
Hornblotton; Som. 62E6
Hornby; Lancs. 9D6
Hornby; Yorks. 12E3
Horncastle; Lincs. 29B3
Hornchurch; Essex 67A2
Horndon, East; Essex 67B2
Horndon-on-thet-Hill; Essex 67B2
Horndon, West; Essex 67B2
Horne; Surr. 66G5
Horning; Norf. 43A2
Horninghold; Leics. 39A4
Horningsey; Cambs. 53D1
Horningsham; Wilts. 62G5
Horningsheath; Suff. 54G1
Horningtoft; Norf. 42E1
Hornsea; Yorks. 20F2
Hornsey; Middx. 66F1
Hornton; Oxon. 51A2
Horseheath; Cambs. 54F2
Horsehouse; Yorks. 11B5
Horsell; Surr. 65C4
Horsendon; Bucks. 52E6
Horsepath; Oxon. 51C6
Horsey-next-the-Sea; Norf. 43B2
Horsford; Norf. 42G2
Horsforth; Yorks. 17C3
Horsham; Norf. 42G2
Horsham; Suss. 79A1
Horsington; Lincs. 29A3
Horsington; Som. 75B2
Horsley; Derby. 27A5
Horsley; Gloucs. 62G1
Horsley, East; Surr. 65D5
Horsley, Long; Nhumb. 6G1
Horsley, West; Surr. 65D5
Horsmonden; Kent 67B6
Horstead; Norf. 42H2
Horsted-Keynes; Suss. 79C2
Horsted, Little; Suss. 79D2
Horton; Bucks. 65C3
Horton; Dorset. 76F3
Horton; Gloucs. 62F2
Horton; Nhant. 52F2
Horton; Nhumb. 6H2
Horton; Staffs. 25D4
Horton; Som. 74F2
Horton; Yorks. 16G2
Horton-in-Ribbles-dale; Yorks. 10G6
Horton-Kirby; Kent 67A3
Horton, Monks; Kent 68G6
Horwich; Lancs. 16F5
Horwood; Devon. 72F1
Horwood, Great; Bucks. 52E4
Horwood, Little; Bucks. 52E4
Hose; Leics. 38H1
Hotham; Yorks. 19B3
Hothfield; Kent 68E5
Hough-on-Hill; Lincs. 28F5
Hougham; Kent 68H6
Hougham; Lincs. 28F5
Houghton; Hunts. 40F6
Houghton; Hamps. 64E6
Houghton; Suss. 78G3
Houghton-Conquest; Beds. 52G1
Houghton, Great; Nhant. 52E1
Houghton-in-the-Hole; Norf. 31A6
Houghton-le-Spring; Durham 7A5
Houghton, Little; Nhant. 52E1
Houghton, Long; Nhumb. 2G5
Houghton, New; Norf. 41C1
Houghton-on-the-Hill; Norf. 41D3
Houghton-Regis; Beds. 52G4
Hound; Hamps. 77B3
Hounslow; Middx. 66E3
Hove; Suss. 79B4
Hoveringham; Notts. 27D5
Hoveton St. John; Norf. 42H2
Hoveton St. Peter; Norf. 42H2
Hovingham; Yorks. 12H6
How-Caple; Herefs. 49A4
Howden; Yorks. 18G2
Howe; Norf. 42H3
Howell; Lincs. 29A5
Howick; Nhumb. 2G5
Hoxne; Suff. 42G5
Hoyland, High; Yorks. 17C6
Hoyland, Nether; Yorks. 17D6
Hubberholme; Yorks. 10H6
Hubberston; Pembs. 44G6
Hucking; Kent 67C4
Hucknall-Torkard; Notts. 27B5
Huddersfield; Yorks. 17B5
Huddington; Worcs. 49D2
Hudswell; Yorks. 11B4
Huggate; Yorks. 19B2
Hugglescote; Leics. 38F2
Hughenden; Bucks. 65B1
Hughley; Shrops. 35D4
Hugill; Westmd. 9C3
Huish; Wilts. 63C4
Huish; Devon. 72F2
Huish-Champflower; Som. 73C1
Huish-Episcopi; Som. 74G1
Huish, North; Devon. 85D2
Huish, South; Devon. 85C3
Hulcote; Bucks. 52F5
Hull; Yorks. 19D4
Hull, Bishop’s; Som. 74E1
Hullavington; Wilts. 62G2
Hulme, Church; Ches. 25C4
Hulton, Little; Lancs. 16F6
Humber; Herefs. 48H2
Humberstone; Lincs. 20F6
Humberstone; Leics. 38G3
Humbleton; Yorks. 20F3
Hundleby; Lincs. 29C4
Hundon; Suff. 54G2
Hungarton; Leics. 38H3
Hungerford; Berks. and Wilts. 63D3
Hungerton; Lincs. 39B1
Hunmanby; Yorks. 13D5
Hunningham; Warws. 38E6
Hunsdon; Herts. 53C5
Hunsingore; Yorks. 18F2
Hunslet or Hunfleet; Yorks. 17D4
Hunstanton; Norf. 30F5
Hunstanworth; Durham 5D5
Hunston; Suff. 42E6
Hunston; Suss. 78F4
Huntingdon, Hunts. 40F6
Huntingfield; Suff. 43A6
Huntington; Herefs. 48G3
Huntington; Yorks. 18G2
Huntington; Herefs. 48E2
Huntley; Gloucs. 49B5
Hunton; Kent 67C5
Hunton; Yorks. 11C4
Hunton; Hamps. 64F6
Huntsham; Devon. 73B2
Huntshaw; Devon. 72F1
Huntspill; Som. 61B5
Hunworth; Norf. 31B6
Hurley; Berks. 65B2
Hursley; Hamps. 77B2
Hurst; Berks. 65A3
Hurstbourne-Priors; Hamps. 64F5
Hurstbourne-Tarrant; Hamps. 64E4
Hurstmonceaux; Suss. 80F3
Hurst, Old; Hunts. 40F5
Hurstpierpoint; Suss. 79B3
Hurworth; Durham 11D3
Husborne-Crawley; Beds. 52G3
Husthwaite; Yorks. 12F6
Huttoft; Lincs. 29D3
Hutton; Essex 67B1
Hutton; Som. 61B4
Hutton-Bonville; Yorks. 12E4
Hutton-Buscel; Yorks. 13C5
Hutton-Cranswick; Yorks. 19C2
Hutton-in-the-Forest; Cumb. 4G6
Hutton-Magna; Yorks. 11B3
Hutton, New; Westmd. 9D4
Hutton, Old; Westmd. 9D5
Hutton-Roof; Westmd. 9D5
Hutton’s Ambo; Yorks. 13A6
Huxham; Devon. 73B4
Huyton; Lancs. 24G2
Hykeham; Lincs. 28G4
Hyssington; Montg. 35B4
Hythe; Kent 68G6
Hythe, West; Kent 68G6


Ibsley; Hamps. 76G3
Ibstock; Leics. 38F3
Ibstone; Oxon. 65A1
Ickenham; Middx. 65D2
Ickford; Bucks. 51C6
Ickham; Kent 68G4
Ickleford; Herts. 53A4
Icklesham; Suss. 80H2
Ickleton; Cambs. 53D3
Icklingham; Suff. 41C6
Ickworth; Suff. 54G1
Icomb; Gloucs. 50G4
Idbury; Oxon. 50G4
Iddesleigh; Devon. 77F3
Ide; Devon. 73B4
Ideford; Devon. 73B5
Iden; Suss. 81A2
Idle; Yorks. 17C3
Idlicote; Warws. 50H2
Idmiston; Wilts. 63C6
Idsworth; Hamps. 77D3
Iffley; Oxon. 51B6
Ifield; Kent 67B3
Ifield; Suss. 66F6
Iford; Suss. 79C3
Igborough; Norf. 41C4
Ightfield; Shrops. 24H6
Ightham; Kent 67A4
Iken; Suff. 56F2
Ilam; Staffs. 26F5
Ilchester; Som. 74G1
Ilderton; Nhumb. 2E5
Ilford, Little; Essex 66G2
Ilfracombe; Devon. 59B5
Ilkeston; Derby. 27B6
Ilketshall; St.; Suff. 43A5
Ilnkley; Yorks. 17B2
Illington; Norf. 42E4
Illingworth; Yorks. 17B4
Illogan; Corn. 83A3
Ilmer; Bucks. 52E6
Ilmington; Warws. 50G3
Ilminster; Som. 74F2
Ilsington; Devon. 72H5
Ilsley, East; Berks. 64F2
Ilsley, West; Berks. 64F2
Ilisten; Glams. 59B1
Ilston-on-the-Hill; Leics. 59B1
Ilton; Som. 74F2
Imber; Wilts. 63A5
Immingham; Lincs. 20E5
Impington; Cambs. 53D1
Ince; Ches. 24G3
Ingatestone; Essex 54F6
Ingestre; Staffs. 37A2
Ingham; Lincs. 28G2
Ingham; Norf. 43A1
Ingham; Suff. 41D6
Ingleby-Greenhow; Yorks. 12G3
Inglesham; Wilts. 63C1
Ingleton; Yorks. 10F6
Ingoldisthorpe; Norf. 30F6
Ingoldmells; Lincs. 30E3
Ingoldsby; Lincs. 39C1
Ingram; Nhumb. 2E5
Ingrave; Essex 67B1
Ingworth; Norf. 42G1
Inkberrow; Worcs. 50E1
Inkpen; Berks. 64E4
Instow; Devon. 59B6
Intwood; Norf. 42G3
Inwardleigh; Devon. 72F3
Inworth; Essex 54H5
Iping; Suss. 78F2
Ipplepen; Devon. 73A6
Ippolyts, St.; Herts. 53A4
Ipsden; Oxon. 64G2
Ipsley; Warws. 37B6
Ipstone; Bucks. 65A1
Ipstones; Staffs. 26E5
Ipswich, St.; Suff. 55C3
Irby-in-the-Marsh; Lincs. 29D4
Irby-upon-Humber; Lincs. 20E6
Irchester; Nhant. 52F1
Ireby; Cumb. 3D6
Ireleth; Lancs. 9A6
Irnham; Lincs. 39C1
Iron-Acton; Gloucs. 62F2
Irstead; Norf. 43A2
Irthington; Cumb. 4G4
Irthlingborough; Nhant. 39C6
Irton; Cumb. 8G4
Isel; Cumb. 8H1
Isfield; Suss. 79C2
Isham; Nhant. 39B6
Ishmaels, St.; Caerns. 45D6
Ishmaels, St.; Pembs. 44G5
Isle-Abbotts; Som. 74F2
Isle-Brewers; Som. 74F2
Isleham; Cambs. 41B6
Isleworth; Middx. 66E3
Isley Walton; Leics. 38F1
Islington; Middx. 66F2
Islington; Norf. 41A2
Islip; Nhant. 39C5
Islip; Oxon. 51B5
Issells, St.; Pembs. 45B6
Issey, St.; Corn. 70H6
Itchen-Abbas; Hamps. 64G6
Itchen-Stoke; Hamps. 64G6
Itchenor, West; Suss. 78E4
Itchingfield; Suss. 78H1
Itchington, Bishops; Warws. 51A1
Itchington, Long; Warws. 51A1
Itterringham; Norf. 42G1
Itton; Monms. 61C1
Ive, St.; Corn. 71C5
Ivegill; Cumb. 4G6
Iver; Bucks. 65C2
Ives, St.; Corn. 82G3
Ives, St.; Hunts. 40G6
Ivinghoe; Bucks. 52G5
Ivychurch; Kent 81B2
Iwade; Kent 67D3
Iwerne-Courtney; Dorset. 75C3
Iwerne-Minster; Dorset. 75C2
Ixworth; Suff. 42E6


Jackfield; Shrops. 36F3
Jacobstow; Corn. 71C3
Jacobstowe; Devon. 72F3
Jarrow; Durham 7A4
Jeffreston; Pembs. 45B6
Jevington; Suss. 80E4
John’s; St.; Corn. 84H2
John’s, St., in the Vale; Cumb. 9B2
Johnston; Pembs. 44G5
Juliot, St. 71B3
Just, St., in-Penwith; Corn. 82F4
Just, St., in-Roseland; Corn. 82F4.


Kea, St.; Corn. 83C3
Keal, East; Lincs. 29C4
Keal, West; Lincs. 29C4
Keddington; Lincs. 29C2
Kedington; Suff. 54F2
Kedleston; Derby. 27A6
Keelby; Lincs. 20E5
Keele; Staffs. 25C5
Keevil; Wilts. 62H4
Kegidog (or St. George); Denb. 23B3
Kegworth; Leics. 38F1
Keighley; Yorks. 17B3
Keinton-Mandeville; Som. 74H1
Kelby; Lincs. 28G6
Kelham; Notts. 28E4
Kellan; Cards. 46G2
Kellaways; Wilts. 63A3
Kellet Over; Lancs. 9D6
Kelling; Norf. 31B6
Kellington; Yorks. 18G4
Kelloe; Durham 7A6
Kelly; Devon. 72G3
Kelmarsh; Nhant. 38H5
Kelmscott; Oxon. 50G6
Kelsale; Suff. 56F1
Kelsey, North; Lincs. 19D6
Kelsey, South; Lincs. 28G1
Kelshall; Herts. 53C3
Kelstern; Lincs. 29B2
Kelston; Som. 62F3
Kelvedon; Essex 54H5
Kelvedon-Hatch; Essex 54E6
Kemberton; Shrops. 36F3
Kemble; Gloucs. 63A1
Kemerton; Gloucs. 49D3
Kemeys-Inferior; Monms. 61B1
Kempley; Gloucs. 49B4
Kempsey; Worcs. 49C2
Kempsford; Gloucs. 63C1
Kempston; Beds. 52G2
Kempston; Norf. 41D2
Kemsing; Kent 67A4
Kenarth; Caerns. 45C3
Kenchester; Herefs. 48G3
Kencott; Oxon. 50G6
Kendal; Westmd. 9C4
Kenderchurch; Herefs. 48G4
Kenelm, Saint; Shrops. 36H5
Kenilworth; Warws. 37D6
Kenley; Shrops. 35D4
Kenn; Devon. 73B5
Kenn; Som. 61C3
Kennardington; Kent 81A1
Kennerleigh; Devon. 73A3
Kennett; Cambs. 41C6
Kennett, East; Wilts. 63B3
Kenninghall; Norf. 42F4
Kennington; Kent 68F5
Kensington; Middx. 66F2
Kensworth; Herts. 52G5
Kentchurch; Herefs. 48G4
Kentford; Suff. 41C6
Kentisbeare; Devon. 59C5
Kentisbury; Devon. 59C5
Kentmere; Westmd. 9C3
Kenton; Devon. 73B5
Kenton; Suff. 55C1
Kenwyn; Corn. 83C3
Kerdiston; Norf. 42F1
Kerry; Montg. 34H4
Kersey; Suff. 55B3
Kerswell, King’s; Devon. 73B6
Kesgrave; Suff. 55C3
Kessingland; Suff. 43C5
Keston; Kent 66G4
Keswick; Norf. 42G3
Kettering; Nhant. 39B5
Ketteringham; Norf. 42G3
Kettlebaston; Suff. 55A2
Kettleburgh; Suff. 55D1
Kettlestone; Norf. 31A6
Kettlethorpe; Lincs. 28F3
Kettlewell; Yorks. 11A6
Ketton; Rutlds. 39C3
Kevenllys (or Cefnllys) Radnor 47C1
Keverne, Saint; Corn. 83B5
Kew; Surr. 66E2
Kew, Saint; Corn. 71A4
Kewstoke; Som. 61B4
Keyham; Leics. 38H3
Keyingham; Yorks. 20F4
Keymer; Suss. 79B3
Keyne, Saint; Corn. 84G2
Keynsham; Som. 62F3
Keysoe; Beds. 52H1
Keyston; Hunts. 39C5
Keyworth; Notts. 38G1
Kibworth-Beauchamp; Leics. 38H4
Kidderminster; Worcs. 36G5
Kiddington; Oxon. 51A4
Kidlington; Oxon. 51B5
Kidwelly; Carms. 46E6
Kiffig (or Cyffic); Carms. 45C5
Kilburn; Yorks. 12F6
Kilby; Leics. 38G4
Kildale; Yorks. 12G3
Kildwick; Yorks. 17A3
Kilgerran; Pembs. 45B3
Kilham; Yorks. 19D1
Kilken; Flint 23D4
Kilkennin; Cards. 46
Kilkhampton; Corn. 71C2
Killamarsh; Derby. 27B3
Killirigholme; Lincs. 20E5
Killington; Westmd. 10E5
Kilmersdon; Som. 62F4
Kilmeston; Hamps. 77C2
Kilmington; Devon. 74F3
Kilmington; Som. 62G6
Kilnsea; Yorks. 20G5
Kilnwick; Yorks. 19C2
Kilnwick-Percy; Yorks. 19B2
Kilpeck; Herefs. 48G4
Kilrhedyn; Carms. 45C3
Kilsby; Nhant. 38G6
Kilton; Som. 60H5
Kilve; Som. 60H5
Kilverstone; Norf. 41D5
Kilvington; Notts. 28E6
Kilvington, South; Yorks. 12F5
Kilworth, North; Leics. 38G5
Kilworth, South; Leics. 38G5
Kilybebil; Glams. 46H6
Kilymaenllwyd; Caerns. 22
Kimberley; Norf. 42F3
Kimble, Great; Bucks. 52F6
Kimble, Little; Bucks. 52F6
Kimbolton; Herefs. 48H1
Kimbolton; Hunts. 40E6
Kimcote; Leics. 38G5
Kimmeridge; Dorset. 75D5
Kimpton; Hamps. 63D5
Kimpton; Herts. 53A5
Kineton; Warws. 51A2
Kingerby; Lincs. 28H1
Kingham; Oxon. 50G4
Kingsbridge; Devon. 85D3
Kingsbury; Middx. 66E3
Kingsbury; Warws. 37C4
Kingsbury-Episcopi; Som. 74G2
King’s-Caple; Herefs. 48H4
Kingsclere; Hamps. 64F4
King’s-Cliffe; Nhant. 39C4
Kingscote; Gloucs. 62G1
Kingsdon; Som. 74H1
Kingsdown (Sevenoaks); Kent 67A4
Kingsdown (Sitting bourne); Kent 68E4
Kingsey; Bucks. 52E6
Kingsland; Herefs. 48G1
Kingsley; Hamps. 65A6
Kingsley; Staffs. 26E5
Kings-Lynn; Norf. 41B2
Kingsnorth; Kent 68F6
Kingsthorpe; Nhant. 52E1
Kingston; Cambs. 53C2
Kingston; Devon. 85C3
Kingston (Isle of Wight); Hamps. 77B5
Kingston; Kent 68G4
Kingston; Suss. 78H2
Kingston (near Taunton); Som. 74E1
Kingston (near Ilminster); Som. 74F2
Kingston-Bagpuize; Berks. 64F1
Kingston-by-Sea; Suss. 79B4
Kingston-Deverill; Wilts. 62G6
Kingston-by-Lewes; Suss. 79C3
Kingston-Seymour; Som. 61C3
Kingston-on-Hull; Yorks. 19D4
Kingston-on-Soar; Notts. 38F1
Kingston-on-Thames; Surr. 66E3
Kingstone; Staffs. 37B1
Kingstone; Herefs. 48G3
Kingswear; Devon. 86F2
Kingswinford; Staffs. 36G4
Kingswood; Gloucs. 62F1
Kington; Wilts. 62E1
Kington; Herefs. 48F1
Kington; Worcs. 50E2
Kington-Magna; Dorset. 75B2
Kington, West; Wilts. 62G2
Kingweston; Som. 61D3
Kinlet; Shrops. 36F5
Kinnerley; Shrops. 35B2
Kinnersley; Herefs. 48F2
Kinnersley; Shrops. 36F2
Kinoulton; Notts. 38H1
Kinsham; Herefs. 48F1
Kinson; Dorset. 76F4
Kintbury; Berks. 64E3
Kinver; Staffs. 36G5
Kinwarton; Warws. 50F1
Kippax; Yorks. 18F4
Kirby-Bedon; Norf. 42H3
Kirby-Bellars; Leics. 39A2
Kirby-Cane; Norf. 43A4
Kirby-Grindalyth; Yorks. 13B6
Kirby-Knowle; Yorks. 12F5
Kirby-le-Soken; Essex 55C5
Kirby-Misperton; Yorks. 13A5
Kirby, Monks; Warws. 38F5
Kirby-Muxloe; Leics. 38F3
Kirby-on-the-Moor; Yorks. 12E6
Kirby-Sigston; Yorks. 12F4
Kirby; under-Dale; Yorks. 19B1
Kirby, West; Ches. 24E2
Kirby-Wisk; Yorks. 12E5
Kirdford; Suss. 78G2
Kirkandrews-on-Eden; Cumb. 4F4
Kirk-Andrews-on-Esk; Cumb. 4F3
Kirkbampton; Cumb. 4F5
Kirk-Bramwith; Yorks. 18G5
Kirkbride; Cumb. 4E4
Kirkburn; Yorks. 19C2
Kirkburton; Yorks. 17C5
Kirkby; Lancs. 24G1
Kirkby; Lincs. 28H1
Kirkby, East; Lincs. 29C4
Kirkby-Fleetham; Yorks. 11C5
Kirkby-Green; Lincs. 28H4
Kirkby-in-Ashfield; Notts. 27B5
Kirkby-in-Cleveland; Yorks. 12G3
Kirkby-Ireleth; Lancs. 9A6
Kirkby-la-Thorpe; Lincs. 28H5
Kirkby-Lonsdale; Westmd. 10E6
Kirkby-Malham; Yorks. 16H1
Kirkby-Mallory; Leics. 38F3
Kirkby-Malzeard; Yorks. 11C6
Kirkby-Moorside; Yorks. 12H5
Kirkby-on-Bain; Lincs. 29B4
Kirkby-Overblow; Yorks. 17D2
Kirkby-Ravensworth; Yorks. 11B3
Kirkby, South; Yorks. 18F5
Kirkby Stephen; Westmd. 10F2
Kirkby Thore; Westmd. 10E2
Kirkby Underwood; Lincs. 39D1
Kirkby Wharfe; Yorks. 18F3
Kirkdale; Yorks. 12H5
Kirk-Ella; Yorks. 19C4
Kirkham; Lancs. 15C4
Kirkhaugh; Nhumb. 5B5
Kirkheaton; Yorks. 17C5
Kirkheaton; Nhumb. 6E3
Kirk-Ireton; Derby. 26G5
Kirkland; Cumb. 10E1
Kirk-Leatham; Yorks. 12G2
Kirk-Levington; Yorks. 12F3
Kirkley; Suff. 43C4
Kirklington; Notts. 27D4
Kirklington; Yorks. 11D5
Kirklinton; Cumb. 4G4
Kirkoswald; Cumb. 5A6
Kirkstead; Lincs. 29A4
Kirmington; Lincs. 19D5
Kirmond-le-Mire; Lincs. 29A1
Kirstead; Norf. 42H4
Kirtling; Cambs. 54F1

Kirtlington; Oxon. 51B5
Kirton; Lincs. 29B6
Kirton; Suff. 55D3
Kirton; Notts. 27D3
Kirton-in-Lindsey; Lincs. 28G1
Kislingbury; Nhant. 52E1
Kittisford; Som. 73C1
Knaith; Lincs. 28F2
Knaptoft; Leics. 38G4
Knapton; Norf. 31D6
Knapton; Yorks. 13B6
Knapwell; Cambs. 53C1
Knaresborough; Yorks. 18E2
Knaresdale; Nhant. 5B5
Knebworth; Herts. 53B5
Kneesall; Notts. 27D4
Kneeton; Notts. 27D5
Knettishall; Suff. 42E5
Knighton; Radnor 35A6
Knighton; Leics. 38G3
Knighton-on-Teme; Worcs. 36E6
Knighton, West; Dorset. 75B5
Knightwick; Worcs. 49B2
Knill; Herefs. 48F1
Knipton; Leics. 39B1
Kniveton; Derby. 26G5
Knockholt; Kent 66H4
Knockin; Shrops. 35B2
Knoddishall; Suff. 56F1
Knook; Wilts. 63A6
Knossington; Leics. 39A3
Knotting; Beds. 52G1
Knottingley; Yorks. 18F4
Knowle; Som. 74F2
Knowle; Warws. 37C5
Knowle, Church; Dorset. 75D5
Knowlton; Kent 68H4
Knowstone; Devon. 73A1
Knoyle, East; Wilts. 75C1
Knutsford; Ches. 25B3
Kyloe; Nhumb. 2F3
Kyme, South; Lincs. 29A5
Kyre-Wyard (or Great Kyre); Worcs. 49A1

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