Family History Kit C, LDS


Deluxe kits include 20 colorful preprinted index dividers, 10 sheet protectors, and 57 sheets of various LDS genealogy forms including: Family group sheets, large foldout pedigree chart, photo charts, pedigree charts with ordinance boxes, research forms, and much more.  For use by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

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Kit Contents: 

Quantity       Order No.          Item Description
1                      60g                     Title Picture Page for Family History book
1                      84e                     Filing System Suggestions sheet
12                     47b                     New LDS Family Group sheet
1                      47c                     Instruction Sheet for the new LDS family group sheet
2                      49                       Correspondence Family Group sheet
2                      52                       Family Group sheet
10                     90a                    New LDS Pedigree Chart with ordinance boxes
1                      90b-e                 Set of new Ordinance Pedigree Charts (four sheets)
1                      90f                      Instructions for new LDS pedigree chart
1                      98d                     Personal Record sheet
1                      97a                     Personal Health Record sheet
2                      99c                     Portrait Pedigree Chart
1                      99b                     Picture Pedigree Chart
2                      62a                     Family Portrait Chart
1                      62c                       Picture Family Group
2                      1110a                  Photo Mounting sheet / History sheet
1                      110d                     Research Analysis form–list of searches
1                      110da                  List of Searches form
1                      44s                       Census research form, 1900 U. S.
1                      44e                       Census research form, 1841 England
6                      1210                     Lined History paper
1                      1190                     Indexed Dividers, set of 20 pre-printed, colored tabs
4                      15491                    Acid free coverstock for mounting pictures (mixed colors)
10                     2027                    Acid Free Plastic Sheet Protectors (9 x 11)
1                      1315                       Fifteen Generation Pedigree fold-out Chart

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