Family Group, legal size, LDS

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LDS 8.5″x14″ family group sheet, 11 children, printed on acid free paper.

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3 reviews for Family Group, legal size, LDS

  1. Debi Nuxoll

    I’m looking for this form in a digital fill in the blank format. Do you know where I might find one?

    • Chris Stevenson

      I am not aware of one, sorry.

  2. Brent Bruderer

    Agree! Can’t believe in the now day of everything digital, they haven’t come up with a digital form. Anxiously waiting for one.

    • Chris Stevenson

      The digital forms have been around for a long time. The best digital forms are printed out from your genealogy programs (like RootsMagic) so you can update the data and then print out new family group sheets with each change. You also have the option of finding different forms online that you can print-out on your own printer and fill in by hand if you prefer. And a third option is to print the sheets filled out from the data that is on certain websites such as Ancestry or FamilySearch.

  3. Valerie Hollobaugh

    You are the only place I have found to buy legal sized Family Group forms. I love it!! Keep up the great work.

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